Love the little things #5

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:13 pm

The last day in January, finally! Goodbye, January, I will not miss you. I hate your cold weather, I hate your boring long month, I hate that you don’t hold Christmas still in your days, you are boring. As one of my new year’s resolutions to have a happy, positive 2014, let’s now focus on the little things that we love so much.


I am still reading, I heart Hollywood, I admit I have started it twice. It’s really hard to find time to get into the story line before I have to put it down again. With baby brain still in full force, I am continuously rereading the last few pages.

We are also reading, Pirate Pete’s Potty. I have bought every potty training book, sticker chart, cool potties, I could find, in preparation for potty training 2. Potty training 1 didn’t go down so good before Christmas, I thought I would leave it and try again in the new year. Here we are, I am not looking forward to it.


I feel like I haven’t had time to do anything this week, I know boring, but as I said January is boring. As always I keep my loyalties with Revenge, and Grey’s Anatomy, which I will always have time for and they never let me down. We have also been watching a lot of disney movies in Spanish, as we are trying to learn Spanish together as a family. Finding Nemo/Buscando a Nemo is hilarious, listening to fish with deep spanish voices would make anyone laugh.


Another great one from Carrie Underwood- See You Again


I am so behind on my family photo albums and this year I am determined to catch up and be on present day. I finally finished our first family trip to Ireland, this week. I attempt to add a link from shutterfly here but after an hour, I give up. It turned out great though! One down, four more albums to do.


This week, I will admit I have worn my pyjamas for most of it. I know, shameful, but we have been full of colds, sleepless nights, and I have no other excuse than pure exhaustion. At least they are Elle Macpherson pyjamas, my new favorite! I have enough energy to get the kids washed, dressed, and fed. Sorry, next week I will put on something more appropriate world!


And lastly..

I am so excited to say, “I am going to BritMums Live!” I finally booked my tickets for BritMums Live 2014, and I can’t wait to go with Butwhymummywhy, my blogging mentor and dear friend. I am also looking forward to meeting, face to face, the bloggers I read, follow, obsess over, and worship.

12 thoughts on “Love the little things #5”

    • Hurray, happy February dance together!!! January is boring, gloomy, and horrible. Bring on Valentine’s Day and less days in the month before payday! lol Then it’s quickly March- Spring time! (we hope) 😉

  1. Love the pyjamas! They look super cosy.

    Pirate Pete Potty is amazing, and I constantly read and {and still do} when we trained our little boy. Hope its more successful 2nd time round! x

    • Me too ! Because I don’t want a third time around. Lol oh my my pyjamas are so cozy. I buy a ton of Elle mac pherson pjs at cheshire oaks outlet. They are the best.

  2. I’m always happy to find another Revenge fan. I Sky+ it and save it for Saturday afternoons when my little boy is napping and hubby is out so I can give it my full attention.
    Very jealous about your Britmums ticket. It’s my husbands birthday weekend so there’s no way I could abandon him, plus I couldn’t get Friday off work anyway. Have a fantastic time x

    • Oh no that’s awful that you can’t come. Would have love to meet you in person! But understandable on hubby’s bday. Yeah for another Revenge fan. I love Emily Van de camp.

  3. Love your ‘jamas. I miss having jama days, now Noo is at school I don’t get to have them any more 🙁
    So excited about Britmums! Will be getting my ticket as soon as J gets paid. It’ll be great to have someone to travel with.
    Have a lovely week – see you on Thurs for our coffee date! xx

    • Why? Can you not come Mel? I am excited, it’s my first time, but I have a good friend that is a regular to guide me, thankfully. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you again soon.


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