Amtico is a Step to Going Green

Many homeowners are now much more conscious to install eco-friendly and green products in their homes. Looking to benefit in multiple green ways to improve their homes and save money.

Much like everything else in the world, small steps towards a better outcome need to be taken first. Going fully green is not something that can be done overnight. However, you can take small steps within an afternoon, starting you from the ground up and slowly building the transformation. When it comes to luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, Amtico commits to the green promise.

Amtico is Popular in Design

Being an interior design specialist for many years, with the lowest prices, Amtico flooring has been manufactured with the environment in mind.

It was not always the case, with prior vinyl products containing PVC made from highly toxic ingredients. Disposing of this toxic materials would leach into the environment. These ingredients would harm human, animal and plant life for many years until they change into greener products.

With the drive on manufacturing eco-friendly flooring solutions, Amtico has taken forward steps to move away from environmentally harmful products. Consistently measured for safety and using adhesives that have the lowest possible impact on the environment. Amtico is a leading brand for high-quality safe flooring.

Created in Safe Environments

Amtico Spacia is manufactured within factories that meet the criteria for environmental and social practices. Ensuring that everything down the packaging, transport and storage is thoroughly adhered to.

The product’s durability and style stay intact without compromise on the amount of safety and eco-precautions. Amtico uses compounds to soften the feel whilst increasing its durability to make it last much longer.

Limited Waste and Recyclable

In choosing the path of cheapest Amtico flooring for your home, you can have sections cut to size to fully limit any leftover waste.

With vinyl flooring being a recyclable product, any sections that are leftover or any sections needing replacing, the vinyl planks or tiles can be cut up and disposed of. Vinyl also does not require vast expense on speciality chemicals to keep clean. Use simple warm water is enough to do the job.

Install vinyl flooring within the course of an afternoon. For those looking for a fun DIY exercise, it’s perfect. The benefits can provide safety for your home upwards of 30 years if cared for properly too.

If you look for greener steps, the lowest price Amtico flooring provides the right steps towards a green home.


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