Kids Crafting & Learning with A toucanBox (discount code)

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:13 am

Have you heard of a toucanBox?

Neither had we, but we are so glad we know what it is now. It’s a craft subscription box that get’s mailed to you, full of all the materials to make projects and a magazine bursting with activities and hours of fun. (Discount code below!)

The kids were so excited to have a box pop through the door this week with their names on it. Having not known what was in the box, they had a great surprise to find two fun craft projects waiting to be made. Our box contains all the materials to make two jellyfish for an underwater learning experience and the supplies to make a colorful scavenger hunt bag and checklists for our next great outdoor adventure. Both kids were quick to choose which one they each wanted to create and got to it.

ToucanBoxes are not just full of all the materials you need to create each project and clear instructions, but they also come with a magazine packed with STEAM-inspired activities including puzzles, games, experiments, recipes and more. There are even more projects inside the magazine that you can have a go at making too. I think my kids spend an hour working through the magazine before they even got down to starting their project and playing with it. The magazine is really full of entertainment and education.

It’s so important for the kids to have a hands on learning experience. Each toucanBox is designed and created by people that have been educators in some form. A toucanBox project is designed to cultivate a child’s natural curiosity to learn. And it uses many methods of learning, each box ultimately champions STEAM. Using Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths as key aspects, children should be thinking creatively: observing, designing, inventing, expressing themselves and solving problems to complete their project. All whilst having a lot of fun. Boy, did we have fun.

We opened our toucanBox, and even got the popcorn popper out to celebrate and made a whole afternoon of exploring what our toucanBox had to offer. We had music playing in the background too. By the end of it, we were covered in markers, with some beautiful creations, and bellies full of popcorn with sprinkles. The kids were so excited to hang their new creations in our home classroom to show Daddy when he off work.

I was really impressed with the easy to follow instructions. It meant that the kids could work on them without me having to do it for them. I even learned a thing or two from the magazine while coloring and playing the puzzles with them.

In times where we are all stuck in at home, more than ever before, and teaching from home, these boxes are so fab to keep the little ones happy, occupied, entertained, educated, and stimulating their creative senses so you can get some work or house work done. The magazine is great for siblings to do together too.

My kids absolutely thrive on crafting and making projects. It’s probably the only thing I can do with them to get them to sit still for long periods of time and work as a team together.

Want more fun with your kids?

Check out toucanBox’s website its full of fun activities to do on the rainy days ahead. Let’s face it, that was our summer folks so prepare for the rain that’s coming. One of our favorite activities is making their famous Marshmallow Snow Slime. It’s a quick recipe from things you have in your cupboard. You might be tempted to eat it but it’s much more fun to play with it. Don’t forget to use my amazing discount code too. You don’t want to miss a toucanBox day of fun!!

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*In collaboration with toucanBox but all opinions are our own. 

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