Genius Underwear, Blogging Friends and Trash TV

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:09 pm

THIS WEEK I AM LOVING…read reading

We are moving onto the sixth and final book of the series Shawdowhunters. I have really enjoyed some young adult fiction lately while I am breastfeeding, having a hot bath or just trying to have some down time for myself. It’s an easy read but suspenseful enough to keep you turning the pages. Then I will be open for some winter reading suggestions….give me your best list in the comments below, dear readers!

heard listening toWe talk about birthing, breastfeeding and all sorts of TMI topics of parenthood here on LTM because most of my readers are mothers/parents like me. I like to share things that my readers can benefit from, enjoy, or introduce them things that they might not know about.  I also love sharing products that are both genius in creation and something that most women would want, wear, need, and/or buy for themselves or their kids.

This week’s have you heard is a product I only wish had existed when I was in high school, college and would use now too. It’s the most intelligent underwear I have seen on the market because it’s seamless, soft and lightweight, and most importantly leakproof.  We are talking about period underwear at work here. Not weeing your underpants but after three babies and a hard sneeze they most certainly will help me in that department too.

Have you heard of Knixteen? Now, you have!

So how does Knixteen period underwear work?

The ‘Oh-No’ Proof Bikini  has absorbent technology in the panel of fabric between your legs which allows the underwear to absorb leaks, odors and moisture, preventing those embarrassing moments.

For teens, tweens and even adults, no one wants to be caught out in public. It’s not always easy being a female so it’s about time there is something on the market to help us in this area. I love that they are seamless too. With the holiday season around the corner no one wants to have any accidents while in their fancy clothes either and these can make sure no underwear lines are showing in that tight dress for the big night out. Bonus!

I think all underwear should have this amazing skill! It’s definitely one to tell your girlfriends about and keep in mind for teenage daughters too.

watched watch

We have got back into Designated Survivor. It’s always nice to have a series I can watch with the hubby but we are running out of episodes. What should we watch next on Netflix or Amazon Prime???? I have been watching a little bit of Keeping up with the Kardashians (don’t hate me) they are from my side of the world and little bit of hearing my own accent comforts me if not the funny drama they all get themselves into. Sometimes trashy tv is a good guilty pleasure.wore wear fashion

It’s the fashion section of my weekly roundup. I have so much to share with you in the coming weeks on wardrobes for winter wear and more. Here is a sneak peak at the dress I have been strutting all over town (if you saw my ig stories). It hit a wedding and a ball in the past two weeks. My rose gold beaded dress and faux fur coat from River Island were the perfect pair for these celebrations. I daresay it will be a great feature at New Year’s in Mexico too.

made making

Do you like frosting better than the cake? Oh, yes me too! This week I whipped up a batch of some of my favorite frosting and decided we didn’t need any of the cake to go along with it. These Caramel Frosting Bites were just too good to put on the top of a cake. I am not fond of cake that much anyways but I definitely made myself sick trying out these pecan filled frosting bites. They pair perfectly with a hot cup of coffee on a cold Autumn/Winter day for sure! If you love cake though try it over carrot cake or coffee cake, they are delicious combinations.

Caramel Frosting Bites recipe frosting without the cake

and lastly to share

I am trying to keep up with the daily routines, house chores, kids’ activities, baby teething and my own healthy and exercise. It seems each week when I am awesome in one area, I am failing in another area. There are five of us to keep track of now. The house isn’t the clean, showhome it used to be either. I often am torn between going to bed early because I am knackered from a 3am wake up from the baby or just forcing myself to stay awake to have time with the hubby and watch our favorite tv show. There just isn’t enough hours in the day. I think I need to work on some time management skills and properly plan out my work week each weekend ahead of time. Any time management apps you can recommend????? Either way, I do love this dear family of mine that mess up the house and shout for me every four seconds, I feel blessed for my chaotic life even if I am trying to find balance among them.

September Me & Mine Family Project photos

It’s been a busy week catching up with blogging friends as much as it has been getting work done together too. I saw the lovely Morgana from Coffee Work Sleep Repeat at our husband’s 15 year work ball. We had a good night chatting all things work, life, fun, fashion related. We always have a good time it was the last work event that we will attend together after seven years of them as her husband has gone on to other things work wise. We even got slightly emotional thinking about it even though we will still see each other without the events. It was just how we met seven years ago and so it was a milestone for us too.

Morgana Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

I also got to see the beautiful Kerri-Ann from Life as Our Little Family this past week. She popped over for a photoshoot with me and we packed in a few hours of work and play together while Granny babysat for me. I love playing around with flatlays, fashion and photos with a friend to bounce ideas off of. If only KA lived closer!! And I had a nanny!! One can dream of these things right? I am still yet to feel totally confident strutting my fashion posts but I am trying to brave the reality of I had a baby and it takes time and still do what I love and share what I love.

Kerri-Ann Hargreaves Life As Our Little Family


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4 thoughts on “Genius Underwear, Blogging Friends and Trash TV”

  1. Love the pics of you and Morgana and Kerri-Ann. And that dress is absolutely stunning on you. Those caramel frosting bites look rather dreamy. The recipe sounds a bit like fudge I think and that can only be a good thing! Hope you’re having a good week x

  2. Aw I bet life is manic, but amazing there is only 4 of us but life is crazy but like you I love the craziness of family life. Sounds like you have had the best of weeks with the lovely Morgana and KA that such a wonderful part of what we do, cant wait to see you soon x

  3. Life is busy and I was only saying today that I’m struggling to get the balance of working, housework and the business of family life. If you find a winning formula, please let me know. Sounds like you’ve had a lovely week with blogging friends, its always nice when you can get together with people that get it x


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