10 Must-Have Baby Items for the First Year

Last updated on March 31st, 2024 at 10:53 am

Every year new items come out that are created to make new parents lives easier. Just from having my first to having my third in a seven year gap there was three times more baby gear on the market. Items to make your things easier or more efficient. Let’s face it any parent wants that new or experienced. This last time there have been a handful of must-have baby items that I wish I had known about or had when I had my first two babies. 

These ten must-have baby items, I can’t recommend enough to make parenting tasks smoother. It’s amazing how certain products can just make some challenging baby mileages easier. 

10  must-have baby items

10 Must-Have Baby Items:

  1. Pillow Pod – This changed my life. For naps and sleepovers where we didn’t have the playpen for the baby to sleep. Our pillow pod was amazing. It kept the baby snuggled, secure and safe. He slept way better and settled faster, anywhere we went, more than his siblings.
  2. Bottle Warmer – Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer. The epic machine will save you time and frustration making those milk bottles up at night. It can perfect the bottle temperature to perfection so no more making it too hot and then having to wait with a screaming baby for it to cool. You can also look for portable bottle warmers that you can use when you need to travel with your baby.
  3. Soothing Toys– You can’t beat a good soother at night. One to sing, soothe and snuggle your little one to sleep. These just keep getting better with time.
  4. Baby Carrier– Now on the market your choice for a good baby carrier are infinite. I have always loved a Bjorn carrier for durability but the new wrap baby carriers are so comfortable and amazing for baby wearing.
  5. Swaddle Sleeping Bag – A sleeping bag zipped closed and keeps your baby’s arms swaddled all night. No more waking from an unswaddled, cold baby.
  6. Bassinet (next to bed) – We couldn’t recommend the Snuzpod enough. Any bassinet with the zip down sides so you can connect to your bed is heavenly.
  7. Doona Car Seat – This dual car seat with wheels quickly becomes a stroller on the go. You won’t believe how many times you can get in and out running errands and not have to even wake the baby. There is nothing worse than waking a baby that just fell asleep to put them in a stroller. No fancy attachments needed either. This car seat just had one button and wheels pop out. I wish I had had it with my first two.
  8. Baby Cooker – In their first year, every parent has to pass the milestone of weaning. A baby cooker that can cook, steam and blender all in the same machine will save your time, hassle and a small clean up job.
  9. Cloth Washable Nappies – The new craze for this more eco-friendly option to nappies has gone viral. The options for patterns, designs, and going green are endless on the market now.
  10. Nappies Bag – In my personal opinion, don’t buy these backpack nappy changing bags. You have to dig pass everything to get to the items on the bottom and even some with bottom zips fall out everywhere. I always found them to be a nuance. Pick one with over the shoulder straps and arm handles. A changing bag that open wide are best. Don’t forget to make sure it clips to the stroller. I love a good Storksak but there are hundreds of brands that are cheaper and work well.
Doona car seat stroller 10 must-have baby items

Some of these items are worth the price tag. Just be sure you do your research on baby items you want to buy for your baby. A lot of it isn’t worth it or you won’t need or use it as often as you might think.

I know with my first baby, I bought way too much and didn’t end up using half of it. With my second baby, I tried to only purchase items that really are worth the money and really are a must-have. There are loads of lists of baby must-haves out there be sure they really are useful. There is enough in the house that comes from having a baby, you don’t need to clutter it up with extra baby paraphernalia.

For more baby advice, tips, and all things parenting check out Your Baby Club (UK site) and Your Baby Club (USA site).

new born baby 10 must-have baby items


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