“The Doona” Review – Car Seat to Stroller with one button

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A woman pushing a Doona car seat stroller. She is wearing a dress and sandals.

You read the title right. A brand finally created something that not only looks modern and sleek but it makes parent life so much easier on the go. The Doona is getting raving reviews all around the world and celebrities are being spotted with it in magazines, page after page. So we got to test out what all the fuss was about?

What Is The Doona?

Let me tell you there is good reasons for the hype. I was instantly impressed with it’s hidden wheels and how user friendly it was. The concept that I can snap the baby in an isofix base or seat belt in the car and when I get to the school gates, click one button and wheels appear for me to push it up the big hill to the classroom without waking or moving my newborn is revolutionary. It was so easy with one click I was strolling. I haven’t been this excited since I first tasted banana ice cream (it’s amazing people try it).

A Doona car seat in stroller mode
A Doona car seat with the wheels folded away

I remember my friend came to visit me with her new baby a few years ago and she rolled the baby into the house in a Doona. I immediately thought if I ever have a third baby this is a must have. We didn’t get into the details because I never thought I would get my precious third baby so when I did find out I was pregnant I had lots of questions about it and whether it would suit our busy family life.

It does!

I rocked up to the school gates with a five day old baby to drop my older two off and I think just as many parents cooed over the Doona as much as the baby. I remember the mom next to me in the car park shouting over, “let me see that thing again” and made me drop the wheels down and close them up again before I put my baby into the car. It was hilarious.  It’s been a joke on the playground now, “have you seen what Jenny’s stroller can do? Have her show you”. But when a product wows that many people there are a reason so why don’t I talk more about the actually stroller.

A woman bending over to speak to her child in their Doona car seat
A Doona car seat with a grey hood and light blue bag
A newborn baby asleep in their car seat

The Doona Key Features:

  • The only car seat in the world with integrated wheels
  • Designed with safety and simplicity at its core
  • Everyday parenting made simpler and safer
  • From car seat to stroller in seconds
  • Infant 0+ car seat & accessories suitable from birth until 13kg

Is The Doona Safe?

We are so used to traditional car seats that anything different can make us a little wary. I get that – we only want the very best for our precious babies! But I can assure you that the Doona car seat is just as safe as any other.

  • Developed in conjunction with medical experts
  • 5-star frontal impact protection
  • Anti-Rebound and Side-impact protection

Does The Doona Have Any Accessories?

I have to say the accessories are just as impressive as the actually car seat/stroller. With front and back clip on bags available it makes storing, carrying and traveling so much more easy. I have to say I was never a fan of diaper bag/changing bag clips or velcro loops to get the diaper bag/changing bag to stay on the handle where you can easily get your things in and out of it. I love the mini bag that’s available for the front as it’s perfect for quick trips to just have my essentials: diaper, wipes, burp cloth, phone, wallet and keys. I already have my eye on the bigger all day bag that clips on the back. No more kicking the front of the bag while I walk because it’s bulky and hanging too low on the front.

A view from the stroller handle down to a baby asleep. The baby is out of focus and in the foreground is a blue bag
A close up of how the stroller bag hooks on to the handles

That’s not all the accessories that are available either. You can pick from storage attachments, isofix base, rain covers, travel bag, insect net, and sunshade extension too. The latter is brilliant. I always had to drape a blanket across the hood to the handles so that air could still get in but the sun was blocked out or use snoozeshades as stroller umbrellas never were the right angle or get in my way or bent in the car when you packed it all up. They were a pain to use.

A Doona car seat on its base in the car
A baby asleep in his Doona car seat

How has the Doona made my life simpler and easier?

I watch other parents getting stroller frames out and unfolding them, dragging carrycots out of the trunk to snap to the top, and strategically attempting to get baby out of the car seat without waking him/her and laying them in the carrycot or strapping into the seat attachment. It takes time. When you have three kids and a school run to do it’s such a relief to just click a button out pops the wheels and off I go. I swear it saves me 30 mins every day just on school runs. 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon that I am not flaffing around with frames and attachments and moving baby. Let’s not add up all the errands I run during the day too. Most importantly though we aren’t waking the baby. For me, I run a tight nap/feed/sleep routine and the Doona has been such a godsend to help with this as the morning drop off is his small morning nap and the school pick up is his small evening nap. With the Doona I don’t have to risk waking him taking him in and out of his car seat and disrupting this little nap on the go. It’s perfect. It keeps a calmer baby not having to unbuckle and buckle and move them all about especially if it’s raining.

The handle and button of a Doona car seat

Easy To Use Stroller Brakes

It’s both funny and handy that the brakes are color coordinated. I say funny because on our first stroller my hubby kept forgetting which way was unlock and lock and half tripped over the stroller trying to push it forward with the brake on. Green means go, red means stop, didn’t we learn this is first grade? I have to say he still mixes them up. Doh!

The wheels on a Doona. One side of the brakes is red and on the other side it is green.

I love the grey hood on this one as it suits my forever grey loving house and wardrobe but it does come in five other colors. Warning you will want them all, it’s definitely hard to choose one.

A grey hood of a car seat with Doona written on it in white text
A baby in a striped sleep suit asleep in a car seat
A baby sleeping peacefully in a car seat
A baby asleep in the Doona in stroller mode

Doona Newborn Insert

The Doona has an infant insert that allows for near flat ergonomic position. Additional padding adjusted for newborn infants too. It’s made of bamboo charcoal fibre textile which are anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and humidity with thermal regulating. How high tech does that sound?

How Long Can A Baby Be In A Doona?

The Doona is suitable for use up to 13kg. This is typically around 12-15 months old, but will vary from child to child. You may find your baby can get more or less time in it.

Can The Doona Be Used Without The Isofix Base?

The simple answer is yes! While it’s so convenient to just be able to drop your car seat into the base and head off, it can be used without the base if you don’t have Isofix or if you want to hop into a different car or taxi with your baby. The seat belt can be used to secure the Doona car sear into place.

One of Doona’s main key factors that set it apart from others when it comes to safety in the car, is its handle which serves as an extremely effective anti-rebound bar. In the car, always rotate handle against seat back.

A woman pushing the Doona car seat

It will be brilliant for traveling. We love to travel as a family. Sometimes our trips are long haul flights across the world. Having a car seat that turns into a stroller is perfect for this. From car seat in the car to stroller at the airport, back to car seat if you prefer on the flight or when you land if you need a taxi to your hotel, you have your car seat. When I am going on the train to London it will be handy to be able to get a taxi and baby is safe and sound in his car seat when we get there. It would be such a hassle to pack a stroller and separate car seat and pack them around London with us when we don’t need to for a day out or meetings.

Is The Doona Worth It?

Overall, I am loving our Doona and I wouldn’t go back to just a car seat. For popping in and out of the bank, post office and grocery stores to school runs and sports activities it really has made my job simpler and easier with three kids in tow. For us as a busy family of 5 the Doona is worth it’s weight in gold.

Have you heard of the Doona? If you are having a baby or plan to have one in the future it’s one to put on your baby registry list for sure!


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  1. so hi im joyce my daughters used the doona for almsot 9 months with her son so shell be 13 in march she became a mom at 12 so its a great travel system it fits great in my truck it works so well i drive a 4 door pickup truck so she loves it i love so weve only used this and the nuna MIXX next travel systems o we use the nuna on vacations and we use the doona for everyday life so ive taken the doona to work with me ive taken it to the doctor with me so my daughter shes taken it to school with her to dance class with her so to the doctor with us also we love it as a grandma ive been shoppign with it sams club target walmart carters jc pennys almost everywhere


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