A Treasury of Christmas Stories & Songs

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A Treasury of Christmas Stories & Songs

It’s only four sleeps until Christmas and the kids this year are more excited then ever. Mostly because they are old enough now to understand more about Santa and what is coming to them on the big day. We are huge into Christmas celebrations here in the LTM household and all month long we have been reading to our kids all about Christmas. Each day is a new book and a new adventure to go on with them. Out of all the children’s Christmas books we have read to them this year our favorite by far is A Treasury of Christmas Stories & Songs. A Treasury of Christmas Stories & Songs

The illustrations in the six Christmas stories are amazing. I was so in awe of them. They really brought the stories to life and made it feel magical as you read them to your little ones. There is so much to look at and be entertained by then just the stories. Pages and pages filled with illustrations that would keep any child gazing over them time and time again. The book includes twelve classic rhymes and carols to make your reading even more magical and festive too. Bonus! 

It brought back great memories of my own childhood Christmases and all the songs I have forgotten growing up. Now, I can relive them and make new memories singing them to my kids. A Treasury of Christmas Stories & Songs

To me there is nothing more emotional and loving then seeing your children cozying up to their Dad for reading time. They get excited in parts that are excitable and they oooh and ahhh at each new page that they have never seen before. Reading a new book in our house is a grand activity. Both Mr P and I love to be theatrical and use various voices to go with each story and character. We like to be silly and fun and the kids join in the same. A Treasury of Christmas Stories & SongsA Treasury of Christmas Stories & SongsA Treasury of Christmas Stories & Songs

Mr P and I both have a passion for reading ourselves as much as we love reading to our kids. We only hope they continue their love for reading and books as they get older. There is nothing better than getting lost into a great story and even better getting lost into a great Christmas story.
A Treasury of Christmas Stories & SongsDon’t forget to scoop this Christmas stories and song book up for your little one. It may be right before Christmas but I can assure you it’ll be a great book year after year. 

A Treasury of Christmas Stories & Songs
* We were sent this book for the purpose of this review but all opinions and photos are our own. 


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  1. Aww they all look so cosy and snug curled up for a story – reading to the children is one of my favourite parenting moments and I love a good Christmas story!


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