Homemade Ice Coffee, Pineapple Tops, and Shopping for three now

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:46 pm

Another week has been and gone but the hot weather sure hasn’t left. How amazing has the start to summer been in the UK? I am just in awe of it. I have lived here 12 years and never had this much sunshine in a row. It’s amazing. Baby boy is getting climatized for America already which helps. Not sure the eight hour time difference will though. I am dreading those first few days where night is day and vice versa and feeding should get interesting. Hope the boobs are up for a challenge. We have got into a nice little family routine and feeding/sleeping routine. I know that’s going out the window.

So this week has been about shopping for summer clothes for three kids. Let me tell you that’s a big job. Sandals, hats, swimsuits, shorts, dresses and not to mention which brand is which size for which child. Eeek. It is like a marathon job. But that’s checked off and I am ready for the weekend which we will be celebrating MM’s fifth birthday. It’s her first school friend birthday party tomorrow. She is growing up far too quickly. If things weren’t busy enough I am planning B’s birthday party as we speak in two weeks before we jet set. Phew, I think I need more hours in the day.


read reading

I bought this book two years ago and started the first few chapters. I was in the middle of another good read at the time and lent it out and never finished it. While I can’t keep to a book a week with a newborn and everything else going on at the moment it’s been nice to read a few pages here and there while I am feeding the baby or when he has gone to bed and I need to unwind the mind. Has anyone read this book? What are your thoughts?

heard listening to

I heard the best sound in the entire world, my baby’s first proper laugh. I kid you not he may be only 8 weeks old but he gave numerous giggles when I was bouncing him the other day. Whilst he has been smiling up a storm it was the first time I got to hear those giggly coos from him. It was the most precious thing. Call me cheesy but those are the things life is about. Those are the precious moments I want to remember with my very last baby as he grows up. While I tried to mimic what I was doing for Mr P to hear it too, it didn’t happen on demand. It will though and I love when baby’s get to that chubby, giggling stage. We are getting to the chubby, let’s hear some more giggles too.

watched watch

This week I watched my daughter turn five years old. I really can’t believe my middle little isn’t so little anymore. She has really come out of her shell the last year with starting school too. I shared all about her five years with us as a family if you have chance pop over and have a read of a Fifth Birthday for my Baby Girl. She has her first party as I mentioned above tomorrow. I am so excited to see what the years ahead will bring us with her in tow. She really brings the silly, fun to the family.

wore wear fashion

I am still battling the uncomfortable hot weather wardrobe, nursing wardrobe problems this week. I picked up this top from Asda though as it’s easy to feed in and light and breeze for the hot weather. I don’t to really buy anything fancy or spend too much when I am still two sizes bigger than I normally am. So instead it’s been all about the accessories and shoes for summer. I am in love with my new Michael Kors silver sandals I got in the sale at Christmas last year just waiting for my trip to America. With the surprise hot weather I have lived in them these past few weeks too. I also look for designer sandals at Christmas, bargain prices and than put them in my closet for later. It’s like Christmas comes again come Spring.


made making

I have been making ice coffees non-stop. Who needs Starbucks? Ok, I didn’t really mean that, I do, I really, really do! But it’s been nice on hot days while baby is taking his nap to finally come up with a good ice coffee combination to quench my thirst in this heat. It’s really easy to do if you have an espresso machine. My is a Nepresso and I use the middle size espresso shot. Two if I want it strong and one if I don’t. In a pint glass, pour the shot in first and let it cool slightly. Fill entire cup full of crushed ice. Use full fat or soy milk in my case, to fill to the top. Add sugar free flavors such as sugar free caramel is my favorite but just a drop or two goes along way. Don’t pour it in or you might regret the strong syrup taste it gives off. You can even blend it for a frappe and there you have it. Ice Coffee at home.

homemade ice coffee

and lastly to share

I mentioned last week, I have stopped sharing my #lifecloseup on my grid mostly because it took so much time to go through a week worth of photos, like, comment where I could without getting blocked and then sharing it and mostly because I love everyone’s photos. So instead I am sharing a few favorite feeds each week on my ig stories to feature more people and their entire feed as a whole instead of one photo. So keep joining in and love the community engaging going on. It’s getting so big. Don’t forget if you aren’t following me already click the button below. Let’s see what your snapping by tagging #lifecloseup too!

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2 thoughts on “Homemade Ice Coffee, Pineapple Tops, and Shopping for three now”

  1. Oooh will have to try the iced coffee, where do you get sugar free syrup from omg this is a game changer? Aw little man is gorgeous and I love it when they start to laugh its so so sweet, And Love, love , love the sandals they are gorgeous I need a pair in my life x

  2. The iced coffee just sounds sound good. I haven’t got an espresso machine but we have a cafetière – I wonder if it would work the same? Hope you have had a lovely week x


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