Why you should be using those credit card perks!

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 04:03 pm

We travel across the world a few times a year to see my family and sometimes are lucky enough to add in a holiday or two in the mix of all that. Flights are not cheap and with our family expanding to four people it’s become even more important for us to maximize our credit card perks. 

Many people don’t realize there are so many perks to certain credit cards out there and that they could be receiving amazing rewards for something that they do already like buying groceries or gas. If you do your research and find the card that helps you the most, you could be earning money back, skymiles, or other rewards for all your hard work. We spend money everyday on necessities why not gain something back from all that spending. 

I have long been a member of the Delta Skymiles card because of it’s perks. I have made many flights over the years for free to America to see family just by using my card for everyday expenditures and I also get skymiles for flying too. There are numerous options out there when it comes to airline credit cards that you can benefit from. 

Delta skymiles american express credit card rewards

There are also many perks to credit cards such as Tesco and M&S credit cards. Why are we not using all these rewards to it’s fullest? I know many people associate credit cards with debt and that’s not the case if used properly. I make sure the money is in the bank and I use my credit cards to create a credit history and benefit from their rewards! That’s the safest and best way to use them in my opinion.

I also think it gives you that added insurance when buying big purcahases that you don’t get when buying them with cash. Credit cards have protection plans to do exactly that protect you.

All credit cards come with rewards now. TSB Avios credit cards, for example, have rewards for flights, hotels, family days out and much more. Who doesn’t want to get free rewards for the whole family to enjoy? I know I do. In a day when traveling is expensive for families we really need to take advantage of all these offers that are out there for us and use them to their maximum potential. 

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4 thoughts on “Why you should be using those credit card perks!”

  1. We don’t travel so can’t really make use of airmiles but we have a Tesco credit card that all our shopping/petrol etc goes on and we then use the points to have family days out 🙂 Great post! x

    • Oh yes my credit card has way more perks than just skymiles and alot out there have dinners out for families and playland and parks for the kids. It’s great the amount you can get back from spending on them.


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