The Siblings Project {August 2017}

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My little siblings project is one of my favorite photo projects that I do on my blog. I have been doing it for years now and I love looking back at my two children, together. I love reading back how they have grown and changed, each step of the way, together. Their relationship has blossomed and I feel so blessed that they get along so well. Don’t get me wrong they make each other cry and bicker over a toy but in the big picture I have two little ones that don’t like to be separated and usually are the best of friends. I love traveling with them and going on family days out with them, even if it’s solo parenting. They are my little helpers, my little buddies, and have my heart completely wrapped around their little fingers. I have more fun now as a parent with these two in tow than I ever did before I had children. Yes, this is true. I lived a very sheltered life pre-children. I feel grateful and blessed to have them both in my life and be on this family adventure with them. Even if I do shout far too much these days when I am feeling overwhelmed. Even if I feel like I am not good at this parenting thing. Even when I countdown to bed time and skip a few pages during bedtime story when I think they are nodding off. It’s amazing just to watch two little people in the world grow up together. 

This month has been extremely busy already in the first two weeks of it. We have been traveling in America this summer and took a big road trip to Seattle to see more family and friends. I used to live in Seattle before I moved to the UK so I have such a soft spot and a life I left there. It’s amazing as I feel like I pick up right where I left off with all my friends even though I may not talk to them but a few times over the winter. We have all been in each other’s weddings and had babies the same time. Even though the lives, we live are so far apart, each summer we bring it all back together like nothing has changed. I love that. I love that my kids can bond and create relationships with their kids during the summer too. I only wish we could stay longer each summer in Seattle as there is so much to do there for families. My sister lives there with her two boys too so it’s another family catch up too. We had the best time at the kids museum and watching Cars 3 in an old fashion theatre. What an experience. The Siblings Project August 2017 siblings family photography linky

The Siblings Project August 2017 siblings family photography linky The Siblings Project August 2017 siblings family photography linky The Siblings Project August 2017 siblings family photography linky


Building waterfalls in the sand.

Playing on the beach.

Celebrating a LEGO themed birthday party with family.

Playing with their cousins everyday and making new friends.

All their new toys from their birthdays (spoiled by family way too much).

A new 12ft trampoline from their Grandparents.

Eating Mommy’s amazing LEGO marshmallow pop treats.

Seeing Cars 3, the movie.

Having a picnic in the park with friends.


The Siblings Project August 2017 siblings family photography linky

You may have heard that we had a seriously scary moment only minutes after arriving to our friends house. B choked on a tiny piece of chicken and I gave him the Heimlich but it wasn’t working. After calling 911 and getting to the nearest hospital he went into surgery to remove the chicken. While in there they realized he has a condition called EOE (eosinophilic esophagitis. Which means he is eating foods he is allergic to that we don’t know.

Then on the way home I was driving over a bridge about three hours into our seven hour drive and the world started spinning and I couldn’t see straight. I started panicking inside so I knew I had to get somewhere safe for my kids sake as I didn’t have cell phone service where I was currently. I made it 10 miles to the nearest town and again had to call 911 and get help. So we started with a hospital visit and we ended our trip with a hospital visit. Somehow in between we still managed to have the best time ever with family and friends despite what else was happening in our lives. It turns out I suffered a major vertigo which caused an anxiety attack.  I kept myself calm and collected as best I could otherwise I think we could have been in a bad car wreck on top of it all. But as a positive person we don’t let things tragic things ruin too much of our lives. We try to cope and deal with them the best way we know how. Being home surrounded by family was the very best medicine for us all.   

As you can see we are all sun kissed and happy. Our smiles are huge and our hearts are full of love and amazing memories made. I hope everyone has been enjoying our summer in America over on my ig stories. It’s been fun sharing those on a daily basis as there wasn’t any stories and snapchat last year, it was only just was getting popular about this time last year. Technology continues to blow me away with it’s intelligence and it’s never ending options to share our expat lives. We are a family apart of three countries and three cultures and I love documenting how this molds us as humans and the amazing things we get to experience because of it. Even if there is emergencies and difficulties along the way.

I know this is my siblings project but I had to throw in a photo of me and my little siblings below. I couldn’t imagine living any other way but our crazy, hectic, busy yet happy, fun, loving life. At times I really wish there was a pause button on life. I would pause it every summer just to soak it in a bit more than we already try to do. Since there is no such thing, I just am thankful for this space to document our family journey and be able to look back on it and relive it as much as I can. If it hadn’t been for these two I have no idea how calm I would have been on a bridge in the middle of nowhere when vertigo hit and I couldn’t see or breath. I think these two and the big man upstairs saved me in those moments. I am forever grateful.The Siblings Project August 2017 siblings family photography linky

I hope you all are having a lovely summer wherever you are and whoever you are spending it with. Sending sunshine around the world to you all from the Let’s Talk Mommy household. 

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  1. Oh Jenny!! I was only thinking about you yesterday and then this popped up on my feed. What a scary thing to happen.
    The photos Are beautiful as always. Hope you have a lovely time in America

    • Oh thanks hunny it’s been a whirlwind summer. Good first six weeks so I can’t complain too much. Just got to get home in one piece. Fingers crossed for the flight and no vertigo hahah. Glad you have enjoyed following along.

    • Thanks Emma, it’s been a bad last week to end our AMAZING summer sadly. We are just grateful for the perfect six weeks we had prior to this all happening and keeping those happy memories at the front of our minds before we travel back to the UK.

    • Oh thank you ever so much hunny, yes it really is such an amazing project. Kind of you to stop by and comment. Look forward to seeing you through this lovely project and more.

  2. Oh my, it’s sounds like you had quite a month! I know you’re on your way home now, so I hope you make it back safely and you manage to get a bit of time to relax before it’s back to school next week! #SiblingsProject


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