Preparing for Europe Road Trips ahead

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Europe's best road trips and vehicle safety tips Kwik Fit

We have had arrival of our third baby this week. My cute little bundle of joy has slotted in perfectly with his siblings and we are now officially a family of five. We have a love for family travel being an expat American and my husband’s family are in Ireland so we travel a lot. Being a new family of five we know our holidays are about to change in style. There will be no more one hotel rooms and flights have just gone up one extra person in price. We have been talking about how we need to explore more of Europe and even the country we live in more by car. There is so much more freedom and styles of holidays you can have this way from glamping, city hopping, country exploring, camping, eurocamps, theme parks, and more.

Road trips growing up were all we did back in America. We hopped in the car and let the road take us to far away destinations that were mesmerizing and distant places we made family memories. I remember hopping from waterfalls in one area back in the car and the next day be on the beach somewhere to a theme park and back home again. You are not restricted to one hote, one area and one activities when you take a road trip.

You may be thinking three kids in the car for hours on end – nightmare holiday! No, it doesn’t have to be if you make the car journey part of the holiday itself. We used to play all sorts of car games, bring activity books and things to do with my siblings in the back of the car. We stocked piled up on our favorite fun music and sang with the windows down as a family. Don’t forget all those snacks and treats we got to have on hand for our journeys too.  We stopped at rest stops to stretch our legs and restocked on supplies if we needed. What wouldn’t you love about all this?

There are so amazing places you can road trip in Europe with views and scenic routes that will blow your mind. Places you wouldn’t think of visiting to places that might be on  your travel wish list. From the Ring of Kerry in Ireland to Route One in Iceland Europe’s road trips. Check out the eBook below that has a list of Europe’s best road trips for you.

 Europe-s Top Road Trips

Obviously packing the essentials isn’t the only thing that you need to prepare for a family road trip. Making sure your travel mode is completely ready for your long haul driving with your loved ones in it is the most important thing to start with first. Things like checking your tire pressure, checking your oil, making sure your insurance is valid, and your mot is current too. Want a once over your vehicle whip in to a place like Kwik Fit and get the full service so you are guaranteed to have a safe vehicle for your family travels.

Even after the professionals have all your “checks” done don’t forget to pack the car for your European road trip experience too. You should always have windscreen, deicer, first aid kit, maps, hands-free phone adaptors, spare blanket, flares for breakdown, and some water bottles.

So where will the road take us first as a family of five? I can’t wait to see. We will be looking at Airbnb places to stay along the way. Having only recently started using Airbnb instead of hotel chains, we are completely converted. I can foresee a road trip in Italy and hopping from Airbnb to Airbnb places along the scenic way from city to country and back again.

Have you took your family on a big road trip? Where did you go? How did you plan and prepare for it? I would love to know all about it, leave a comment below.




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