Pastries, party decor and a Babymel bag #littleloves

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Happy Friday! It’s the weekend and we are flying solo without Daddy this weekend. While many of my blogging buddies will be taking over London on Saturday as well, I will be thinking of all of you all while I am covered in food and toddler snot. Oh, the joys of parenthood.

This week has been a funny one. Not busy but not slow, not tough but not easy either. I can’t quite pinpoint it but I am glad it’s over and the weekend hopefully will be full of sunshine and outdoor play.


While I love a good serious post here are three bloggers that continue to crack me up with their amazing wits and funny outlooks of life’s situations. I love each of their blog for always keeping it real, making me laugh, smile and nod along in agreement to it all. Life shouldn’t be taken so seriously and they will each teach you that very quickly!

Hurrah For Gin – Reward Charts The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Wry Mummy – How Living With Babies Is Like Living With Students


Somehow my two tots found this on YouTube and while it’s not my first choice of music, after the hundredth time it kind caught on. I like the beat.


We are still trying to catch up on the seasons of Suits and loving it still too. We finally have hit season 2. Its great that USA dramas have so many episodes in each season otherwise we would be through it and sad it’s over. We are trying to space it out but also want to keep watching more.  I love a good show that hooks you right in. Revenge and Scandal are still among favorites and we are waiting desperately for Grey’s Anatomy to return to the screen too.

I keep hearing amazing things about “The Theory of Everything” and dying to see it myself. I love a good true story movie! It’s on my next movie list!


The kids are strutting their new fishermen jackets. Can’t beat a good rain coat, I only wish they came in my size. They are super soft too which surprises me as rain coats usually are stiff. They were just as much in love with them as I was. Although I was so keen them wearing them in the house all afternoon, sweating. Kids these days!

Littleloves Jojomaman bebe

While the kids have been getting new clothes, I was lucky enough to get a new bag! A Babymel Bag, in fact! What a surprise when it came in my two favorite colors and matches my blog. Bonus! I have a soft spot for anything yellow and grey as most of you know! Babymel Baby Bag Diaper Bag Nappy Bag

Even though my babies are getting older, I still very much need a nappy bag (diaper bag) on hands at all times. For Buba, I have tons of medicines, epi pen, and inhalers to pack around which take up room. For Missy Moo, she is still currently in diapers and they both need that extra outfit on hand just in case they have accidents still.

One of the things I love most about this spacious yet compact bag is it looks more like a handbag on one side so I can long use it after the diapers are gone. The two side pockets are great for keys and easy to reach necessities like Kleenex or snacks for the tots. No one wants to dig forever while they child’s nose is streaming. The pattern and colors suit me perfectly and I am truly in love with it. Babymel Baby Bag Diaper Bag Nappy Bag

I also love that it has built in side tabs to strap onto my stroller. I have had other bags that come with detachable connectors but they fall off and get lost and sometimes are hard to take on and off. These are built right into the strap and easy velcro to undo and because it sits perfectly half way down my stroller’s handle which leaves the perfect amount of room for Buba to ride on his boogie board still.

What Mom doesn’t like a new bag? I am definitely loving this Babymel bag and the fact that it matches most of my wardrobe helps too! The design is great and the price is affordable and that’s what every parent looks for in a bag, the rest is just extra!

Babymel Baby Bag Diaper Bag Nappy Bag


My Blackcurrant Croissant Cheese Cake Recipe! Oh yes, this was made and destroyed as fast as I baked it. It was so delicious and so easy to make. I was quite proud of it and my neighbors got themselves one too. Lucky them!

Blackcurrant Croissant Cheese Cake Recipes

And lastly…

I have been decorating again. Don’t worry just a few additions to the kids rooms. We have been using party decorations for home decor and absolutely loving it. The vibrant colors are fun and the kids think their bedrooms are play-land at the moment. I was so impressed with how they both turned out, pop by and have a peak let me know what you think!

Party supplies as home decor interiors The Little Things

*I was sent the Babymel bag for review but all opinions & photos are my own.

30 thoughts on “Pastries, party decor and a Babymel bag #littleloves”

  1. Jenny that bag is perfect for you!! I also absolutely love the kids raincoats and the fact that Buba’s is colour coordinated with Missy Moo’s wellies 🙂 Where are they from? I also caught your party wares as home decor post earlier in the week and thought it looked lovely – good idea, I am planning a pirate themed bedroom for the boys and was already looking to use some of the pirate party wares that we have left over from JJ’s party last year.
    So glad I’m not the only one who can’t make it to the blogger meet up tomorrow – I was beginning to feel *very* out of it 🙂 If I lived a bit closer to you I’d suggest a coffee play date 😉 Alas not to be! Have a good one anyway Jenny X #littleloves

    • I know I am so sad to miss out too but I have no childcare. Boo. Thanks party decorations are amazing for kids bedrooms. Pirate theme would be lovely. I got the rain coats from Jojo Maman Bebe. They are lovely.

  2. The kids coats are gorgeous, just the thing for spring showers. I love your bag, it’s so big and pretty. I sometimes think I need to carry a suitcase around for all the bits and pieces that come with 4 kids. It gets no easier as they get older, nappies get replaced by games consoles, books and hair accessories!
    Have a lovely weekend x

    • So true I never thought of that. Although hopefully they will love holding their own rucksacks by then. Hahahaha it’s actually a small bag compared to some of the other ones I have had but holds lots. I just love the colors and design of it. I wish the kids coats came in my size. Lol

  3. Lovely round up Jenny! That bag is just so you, it couldn’t be any more perfect. Grey’s Anatomy is back on Sky, of have you already seen those episodes? We definitely need a coffee date, I’ll text you xx

    • Oh I didn’t realize it is the new season on Sky? I am alway last to know. hahaha Thank goodness for catch up sky! lol Thanks hun. Yes coffee pronto!

  4. Love the new baby bag Jenny! Glad that you keep up with all your favourite American TV shows. I am so behind in Grey’s Anatomy that I probably don’t even know the cast these days! I used to love watching it but since moving to the UK I haven’t kept up. Have a good weekend! 🙂

  5. Love the bag! and the colours! I agree with being glad that the weekend is in sight, chicken pox have hit so we’ve been taking it easy but tiring! I love your foodie posts Jenny, looks delicious! Blogger event? I must have missed something lol… I definitely want to attend atleast one this year though. Love MM’s bedroom decor, I can’t wait to get decorating when we move in a couple of weeks!! xx

    • Oh bless you on chicken pox. I know how that goes both mine had it together last year. Goes away quick though. No not an event just a huge blogger meet up social in London. Was supposed to go but now have no childcare. Boo. Oh yes love how the kids bedroom turned out. Anything to party all the time. Hahaha

  6. Jenny!! That blackcurrant croissant cheesecake looks amazing!! Seriously going to give it a go! Loving the bag! Mark Ronson is a big hit our household! Have a wonderful weekend lovely xx

  7. They are such cuties in their little raincoats! So bright and Springlike too. Just gorgeous! And I love your bag as well Jenny! I reckon you and Morgana should just come to London anyway, kids and all! Mr M could babysit! 🙂 xx

    • Don’t tempt us we just might take you up on that offer. Could Mr m handle seven at such young ages. Hahahaha I would have loved to see you babes. So sad I can’t come now. I am a huge fan of raincoats. Wish it came in my size.

  8. That croissant cheesecake looks AMAZING. Bookmarking that recipe 🙂 And what a cute bag! Very cool and stylish. Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  9. Another fan of the raincoats here – if it were not for the fact that I am really really hoping for some sunshine and no rain, I would be straight onto these! The cheesecake looks lush, your neighbours are very lucky! Have a lovely week!

  10. Those raincoats are gorgeous, every child needs a decent, brightly coloured raincoat in their lives. I’m a huge fan of yellow raincoats, like little fishermen!
    I have never heard of Babymel but that bag looks great, love the chevrons! Your bake looks immense – give me a spoon and I’d eat the whole thing! Have a wonderful weekend lovely – Happy Mothers Day for Sunday x

    • I think so too. These weren’t expensive either. I only wish I had one for myself too. lol Every adulthood’s dream too. 🙂 I hadn’t heard of them either until I tested this one out and loving it. Of course it’s my favorite chevron design and colors so me! lol Come over anytime for baking goods. My neighbors have had enough of me. lol

  11. Ahh thanks so much for the mention lovely! Most kind 🙂
    Missed you on Sat – was a great day/night! Next time hey.
    p.s croissant cake thing looks amaze xx

  12. That bag looks like it was made for you, perfect. And love Buba and MM’s little jackets, they are just too cute.
    So sorry you couldn’t make it on Saturday, it would have been lovely for a catch up. xxx

    • I think it really was! lol I was very excited about it. Their jackets are only from Jojo Maman Bebe. Not expensive either. I wanted one for myself. lol I was devastated that I couldn’t make Saturday. grrr childcare! 🙁

  13. Wow, we have the same blog taste. I love those posts. Also a big fan of Suits. (Don’t tell the hubbie but Harvey or Mike: I can’t decide who I fancy most…) That bag really suits you and now I have major changing bag envy. MIne is totally battered! Great to read about your #littleloves x

    • Thanks Jude. Sounds like great minds think alike. Hahaha you made me chuckle about Mike or Harvey but totally know what you mean. Cocky bad ass hot or caring young ass hot. Hahahah hard choice. Loving the bag. I am obsessed with new changing bags.

  14. I love a bit of TV myself. And you just reminded me that I still haven’t managed to watch Suits! #littleloves


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