Me & Mine Family Project {August 2017}

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What a summer we have had in America. It’s the last day of the month and we will be landing back in the UK at dinner time today. As I look back at all that we packed in, I get overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness that my kids get to experience such a lovely summer. Every year, I feel like we make the most of our hot summers and experienced new adventures as much as traditional adventures like family reunions or favorite places that we like to visit every year. We always have a long list of friends to catch up with up and family to spend quality time together. The cousins all get together as much as possible while we are home to make up for the rest of the year when we are too far to do so.

Many of you will have saw or heard we had two huge hiccups during our road trip to Seattle. One had B being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and the last day of our road trip had me being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Two ambulance rides in the same weekend is never good. The outcome changed the last two weeks for us on holiday. The kids still got to play with friends, swim, jump on the trampoline and enjoy the hot summer sun but unfortunately I couldn’t drive after my hospital visit with my vertigo so bad I could hardly do much of anything. After two weeks I still am coming back to the UK unable to drive which I have no idea how school drop offs/pick ups will go but I am praying I can drive soon. I feel absolutely trapped when I can’t drive myself wherever I want to go. We will have a list a mile long with B’s new diagnoses with doctor visits and new medications to help him along the way. Somehow we still pushed through and made such a great summer vacation as a family. We put a smile on our faces and we continued to do as much as we could (as long as Grandma was willing to drive). We ended our vacation with sun kissed bodies, loved filled hearts, and memory fill thoughts.

It’s also the month each year where we have to take our family photos with Daddy. He is always missing in our August snaps being back in the UK while we finish our trips out in America. We hate being separated for so long but we also know it’s for the best for all of us that our kids be apart of my country, culture and hot summer experiences while Daddy gets to golf, work and gym it up in what seems to be the rainy season in the UK now. It’s a win-win minus the separation so we make sure we facetime, text, and share as much as we can when we reunite with Daddy. We have a few presents to give him from our theme parks, zoo, aquarium and fair days out. 


Going to Seattle (minus hospital visits).

Sharing her country and culture with her readers as much as her kids.

Being home for the summer and sharing it on ig stories everyday.



Going to Portugal with friends for the weekend.

Living a bachelor life for the summer (he misses us really).

Looking forward to us arriving home today.


Diving in the pool for diving sticks.

Playing with his kid’s summer entertainment pack with his sister.

His LEGO birthday party.


Beach days with friends and family.

Mommy’s awesome LEGO marshmallow pops.

Being absolutely spoiled by EVERYONE all summer.

I was really surprised these two didn’t ask for their toys back in the UK or Daddy as much as they did last year. I think because Daddy got to spend two weeks with us this time, it made a huge difference. They were as homesick. Since they are that little bit older, we got to do longer days out together which I really enjoyed. No one had to take naps or be home early for bedtime specifically to cope with the day. They can go to bed slightly later and deal with the next day now.

They have been the best little buddies here too. Bickering is less because they get to be outside everyday. I saw a lot more jealousy from little miss of her brother playing with the older cousins. She doesn’t like to share her brother. But then all her older cousins carry her everywhere and spoil her rotten so we have seen slightly more tantrums and divas like actions from MM too. She isn’t used to so much attention from so many. I think she will have a really eye opener when we get home and the rules get reinforced without a cousin, auntie, or grandma to intervene.

We look forward to September which will see MM starting school and B going into Year Two. How this happened I will never know…what happened to my babies at home with me? I am preparing for empty nest and what this means for work for me and the family. I love what I do and finding balance between home life and work life but I also am going to be so lonely at first without any kids at home with me. Not looking forward to that part but excited to see the next chapter for our family with two school kids in tow. The kids even gave a little interview on what they are thinking about going to school, wearing uniforms and what they are mostly looking forward to next month, catch video here.



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Don’t forget to check out our beautiful Creator Lucy, and our Cohosts: Alex, Charlotte, Fritha, Katie and Lucy. They all take such amazing, beautiful family snaps and I love following along each month to see how the kids have grown and changed and all that they get up to together as a family.

Linky opens 7am UK time on the 31st of August – this went live a few hours early as we are on three flights on our way back to England from west coast America. Hope everyone enjoyed their summer holidays.

26 thoughts on “Me & Mine Family Project {August 2017}”

  1. It’s so true that the great outdoors really puts a hold on the bickering doesn’t it? So sorry to hear you’ve had some hospital trips… Never fun. Really hope you’re able to drive again soon. Your pictures are stunning… And your children looking so so grown up! Gah, time flies too fast, doesn’t it??

  2. These are gorgeous photos Jenny, but sorry to hear about the two hospital visits. I really hope things start to improve for you soon lovely. It always seems like it must be so lovely for you all to go back to America for the summer, it must be such a fantastic adventure for the kids! xx

    • Oh it’s one of the things I begged for when I married my hubby that we could always take the kids to where I grew up each summer so they would have the amazing experiences of outdoor life like I did. Fortunately so far we can do this and I hope this is always the case.

  3. Glad you have enjoyed your summer in America (hospital visits aside!) and catching up with family. Beautiful photos of you and your children enjoying the sunshine. Hope the vertigo is better soon and you can start driving again. #meandmineproject

  4. Oh no I’m sorry you ended up in hospital – that’s not the way to spend a holiday and I hope you get back to driving pretty soon. These are gorgeous shots though, and despite the hiccups you’ve clearly had a wonderful time – fingers crossed the flights go smoothly, and it’s fairly warm here today!!

    • I am still waiting to be me again. Wondering what I did to make it so bad I have one good day and then one bad it keeps coming and going so I kind of feel trapped and helpless at the moment. Trying to do the best I can with what I can but then I sometimes think is this a way of the universe telling me I need to slow down…hope not. That’s not me. But sure looks like I will have to do so until it leaves me alone fully. lol Hoping next month is a happier outcome.

  5. I think it is so amazing for your two to be getting the best of both your cultures. I would love to be able to take M off every summer for some epic adventures.

    So sorry to hear about the hiccups you had though. Hope you are both feeling much better now and continue to improve.

    • It’s something I feel so grateful and blessed over hunny I really do. I love seeing my home and family too of course because that will always be my heart and soul growing up, it’s just amazing that they get to experience it too. Something I worried I wouldn’t be able to give them. We had hiccups but despite them we still had a wonderful summer vacation. I hope you had a good one too???

  6. Oh lovely what an awful few weeks you’ve had but it’s nice to see you looking at it so positively. I hope your vertigo disappears soon and your son continues to take it in his stride. Hope your flight back to the UK was good x #meandmineproject

    • I have always tried to be the positive one. Some reason I guess the universe needed me to slow down and pay attention so trying to listen to it while I am impatiently waiting to feel normally again. hahaha Flight was ok back and wishing we had brought the sun back with us now it’s freezing! lol

  7. Oh these photos are so gorgeous Jenny. The field background looks on point. Both Kiddies seem to have grown so much over the summer! It must be all that sun. I’m so pleased you’ve had a wonderful summer with your family.

    • I say that too every year they seem to have growth spurts at my parents house in the summer. All the summer sunshine and swimming with the outdoor fresh air does them a world of good for sure. Thanks hunny.

    • Yes we really did have such a great summer. I will be highlighting and sharing more this coming week if vertigo doesn’t stop me again. lol We love our summers back home with my family and culture and I love sharing them with my kids. This year Daddy got to come out for two weeks which was truly amazing.

  8. My goodness, sorry to hear about your 2 ambulance experiences whilst you were away. Beautiful pics of the 3 of you. Such a gorgeous family. My eldest starts reception next week. I can’t believe it x

    • Oh good luck to the reception starter!!! MM absolutely loved her first week of school this past week. I was so pleased as she can be so painfully shy. But she did brilliant. It’s like the one place she isn’t shy which is weird but a blessing. Hope yours goes the same. Yes troublesome the last two weeks we were there but man did we have some good times before and in between. 🙂

  9. Such a gorgeous set of photos! I am so sorry your weekend and trip was marred by your hospital trips – sending get better fast vibes your way!

    • Me too it was right at the end we had a tough time but boy did we have a blast the five weeks before that. Just such a great summer each year I feel blessed and grateful i get to take my kids back home with me each year.

    • They were so quick and easy to make. Honestly check it out. We did it right before the party they dry instantly and the kids LOVED them. Especially B who can’t have cake so it was a bonus treat. I am so grateful to have my family back in America and getting to see them and where I grew up each year is amazing.

  10. Such lovely photos of the 3 of you. Must feel very odd to not have Daddy in them. You can tell the sunshine suits you all! Sorry to hear about your hiccups. Fingers crossed you recover quickly and can start driving again. Best of luck to MM for starting school. x

    • Yes August is always weird and a few years we were there in July too without Daddy. Always weird to take a family photo without him but also good to be with my parents and extended family and culture each summer too. MM loved school. Driving still crazy I can go down the street to the school just but no faster or further yet. Grrr.

    • Yes it’s always great to get back to see Daddy however, he is now in America on a golf trip for nine days. hahaha We always get teased that we come back from the states each year he goes to the states. We still had a great summer despite health problems.


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