A day out with Buba & our Odeon experience

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It is a sad statement to say Buba and I have never spend a day alone together since I gave birth 20 some months ago to Missy Moo. I can’t believe I haven’t made more of an effort to spend just one on one time with him between then and now. Well, now is better than later and we got to have an entire day to ourselves this week while Missy Moo was at nursery and Daddy was at work and boy did we make the most of it. Odeon Toddler Movie Experience

The Odeon cinemas was the highlight for the day but we grabbed a coffee and met up with a lovely blogger friend Susanne from Ghostwriter Mummy and her gorgeous two girls while we waited for the movie to start. We have been online blogging friends but it was amazing to finally meet her in real life and I know it won’t be our last get together. She is lovely.

Our two tots decided to make the most of the wishing well with their pennies in hand. Buba was giddy from the very start of the day and couldn’t believe MM was in nursery and he was on a grand adventure with Mommy.
Odeon Toddler Movie Experience

Buba has never been to the movies and has never had popcorn. I know where have we been hiding him in his almost four years of his life? It was a day for many firsts for him. He was overwhelmed by the mere size of the Odeon theatre and it’s grand entrance. I have heard of movies that you could bring your baby in to but I didn’t know what to expect at all. It’s possibly why it has taken me so long to actually bring Buba and if it wasn’t for our mother/son day I know Missy Moo would have loved it just as much as Buba. Odeon Toddler Movie Experience

We have been telling Buba about Shaun the Sheep Movie all week to get him excited for it so when he saw the life size billboard of the movie he was so perplexed at first. His facial expression says it all, he kept whispering that’s a big sheep Mommy but he soon came around with his smiles. Odeon Toddler Movie Experience Odeon Toddler Movie Experience

What is a movie experience without popcorn? A hotdog? Oh yes, we went all out. I couldn’t believe the size of the hot dog and the scrummy popcorn we opted for sweet and salted! Buba scuffed the popcorn down faster than I have ever seen him eat anything and he wasn’t up for sharing. My first mistake! Odeon Toddler Movie Experience Odeon Toddler Movie Experience

Bella and Buba were adorable in their premier seats with their popcorn in their laps. I think in toddler terms that’s pure heaven. He couldn’t believe the size of the chairs and the movie screen either. I think his mouth was dropped in awe for the first twenty minutes of the movie. I have never seen my toddler so still.

Odeon seats are so comfy and there was so much room for baby car seats at our feet too as Susanne had one in tow and not just on the first aisle as I thought but we sat two aisles up and it was spacious. It was great to see so many parents with young babies too. I never thought to take either of my two to the movies when they were babies but what a great sensory experience for them and getting out of the house for parents. I see the hype about it now. I only wish I had come a lot earlier than now with my two but I just didn’t know what to expect.

So if you are like me here is the run down, they show at 11:30 and you buy your tickets and they will have you set your stroller to the side but you can take baby car seats in. The lights are on dim so you can still see more than a pitch black cinema for adults and the volume isn’t as loud as for the adult movies either. So you and your baby or toddler can sit back enjoy a good movie together. Don’t worry there are other babies giggling, fussing around you and mothers breastfeeding and it really is a supportive parent and child experience to the movies. Don’t be like me and wait till they are older!

I can’t wait to take Buba back and bring Missy Moo along. Its such a great experience for them and parents. What parent doesn’t secretly love watching kid’s movies? I know, I love them.

Odeon Toddler Movie Experience

Buba’s amazing movie experience left him hyper and excited to tell Daddy all about it. He got to skip his afternoon nap and run around the Trafford Center all afternoon. He loved the signs for the cinemas and kept pointing them out saying, “let’s go back, it’s this way Mommy!”

I told him we were off to the Disney store to see if they had one of the disney die cast he had been searching for Shu Todoroki. I can’t believe he knows all the characters and which ones that are missing from his collection. Too funny but it added to the excitement that was already pouring from him.

We scooped up a lovely early dinner at TGIFridays. I love that the Odeon cinema is in the Trafford Center so we could really make a whole day of adventures in one place.Odeon Toddler Movie Experience Odeon Toddler Movie Experience

Apologies for our grainy photos, inside a mall and a theatre isn’t the easiest to photograph with an iphone but we wanted to share our very special mother / son day out watching movies with Odeon and shopping and eating at the Trafford Center. Odeon Toddler Movie Experience

It was a long but happy day and we couldn’t thank Odeon enough for inviting us to try out their parent/child movie experience. We will be back so soon with the whole family in tow!

Someone also couldn’t resist a snooze on the way home either! If only Mommy could have had one too. Odeon we will be back soon for another great experience! Thank you!
Odeon Toddler Movie Experience Here is a tiny video of our newbie Odeon experience! Enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “A day out with Buba & our Odeon experience”

  1. Ah looks like fun. I know what you mean, I haven’t had much alone time with mine either since number two arrived, the moments are precious! Tia from Little Button diaries x

    • Thanks Tia. I couldn’t believe in almost two years we have never had one on one. I am trying to make it so at least every other month we have a special mother son day. It was great and he really cherished it as much as I did.

    • Thanks Kate. Oh he crashed so fast bless him. It was a big day for him and no nap. I really enjoyed our one on one time together. We are already planning our next mother son day out. Hahaha

    • Oh yes he did. Only wish it was lighter in these kind of places to take better photos. But we have amazing memories for sure. Already planning our next day out soon.

  2. Sounds like a great experience for you and the (not so) little one. Looks like he was tuckered out by the end of it! 🙂

    • Yes bless him he was out like a light. All that adventure and no nap. Not so little indeed. Can barely carry him inside from the car anymore. Hahaha as big as me. Thanks

    • Thanks hunny We had such a brilliant time and I can’t believe it’s been almost two years and we have never had a mother/son day! Well it won’t be our last.


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