What’s in my Hospital Bag?

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What's in my hospital bag? Baby and Mother Checklist

We are on final countdown for baby boy’s arrival. Having had my daughter a month early and having nothing prepared last time, I won’t make the same mistake again. This time, I have my bag packed and ready by the door along with the car seat. I can’t believe I am almost done with my last pregnancy. The last time a baby will be kicking around in my tummy. The last time I will grow another family member inside me. It’s surreal how truly fast this last pregnancy has gone too. I feel like my second went fast because I was chasing a one year old around the house while pregnant but this time what is the excuse? Does time just move faster as we get older? My older two are in school now and I envisioned this pregnancy drawing out so I could soak up each milestone, each appointment, each kick. I could have more time to prepare and get things ready for his arrival. Instead, I have blinked and here we are…

So what’s in my hospital bag by the door?

Let’s first start with the bag.

How beautiful is this Storksak Kym bag? It’s real leather and design is perfect for Mommy or Daddy strutting it around town but that’s not why I fell in love with it. The size and quantity of pockets to keep me organized inside was a lust point for me. I have a 4 and 6 year old to still carry the odd water bottle, snack, and medicine pack with epi pens for my eldest. I need a changing bag that can carry all our stuff together. This is that bag. Because it’s so large it makes for the perfect hospital bag too. You don’t need a mini suitcase or large duffel to go to the hospital to have your babies. Gone are the days where you would spend a week or even few days in the hospital unless you have reason to do so. I remember being out of the hospital within a few hours of having my daughter and back home. I thought I would share with you the bare essentials I have packed inside this gorgeous bag.

What's in my hospital bag? Baby and Mother Checklist

Let’s start with baby essentials. It’s recommended to bring 2-4 onesies/vests and 2-4 outfits. This isn’t because you and baby will be in hospital for a few days which could happen but more likely you will be sent home soon after birth but even newborns have accidents. I also have a first size and a newborn size just in case one is too big or small for baby. A hat and pacifier are always good accessories along with some muslin cloths to swaddle or while breastfeeding. I have an extra blanket as it’s still cold when baby arrives but if it’s in the middle of winter you will need a bigger blanket and jacket for baby. The ultimate outfit for coming home in is always a fun one to pack. I adore all these Next Baby clothes below for my hospital bag. Navy is a firm favorite and they have so much to choose from in their newborn range.

What's in my hospital bag? Baby and Mother Checklist

Now that we have the baby clothing down, what toiletries do we need? I always plan on breastfeeding, it’s a personal choice so breast pads, breastfeeding pillow, nursing bras are a must to pack to feed baby. I had a hard time with latching feeding my daughter she had such a tiny mouth and I couldn’t have survived feeding her without Lanolin nipple cream. I also aware that my milk might not come in or baby might struggle to feed so I always pack a box formula ready kit. This kit is fab there are plenty of brands that do them in the stores including a pre-sterilized bottle, formula and ready to feed.

I bring some cream and Infacol just in case. I never used these with my daughter but needed them with my son but again these are more or unless things you might need if you are staying in longer. Maternity Towels, I suppose are for Mama more but a must to pack the hospital ones are huge and thick and I couldn’t cope with them. I prefer these ones below. The most important a pack of diapers/nappies and water wipes or cotton.

What's in my hospital bag? Baby and Mother Checklist

What should you pack for yourself? Birthing outfit and bathrobe is always a great idea. I packed this stunning nightie with a drawstring and grey polka dot rope from Me Mamma B. It’s super soft material which is a must for me and light weight. I am not a huge fan of big layers so I love this thinner rope for me both for birth and after. Make sure they are comfortable and not too tight or form fitted. You want to be as cozy as possible having your baby. Most the time, not to burst bubbles you will be giving birth in the top you had on going into the hospital if you don’t have time to change or you will be naked. It just happens depending on your situation. I gave birth fast to both my kids and there was no time to put anything else on but drape a blanket over me.

I just need to focus on these awesome¬†“Ready, Set, Push” socks. I just couldn’t resist these and I am not a big slipper fan but with grippies on the bottom and thick soft cotton they will be my hospital slippers. They come in other colors too!

Don’t forget your coming home outfit. Some like to match baby. I opt for this beautiful Jojo Maman and Bebe blue and white, stripe, blouse in honor of baby boy with grey maternity leggings. Yes, maternity leggings. That bump will still be there when you come home for most of us.¬† I have loved their maternity clothes so much this pregnancy. You can see my maternity shopping haul here for more inspiration.

Obviously necessities are underwear you are happy to throw away and nursing or comfortable bras.

What's in my hospital bag? Baby and Mother Checklist

Some accessories and extras for Mama. If you tend to stay longer in the hospital after giving birth, your list might also contain music, camera chargers, magazines, more snacks, another outfit or two, makeup etc. For me, I just need something to take a shower, wash my face and brush my teeth. A quick snack and a book thrown in if I have to stay longer than a few hours. My phone is my camera so as long as that’s fully charged and ready to go, I am ready. I don’t tend to take videos or even have time to shout at hubby to take a photo until I am holding baby. I think I have two photos from each of my kids. I am going to try to be better at keeping that at the top of my thoughts as I feel sad that I didn’t get to document my births better and this is my last.

I guess I will never have that problem of third child getting less photos, less written in baby book, less than the older children as the stereotype goes and even happened to me growing up. There isn’t much of me as a baby or documented, there wasn’t time with so many siblings. But for my last, it’s the first time I have ever having a baby while I am documenting our lives online so it’s the total opposite for this baby.

What's in my hospital bag? Baby and Mother Checklist

What's in my hospital bag? Baby and Mother Checklist

What did you pack in your hospital bag? Did I forget anything important out? I can’t wait to share our birthing experience with all of you and baby spam coming soon. May might seem a long way off when you say it out loud and it’s only March but I am prepared this time if baby decided his doesn’t want to wait like his sister. But this time because I am prepared, he might just take after his older brother and show up two weeks late. My due date window is really a wipe open speculation between me and the midwives. hahahaha

With all my bare essentials do you think I could still get it all in my Storksak Kym bag?

Of course, I did. With a matching changing mat and using the bottle holder for my toiletries even all this was included too. My husband loves that I finally have a changing/hospital bag that he can throw over his back and not get stick for. It’s a sleek design. I love that it doesn’t look like your typical changing bag so I can use it for traveling, work, weekends away, long after the baby is grown up.

What's in my hospital bag? Baby and Mother Checklist

TA-DA! Everything nice a cozy and organized in my bag below. The side pockets made it easy to place diapers/nappies and water wipes on one side for easy to find and pull out. My book and phone and snacks are on the other side pockets also easy to find and pull out without emptying my entire bag. Our clothes for both baby and mama are nicely folded in the middle. This bag really can hold it all.

What's in my hospital bag? Baby and Mother Checklist


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