June Siblings Project

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:58 pm

We are half way throught the year, how did that happen? It’s this time of year that gets so busy for us leading up to summer. It’s the end of the school year which comes with a plethora of PA duties from me for two kids, each week: bring in a toy/chocolate/bottle for summer fair, sports day, non-uniform days, and school trips. Then preparing for our entire summer in America is always a big task. What to pack, and what to make sure is there for when we arrive at my parents’ house. Added in this year with a brand new baby in this busy time frame and the need to go to London for his passport at the US Embassy just about bursted our ‘to do’ list to it’s max. But we are loving having baby boy join the family. Last month was the kids debut as three siblings, a trio, the three musketeers in action.

I have embraced having three with only two arms and there are time when the house seems chaotic but I love it. I never could stand a quiet house. I am not from a quiet house so maybe that has something to do with it. hahaha I love watching the various dynamics form between the three of them. It’s a pleasure to see my eldest be so doting to his baby brother and helpful. MM is the perfect sister in the middle. She wants to hold him, kiss him and just cuddle him like a doll, all the time. They are both quick to rush to his aid when he cries. I fear we might have a spoiled last baby on our hands if they don’t stop. Isn’t the youngest always the most spoiled? Says, the youngest in her family!

June Siblings family project


Making up songs for baby brother.

His older siblings singing to him in his bouncy chair.

Going for walks to the park and taking turns pushing the stroller.

Getting pushed in the stroller around London.

Going to London for a quick family overnight stay.

Making presents for Daddy for Father’s Day.

Showing baby brother tricks in the garden while he kicks about on a blanket.

New story time while I feed baby brother at bedtime.

Snuggles on the sofa together.

Weekend morning, lounging in Mommy’s bed while baby brother feeds.

June Siblings family project

June Siblings family project

While baby brother is not in the photo above, I had to include it this time. These two have changes so much since we had the baby. It’s amazing how having another one added to the family can do that. They both immediately looked older, more mature, and their individual personalities really have been coming out. They are growing up on me so fast and together as the same time. I sometimes feel like I miss it because I am constantly feeding or attending to the new baby. I like to take one on one time with each and just soak up this time while they are still young too.

B has become more helpful and caring in the sense he wants to be by my side all the time. He compliments my tummy going down without anyone ever saying it to him. He tells me I am beautiful too. He is turning into a lovely young boy who has a heart of gold. He takes more in them ever before. He worries about things now in a way that you do when you start to mature and get older. I can’t believe he is almost seven in a month’s time.

MM has a new emotional side that’s stronger than before. She cries when the baby is too upset. She cries at the sad parts of Disney movies. She is a kind and soft soul. Her feeling get hurt easy. I wonder if that’s just part of growing up and being a female! Maybe it’s a little bit of not being the baby of the family anymore. But she has been so loving towards welcoming her brother into the family. She is lucky to now have a big brother to protect her and a baby brother to spoil and fuss over. She is turning five next week and I just can’t believe how fast time has flown by with her. It’s like she was born and instantly a little lady with a silly, bold personality.

June Siblings family project

Here sits my three pride and joys of the world. They are my rocks, my everything. Without getting totally mushy (even thought that’s just me) I feel like the luckiest mom in the world to get to cuddle these babies and say they are mine. I am so proud of them all. I hope they always remain close growing up. I hope they will love and support each other always like my siblings and I do. May their bond keep them connected through any trials, challenges or arguments they may have as teenagers or adults after I am long gone and they need each other. Family is everything!

There will be no fourth or fifth babies to add to our family, three is our final number. Yes, I did say we would never have a third I didn’t think it would ever happen and then it did but a fourth will now be impossible unless we adopt. I would never take adoption off the table but I want to pour my heart and soul into these three little ones right here, right now. It’s been such a tough year in our family losing my Dad, my own health issues that it really puts into perspective what is worth stressing over and what is important right in front of our faces. The here, the now, that’s what’s important. You can’t get it back or make up for it.

7 thoughts on “June Siblings Project”

  1. They are so caring for their little brother. I do like to have a quiet house though. haha But with my two there is never a dull moment which is fine too as we are getting our quiet time once they are in bed. #siblingsproject

    • Oh thank you ever so much Katie, I love watching them all together. It’s so bittersweet. They really are growing up far too fast on me already.

  2. What a lucky baby to have such doting older siblings. It really brings out the best in everyone when there’s a little one to care for. They look so happy to be able to help. Gorgeous kiddos.

  3. These are so gorgeous Jenny! I agree also that this time seems so busy, even though we are not off on long adventures this year just the start of the end of term at school is so crazy I can’t keep up with all the mum duties! I hate to think what it will be like when they are both there!! x


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