June Me & Mine Family Project

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Me & Mine Family Project June

We are officially half way through the year and this year we had a surprise addition to the family too. It’s our second family captures with little man in tow and it does prove a challenge to get three small people looking at the camera or at least looking happy and convince hubby he will thank me one day for doing these family snaps each month while the kids are growing up. I often wonder how long I can keep this up. It’s been five years of documenting us together as a family and I love it so much. I hope the kids will love looking back at the family adventures and the fun we had together. I am trying to put them all in digital albums so we have them all together each year. I normally am so good at keeping up with my digital albums but sadly I am a year behind with them all. I still need to do all our last summer in America, Disney World, and Me and Mine Family ones too. I guess that’s what slow summers are for catching up on those project while I am not working as many hours. I tend to do half work weeks while we are back home in America as I think it’s so important to spend that quality time with my family and the kids extended family as we only see them all once a year. But bills still have to be paid, I would love all summer off work, how amazing would that be.

Baby boy seems to have slotted in perfectly with the family. It’s been SO HOT the entire time since he was born so he doesn’t know any different. It definitely helps keep him to his naps/bedtime sleep routines with all this heat. We tried to wake him up for the family photos and he was having none of it snoozing on Daddy. He has changed so much already at almost eight weeks old. I love the beginning when they are all squished up little newborns and then they get bigger and start to smile and coo and it melts my heart. The kid have had a blast getting to know him too. They argue over who loves him more not sure it’s cute or really annoying yet. Verdict out.

We are all prepared for our summer abroad. The clothes shopping alone was a big task. Thank goodness for online shopping. Getting everything they all need as there isn’t clothing stores or shops near where we are staying this year. We usually take a trip to Seattle or Vegas or another city but this year it will be all about just being in the family home in the mountains and spending as much time together. Me & Mine Family Project June

Me & Mine Family Project JuneDADDY IS LOVING…

Golf in nice weather.

Sitting in the garden at night with the garden lights twinkling.

Grizzy’s smiles and cooing.


Grizzy’s smiles and cooing.

All the hot weather may it long continue…(everywhere get A/C first please).

Starting Sweaty Mama classes with Grizzy. (finally some exercise).


Losing another tooth. (up to 7 now, there won’t be anything left for him to chew with).

Playing Golf on Fridays with Daddy.

Having his first birthday party coming up with his friends.


Her first birthday party with school friends today.

Turning five years old.

Loosing her first tooth.



The fan on him.

Sweat Mama classes with Mommy.

Me & Mine Family Project June
Me & Mine Family Project June
This month has flown by already and I can’t believe the kids are almost out of school. I am not ready for B to start Juniors in September. How can MM be done with her first year of school already? She has learned so much and matured a lot these past few months. It’s such a big difference when they just turn four right before school starts. The littlest of the class and she has really come out of her shell. It’s so lovely to see my kids hitting milestones, getting involved in school projects, activities and sports. It’s the greatest gift of all being a parent. I am so excited to go through it all again in a few years with baby boy too. It really does go way too fast.

7 thoughts on “June Me & Mine Family Project”

  1. Gorgeous pics – I hope you have fun on your summer vaycay! Cant wait to read about it. We were in Vegas a few months ago and wish we had longer. Glad bubba is settling in well, x

  2. Lovely family photos. I think it’s adorable that your eldest are arguing over how much they love your littlest. Have a great family time in America.

  3. The month’s are flying by aren’t they, your little family certainly has grown since the first time I met you. And what a gorgeous bunch you are. So lovely to see you yesterday, I’ll miss you over the summer x #meandmineproject

  4. It’s crazy how fast time goes isn’t it? I hope that B will enjoy moving up to Juniors and it sounds like MM has enjoyed her first year at school. Love how your little one is all snuggled up with Daddy. How lovely to have five years of family photos to look back on. #meandmineproject


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