The Ultimate Bag for a Mother

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:30 am

Storksak nappy bag changing bag diaper bag the ultimate bag for a mother review

Having two toddlers at home I have had my fair share of bags over the last five years to carry all the necessities you need for a baby and toddler. It’s save to say, I have had to swap a few out because they didn’t hold enough for two babies at times and other have been carried around so long they wore out completely. Even though B is almost five years old he has a lot of inhalers, medicines and epi pens to carry on top of the wipes, snacks, water bottles for him and his sister in tow too. So I need a bag I can rely on and love to carry around everywhere we go. 

I truly fell head over heels in love with this Storksak Noa bag. It’s light tan leather and so soft. Storksak has long been on a lust list for me as it’s such a notorious brand. A few my friends have raved about the quality, durability and their love for them so when asked if I wanted to test one out myself, I was ecstatic. I would never boast about a product I don’t love and well, I can’t stop saying, “this is the ultime bag for a mother”. Here is why…  Storksak nappy bag changing bag diaper bag the ultimate bag for a mother reviewStorksak nappy bag changing bag diaper bag the ultimate bag for a mother review

Let’s start with the amazing soft leather that makes it look stylish and chic. Oh yes, we mothers still want to keep our fashion sense if we can. It’s wipeable interior and zipper pocket makes a great handbag if I am out for the day for work or travelling. The AMAZING mini organiser it comes with is the best thing ever invented and makes this bag go from changing bag to handbag in seconds. It also makes this bag go from messy contents to the most organized bag you will ever have for your kids or yourself. I love how easy it fits in and out of it as I work on Tuesday and Thursday and use it for my laptop and work books. Then on the days the kids are with me, I just slide the mini organiser in and we are packed and ready to go. Simple, easy, effective and what mother doesn’t need all that? For babies it comes with a baby changing mat and the mini organiser can store those bottles, nappies/diapers, wipes, clothes, and way more, I promise you. There is an outside pocket under the Storksak label that’s perfect for keys and phone for easy access. The arm handles are great when it’s a handbag and the strap is great for when it’s packed for a day out and a heavy load and you can pull it across your chest or shoulder. Since it can be used is SO many different ways, I truly think it’s worth every penny. I know I will be using this long after the kids don’t need me to carry things for them. I also know it will last that long too. Storksak nappy bag changing bag diaper bag the ultimate bag for a mother review

It has already been travelling quite a bit with me with the kids in tow and without them. It took a trip to Blackpool for a family weekend away and directly after took a work trip to London with me carrying my laptop, camera and other necessities. I love how quick I can pop the mini organiser out and use it as a handbag but you could just as easily trade out the baby paraphernalia and use the mini organiser for work too. It could keep those notebooks and pens tidy for conferences, a snack and water bottle with clothes for the gym, or even your work lunch if you needed it to. It’s very versatile. It’s been to a few hotels in the past few weeks too. I just find it holds so much for traveling on the train too. Storksak nappy bag changing bag diaper bag the ultimate bag for a mother reviewStorksak nappy bag changing bag diaper bag the ultimate bag for a mother review

Whether it’s for me or for packing my children’s things in it, I am convinced it’s the ultimate bag for a mother. Even one with twins as it has duel pockets on the mini organiser as well as the outside sides of the bag. It’s light tan leather exterior is gorgeous. It goes with all my wardrobe but does come in other colors too so check them out. It’s not just for the little babies but a bag that can grow with your baby and you too!Storksak nappy bag changing bag diaper bag the ultimate bag for a mother review

*We were sent this bag for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Bag for a Mother”

    • I still used this bag everyday and love it more and more. I wish I had had it years ago. It’s definitely worth every penny. I love that it looks like the chic handbag for when the kids aren’t with me. Like you said the funny looks you get with giraffe print diaper bag. hahaha

  1. This bag sounds like my dream bag! With a 3 year old and 18 mth old, I just haven’t been able to find a bag that’s fits everything I need for them. I have tried so many!! I like my bag to look like a handbag and not a changing bag and this fits that perfectly. Dream bag right there.. X

    • This one definitely worked for me with two little ones in tow and needing to carry so much and I love the look of it as much as how easy it was to take the organizer bit out and use has a overnight bag for work trips away.

  2. Ah I love Storksak! On my maternity leave I really coveted all of them – eventually I bought Emily in leather, and I still use it! They have come up with some fab new ones since, I think next maternity I will need to get another one 🙂

  3. This looks amazing! My changing bag has broken in the last week and with two still in nappies and another baby on the way they are an essential part of my life for the forseeable future! I love the look of this, I tend to use my bag for everything whether I have babies with me or not and this looks incredibly veresatile.

    • Yes that’s why I love this one so much because I don’t have time to change them all out all the time. It’s great how much it can hold too. Three for a diaper bag you might need two. They come in different colors too. Hahahaha One of each.


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