Snapshots & Scenes From July

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:29 am

How is summer vacation half over? How are we in August now and moving at a disturbing speed through the weeks? I say it time and time again I can’t stand how fast life is going sometimes. It blurs together on the moments when you want them to last forever and drags on when you want it to speed up. I guess that’s life isn’t it?

We are here for a second month of SNAPSHOTS & SCENES to share with you. A NEW LINKY to join in with your lovely photos and your amazing videos. A place to showcase those clips you never use or those photos that are random and don’t quite fit into a blog post but you want to share them. Well here is where you do just that…

I love looking back over my little snippets of our month how ever random they are and put them all together here. I enjoyed making my first 60 seconds from July last month for you all so much. I am excited to see what you think of my August video below?


Swimming at the lake and in the river where I grew up.

Showing the kids where I went to school.

Our trip to Whitefish, Montana with my brother and to Kootenai Falls.

Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Beach with the kids.

Grandparents buying the kids a trampoline.

Eating sushi with my bestie on our annual spa day out.

Taking the kids to the City Pool where I not only swam as a kid myself but worked as a lifeguard in high school.

The kids birthday celebrations.


It’s a monthly linking showcasing our favorite photos or favorite clips from the month all put together in a short video. Those clips you film but just leave sitting on your phone are perfect for this. You can do just photos or just a video or both like me.


Anyone! If you have just one favorite photo or twenty or a 60 second vlog to 5 minutes. It’s all welcome to look back on the month and share the things that make you smile and happy.


Kerri-Ann – Life as Our Little Family

Mel – Le Coin De Mel

Chloe – Sorry About the Mess

Maria – One Tiny Leap

Sara-Jayne – Keeping Up With the Jones Family

Amber – Meet the Wildes

and ME!


10 thoughts on “Snapshots & Scenes From July”

    • Thank you so much Chloe. It’s been an amazing summer. I have so much to share and yet I am enjoying summer too much to be working every night but I can’t wait when I get home to share all winter long the sun, hot summer adventures we have been experiencing here. Each year is just utterly amazing and I feel so grateful I can give this experience, my home, my culture, my country adventures to my children every summer.

    • Oh that means the world to me KA that you say that. I hope everyone has enjoyed my ig stories up until this last week they have been so adventures we have loved our six weeks prior to the vertigo hospital visit with B incidents. We are home next week feels like a dream sometimes when it ends.

  1. It looks like you and the kiddies are having the best time in the US. I love your photos, how colourful and full of fun they all are. I couldn’t agree more: time goes way too quickly during the summer holidays…

    • The kids have been having a blast even the last week where I have been kind of stuck not being able to do anything. They can swim and jump on their new trampoline the grandparents got them and so much to play and do here without me having to leave which has helped but we made the most of the first six weeks packing them full of traditions and new adventures to experience together. I loved every moment of it. Thanks for your kind compliments.

  2. Amazing photos! (great stuff on Instagram too!) We’re trying to squeeze the most out of the last few weeks of summer here – it’s all sand and sunscreen here! Enjoy the rest of summer before school starts.

    • Oh we had so much planned still for our last week but vertigo has me grounded at the moment. But we are focusing on the six weeks of amazing summer adventures we had prior to it until we get back to the UK> Love a busy summer and making most of the nice weather here too.

    • You are so sweet thanks Emma. We love bright fun summers and hoping our ig stories and photos have been reflecting that. I love this new linky project and hope more join in and start sharing all their random fun happy moments that they just keep on the computer or phone and never share them.


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