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Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:48 pm

I have been obsessed with “apps” since the moment I received my first iPhone in the mail.  Now that I am constantly taking pictures of my two little ones, I am always looking for photo enhancing apps to make those fond memories that little bit more enticing. Creative handy apps and picture taking who could ask for more? I was very excited to be able to test out the new Obaby app by the makers of Over. Obaby is a new iOS app that helps parents-to-be and parents alike tell the story of their little one by adding handcrafted artwork to your personal photos.

At first glance, I was sad I didn’t have this app when I was pregnant with both my kids. There are hundreds of options to make those pregnant photos not just lasting memories but art. While playing around among the 11 categories provided, I was amaze how quickly you can make enhanced pictures. Choose a photo from your camera roll, crop to your liking, pick a few different borders, doodles, words you want to test out, then have a play placing them on and off just by tapping on them, in the bottom scroll bar. To make them smaller, this took me awhile to figure out, just pitch the word or icon.  I love that you can test out a bunch at the same time. What app wouldn’t be complete if it couldn’t link to all your social media. Fancy popping your masterpiece on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or email it to someone special, go on it’s just one more click.

Here’s some I made just playing around, which I can’t wait to put on my Instagram. I even found myself looking for old pregnancy pictures to add doodles to. What do you think?


Check out these designs, how cute are these? If you like to get creative with your pictures, this is the app for you, it’s on sale now. Pregnancy to 2 years old, this app has every milestones along the way.


You can even vote for new artwork. There is a suggest and vote section within the app, and get notified when new artwork is added. This was my favorite part, I usually use up all the artwork in an app but then get bored because I don’t want all my pictures to look the same. I want to be adding new doodles, words, and borders, all the time, Obaby app does just that.

If you are like,  love photos and love handy creative apps, I definitely recommend Obaby.

* This is a sponsored post but the opinions and views are completely my own.


16 thoughts on “Obaby App Review”

  1. I’m like that with apps too!! I think they are great because you can really record every one of lifes moments. Like 15 years ago you’d probably use phrases like “Argh I wish I had a camera right now” and now we do! And a chance to edit them easily and quickly without the picture leaving the phone 🙂 x

    • I know, I can’t imagine how that must feel not having pictures of my kiddies. Even backwards, I am upset with my mom because there are HARDLY any pictures of me and all my siblings growing up together. So sad. I would love to look back.

    • Thank you for hosting such a fab linky. Glad I finally got asked to review something as I am new to blogging. So that I could join in. Love love your blog!!

    • Hi Becky, thanks. It is awesome because even though I didn’t have it while I was pregnant I am going back through and adding them to all my bump pictures then I am going to make a little collage with them. It’s so fun.

    • Hope you enjoy it. I am going back through all my old pregnancy photos and enhancing them all and then going to make a collage. It’s so great too because this app adds new art work all the time. So you can never use it all! Win-win


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