September Me & Mine Family Project

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September Me & Mine Family Project photos

Sometimes you get it right and sometimes you just have to laugh it off and still share the memories. One of the things I love most about this family photo project we do on a monthly basis (for the past five years) is seeing my family grow, change, have fun, be silly, be us – all together! Sometimes the kids are really into it and sometimes hubby is really not into it but we look back on our monthly photos over the years and cherish that we have them documented here.

It’s not easy getting photos of five of us together perfect. The baby clearly needs a few helping tips on how to smile and show his happy side when a big black camera is stuck in his face and mommy isn’t behind it jumping up and cooing for him to smile. His face says it all this month, “What kind of family did I get born into?” They make me laugh. Normally, we are have coordinating outfits on, everyone is happy posing and the sun isn’t blasting behind us, on us and ruining our snaps but this month, well things just got down to the last minute of the month. That sums up our life right now, rushing around and everything last minute. I think I know what day it is until I show up at the wrong swimming lesson, with the wrong child at the wrong time. I mean, honesty, how more “wrong” could I get it?

We are settling into to a life with three kids. As much as it’s chaos, it’s the perfect chaos for me. I have always wanted three children. I feel so blessed to have three children. Even if I am complaining of being absolutely exhausted running a household of five, a full time business, and trying to workout, and making healthy recipes for the family (and my blog) it’s all worth it.
September Me & Mine Family Project photos


His last day of golf competitions in the sun.

His golf trip last week to Scotland.

Tiger winning the Tour Championship first time in five years. (See a pattern!)


Time with my mom visiting the UK.

Being able to work around playing with baby boy.

Getting back to the gym and eating right.


STEM Club kids class at school.

His new math game on his ipad from school.

Teaching his sister his times tables. (See a pattern!)


Going to all her school friends parties lately.

Playing with baby brother as he learns to coo and talk.

Helping feed baby brother.


His new love for food (weaning).

Playing with his siblings and all the attention from them.

Shouting and giggling really loud and looking around like who made that sound, surely not me?
September Me & Mine Family Project photos

September Me & Mine Family Project photos

This is us! Baby boy looking disheveled and clothes too big for his arms but too short in the legs as he is so long for his age. The two older ones posing like little twinsies. Hubby smirking and thinking kill me now, not another photo. Me hoping the baby is smiling and the sun doesn’t come over the fence any quicker and hit our heads as I know it’s hitting above us here already. Not to mention my lovely photographer Kerri-Ann who happen to be over visiting snapping up the photo and me saying, no do it again because the lighting kept changing. Can’t mother nature give a mother a break! Thanks KA for the snaps!

At least it gives me an excuse to show off my new hair. I didn’t like it at first but got more layers and thinned out at the bottom really helped. I think I am finally getting used to it. Hoping a new profile photo coming soon.

Either way, we have had a wonderful, busy month with my mom visiting and so sad to see her leave. The kids have had a great time seeing their Irish Granny back at the house now that we are home. They are all getting so big, so fast and I wish sometimes life would pause here and there so I could catch up with everything.

With three kids, do you ever finish your to do list?

6 thoughts on “September Me & Mine Family Project”

  1. Awww lovely pics! Very fun! I love your shorter hair and that yellow T is really cool!! I totally agree about how nuts it can be to get everyone to cooperate each month for a pic – to cherish and look back on! Its worth it though however mad. I love doing this project too, and it makes me sad that so many have stopped!
    Glad you have had a great month – your family is growing so quickly, but they are all so cute! x

  2. Oh I’m so glad you liked some, I think the light looks lovely – that autumn sunshine really has spoilt us so far. I can’t believe how much baby is growing up x

  3. Beautiful photos of you all enjoying the autumn sunshine. Love your new hair. I love the way this project helps capture the ordinary moments. I’m with you that getting a baby to smile for the camera is quite a challenge! Thomas has also yet to learn that one! #meandmineproject


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