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Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:19 am

If you have been following LTM long you will know I have many passions and among them my food styling and love for kitchen gadgets isn’t a secret. I love the OXO brand because of it’s quality and user friendly capabilities. I have been testing out the Oxo Herb Mincer this week and pushing it to it’s limits. Yes, that does sound extreme for a small herb mincer but read on and see!Β OXO Herb Mincer Review Giveaway

I was first impressed with it’s easy to grip shape. It is designed to make mincing easy and it does just that. I had no problem at all slicing up the parsley here.Β It rolls smoothly and makes the job done quick and when you are a busy mom like myself you want the prep work for dinner to be quick and easy. I am all about making life in the kitchen easier for myself. Kitchen gadgets do just that for me.Β OXO Herb Mincer Review GiveawayHere I am pushing the limits and testing it out on some onions and peppers. Obviously, this is made for herbs but it was so easy and simple to glide it across the onions and peppers which made the prep work for Mexican night a breeze!!! I wouldn’t necessarily use it all the time on bigger vegetables as you want it to stay sharp for your herbs but I was seeing just how amazing this little mincer could be.

One thing I know I will be using it for, over and over again, is when I make my (now) famous Bacon Cheesy Twists. I have to slice up rosemary and it always makes my hands smell for days from cutting it, now I can use my Oxo herb mincer to roll over my fresh rosemary with ease and no more handling it. It’s a great recipe you must try out!

Cheesy Bacon Twists RecipeThe mincer is easy to wash, dishwasher safe and pops open to clear out any herbs that may have got inside. It comes with a clear plastic safety lid to secure those sharp blades away.

Everyone should have kitchen gadgets

that simplify their kitchen life!

OXO Herb Mincer Review Giveaway

OXO Herb Mincer Review Giveaway

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