Ickle Bubba Globe Ultra Compact Travel Stroller Review

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:08 pm

A grey pushchair with brown leather on the handle on bumper bar. It is on some grass with a raised bed behind it.

We been hitting the local parks in all this sunny weather in our new Ickle Bubba Globe Ultra Compact Travel Stroller! We attempted to take it to USA with us for a proper global test. After the airlines lost it and shipped it half way around the world back to our home address it really stood up to it’s name “Globe” and globe trotting it did indeed! Designed for anywhere and everywhere, this ultra-compact first-class traveller folds and unfolds so smooth and so easy. It’s an urban cruiser weighing in at just 6.4kg which is perfect for planes, trains and automobiles making it easier than ever to meet up with friends for a drink, grab a cab, hop onto the tube or fly to the other side of the world. It fits in overhead plane bins on larger planes so I highly recommend taking it on with you as you run the risk of what happened to us. So what did we think of this little globe trotter?

A woman is walking away from the camera pushing a stroller. She is wearing a grey cardigan and jeans and a white hat. She is walking next to a lake with a fountain in a park.

Globe Ultra Compact Travel Stroller

There are so many great features to highlight for this compact stroller.

At first glance the price is perfect for it. At £199 it doesn’t break the bank and it’s still high quality made. We have used Ickle Bubba strollers in the past and know they stand the test of time with my kids. If you prefer those large strollers for home, you must get this one to travel with. We are off to Italy in a few weeks and it will definitely be our choice for Baby O to take with us.

Let’s start with age limits. It’s suitable from birth to 15kg (approx. 3 years). So Baby O has two more years to stroll in this beauty.

I love the grey fabric and tan leather handles and bar. They are all easily wiped down. It has a large basket underneath for storage. A cup holder for my Starbucks is always a necessity for holidays. I love the fold and tie back so that when we visit hot countries Baby O can lay down with his seat reclining positions and have his nap and I don’t have to worry about him over heating. It’s always a huge worry for parents when visiting hot countries.

A mother is bending down to her daughter to give her a kiss. A baby boy is in a grey pram in front of them. All 3 are stood in a park.

A woman stands in a garden with a compact travel stroller folded down and over her shoulder.

A toddler in a grey pram on some grass. He is wearing a red hoodie and holding a blue and white striped blanket.

The back of a grey travel stroller with a chrome chassis and brown leather trim.

A mother leaning down to look at her child through a window on the hood of his stroller

A child's legs and feet as they sit in a stroller in the park

A child's legs and feet as they sit in a stroller in the park

A baby sleeping in a grey Ickle Bubba's compact travel stroller

A compact travel stroller folded and sat on a cream carpet

Fold Dimensions of Globe Ultra Compact Travel Stroller

  • Compact fold technology making it easy for storage and transportation
  • Upright dimensions: W45cm x L81cm x H99cm
  • Folded dimensions: W45cm x L55cm x H25cm
  • Ultra-compact when folded (45 x 55 x 25cm). Great for small spaces and overhead storage in an airplane.

Like most strollers this stroller is travel system compatible with car seat attachments with just one click. It also has a large extendable UPF 50 hood to protect from harmful sun rays on those sunny holidays and protect from wind on those colder holidays. Front and rear suspension keep this stroller ride smooth for those sleeping babies. The cross bar opens for easy access in and out of the stroller.

It also has an adjustable leg rest for lie flat and adventure mode. Ensuring your baby is the most comfortable depending on the position of the seat. As they get older they like to have their feet kicking about and dangling but for a better nap on the go, a flat lying position is best.

With a viewing window you can peak in on baby to make sure he is fully secure in his adjustable safety straps. It has three shoulder heights positions for comfort and support.

A woman pushing a grey pram next to a lake with a toddler sitting in it

What’s included with your Ickle Bubba Globe Stroller:

  • Globe stroller
  • Rain cover
  • User guide
  • 4 year guarantee

A woman sat on a park bench speaking to her child which is sat in a grey compact stroller.

After sharing all the features and benefits of this stroller. What do I think about it?

I absolutely love the design and style of this stroller. The grey fabric and tan leather combine with a rose gold plated handy storage pouch to hold all my essentials at hand on the back is brilliant. The silver chassis is modern and sleek. Its compact fold design is fantastic and it’s super light weight means it is going to be going everywhere with us. It’s been the easier stroller I have had with baby number three going in and out of the car, taxi to airplane. I love that I can carry it on the plane even though sadly one flight made us check it as we had too many luggage carryons for the five of us and this is how it got lost. It won’t happen again.

I love the smaller curved handle on this stroller too. Having two separate handles on our last stroller, it made it hard to push with one hand which I definitely need with three kids and all our travel bags when we are on the go. It rolls so smoothly, baby never gets disturbed when he is napping in it.

A mother pushing a grey travel stroller in the park. She is wearing a grey cardigan, jeans and a white hat.

Overall this Ickle Bubba Compact Travel Stroller is a compacted global phenomenon for us. It already has plans to go to Italy, Dubai and back to USA (westcoast this time) by Xmas time. So we will definitely be racking up the passport stamps on it this year putting it to the ultimate tests in the next few months.

Have you ever had an Ickle Bubba stroller? Check them out, they have a variety of styles to fit your lifestyle and needs. This one is the perfect fit for our on-the-go family.

A brother and sister push their baby brother in a grey stroller while he sleeps in the park

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    • Thanks Donna, I love how you can just fold and put on overhead bins on planes. They always loose our stroller even when given it by hand at the gates. Nightmares over with this one. So light too. I was impressed with it for travel for sure.


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