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Just call us the flaky family and I don’t mean that we don’t show up to parties. I am talking about that itchy, dry and sensitive skin kind of flaky. Unfortunately for us, all five of us suffer with skin challenges. One child has eczema, another child gets super itchy and flaky skin all over and even I suffer from dry legs to unbearable states at times. QV Skincare to the rescue!

We have been testing out QV Skincare and all that it has to offer from QV Cream and QV Skin Lotion to the QV Gentle Wash. For us, as long as we stay on top of the dry and flakiness by using products like the QV Skincare we don’t need to rely on anything stronger.

I will quickly explain a little about QV Skincare before I tell you which products helped each of us the best and what we each thought of them. Don’t forget to keep reading because there is a giveaway at the bottom so you can try them out yourself.

The QV range is dermatologically tested. The gentle, soap-free cleansing and moisturising range is suitable for ALL skin types. That’s right, even sensitive skin. It can be used on all ages from infants to the elderly. It’s FREE FROM sodium lauryl sulphate, fragrances, colours, lanolin, and propylene. It won’t block pores because it’s non-comedogenic. Bonus!

Over the years, we have had to get so many different creams and lotions to suit each one of our skin challenges but now we only need one, the QV Skincare range. The lotion is perfect for after baby’s bath leaving his skin smooth and soft. Washing my daughter’s face and body in the bath with QV Gentle Wash to help relieve her of eczema symptoms. To having the cream on hand, no pun intended, in the bathroom after you wash your hands. It’s going to be so much easier to pack one skincare range for holidays rather than our usual bag full of various ones.

Here are the three QV Skincare products we tested:

  • QV Gentle Wash
  • QV Cream
  • QV Skin Lotion

So what did we think of the QV Gentle Wash

Starting with the QV Gentle Wash because I am that in love with this product, it should come first. I never thought about how the products I was washing with affected mine and the kids’ dry skin. I just assumed I needed to find the right lotions for after washing.

This has been a game changer for my daughter who has severe sensitive skin and battles eczema all over her entire body. You can use this for cleansing throughout the day, or in the bath at night. It can help maintain the skin’s natural protective properties without stripping away natural oils like soap.

QV Gentle Wash

My daughter liked that it didn’t sting her eczema as other washes, lotions and creams can do. I liked that we can use it without worrying about irritants such as fragrance, colour, and lanolin. It produces a creaming lather to help cleanse the skin. Hence why it’s called the gentle wash, it really is gentle on all skin types.

So what did we think about the QV Cream

I love that you can get the QV Cream in a smaller 100g tube making it easy to carry wherever you go as well as 500g and 1050g in pump packs for stocking up at home. I find we use it more and can stay on top of our dry skin and skin challenges when we can have it readily available to use more often.

The QV cream is a highly concentrated, rich moisturising cream. You can use it as often as you like on all skin areas. We went through this one the fastest. We loved how soft and smooth our skin felt after applying it. I definitely noticed my dry skin didn’t come back as fast in between applications.

It’s the perfect cream for after the bath because it’s highly concentrated with moisturizers. You will feel it slowly soaking into your skin and hydrating it along the way.

So what did we think about the QV Skin Lotion

Like the QV Cream you can use QV Skin Lotion as often as you like on all affected areas of the skin. This one is particularly good for infants and the elderly. The difference with QV Skin Lotion is that it is a lighter, all-over body lotion. It still gives great hydration and soothes skin just as good. I would say this one is great for just waking up and wearing during the day as it doesn’t feel too heavy on your skin. It’s another great one to use after hand washing too.

Are you ready to test them out too?

We are so impressed with the QV Skincare range. We definitely will be stocking up at the store and for my daughter on prescription. It’s a total emollient range for the whole family to use and love. We found it has soothed and treated all our various skin challenges in this family perfectly.

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*Disclaimer: We have been sent these items for the purpose of an honest review. All photos, thoughts and opinions are based on our own personal experience using them.

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  1. I’m probably not the right person to give skincare advice because although I cleanse. tone and moisturise every night and do a face mask every weekend, my skin is still really dry. I can’t seem to find anything that makes it comfortable and removes my rosy red cheeks!

  2. since hitting menopause I feel I am constantly moisturising, several times a day and my skin is still dry and rough. Have to say recently tried the QV bath oil and it is fab, def stopped the skin itching!


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