Why You Should Never Fly Without Travel Insurance

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 01:42 pm

I can boldly say, “Never Fly Without Travel Insurance” because we have had to rely on our travel insurance over the years and without it I dread to think where we would be financially. Many people believe it’s just for those huge unforeseen circumstances that you think will never happen to you. Trust me, they will, and they do happen. 

We have our travel insurance through our bank with HSBC insurance. There are loads of travel insurance options out there but this is the one we use. I get asked this all the time because we travel a lot. We can’t rave enough about how much our HSBC travel insurance has helped us out over the years. And because we travel more than once or twice a year we have an annual policy which can often be cheaper than individual trip insurance. 

Our experience with HSBC Travel Insurance

For example, my son got his thumb cut off and had to be surgically sewn back on, no joke. Whilst we were on holiday in Paris. The hospital where we were at almost no one spoke english. It was already stressful enough worrying about my son. HSBC travel insurance took care of rebooking our flights we missed, the medical billinga and full cost of the surgery, the communication between the hospital and themselves without adding those pressures on top of us. With one call, we were covered. We were taken care of. 

Another time, one of my children choked on a piece of chicken and had to have it surgically removed. Again, no joke. This time on holiday in United States. We didn’t even have to worry as we knew HSBC travel insurance would be there to help us every step of the way. 

But on top of medical coverage, it’s there to support you traveling when you need it most. Natural disasters (we got stuck in a Sand Storm in Tenerife), lost luggages, flights cancelling and a whole list of smaller and large situations we haven’t experience can happen to you any moment on holiday. There is nothing worse than not being prepared with travel insurance while you are across the world, in a foreign country that may or may not even speak your language. 


Why You Should Never Fly without Travel Insurance 

The cost of not having travel insurance could be astronomical to your bank account or even worse your saving account. Just to put it in perspective if we didn’t have travel insurance my son’s surgery for choking would have billed us $28,500 dollars. Yes, that was for a 20 minute procedure and he was released the same day. That should scare you enough to always have travel insurance when you fly. 

We will never know what may or may not happen on holiday. And hopefully most of you have been really lucky and never had to experience anything like we have on holiday. But those that think it’s never happened before so are fine without it may just find your luck might run out. 

I would like to have a huge, side note here too. Since the pandemic, a lot of travel insurances don’t cover covid related issues, please always check the fine print and terms and conditions for these types of coverages.  

Do you have travel insurance? Check out more here about taking out HSBC travel insurance and other types of insurance available.

*In collaboration with HSBC but all opinions and experiences are my own.

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