Baby Boy is One Month Old

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:58 pm

Baby O is One Month Old! It’s amazing how fast time flies when you grow up. I remember being a kid and thinking gosh the day is so long. Just one day seemed like forever, especially if you are bored. A week couldn’t go by fast enough so I could play with my friends on the weekend. Then as an adult it sped up a bit. Weekends out with friends, vacations, a new work life, took all the time up and days blurred into months. I think when you become a parent time goes into speed mode. Forget the day blinking by and the weeks running into each other, I catch myself thinking how is it Christmas again, already. How does time keep going faster and faster as we age?

Busy schedules and routines are always a big factor but even so time is not on our hands when it comes to newborns. That scrunched up, small baby doesn’t stay like that forever. This little baby boy has hit one month in no time at all. Those early days of sleepy baby and cuddles on the sofa go so fast. Who would have thought staring at a newborn baby sleeping would make the time blur by instead of stand still?

We still haven’t picked a nickname yet for him. They always come about while we are out and about or baby does something funny. Or a name just sticks after cracking a joke. At the moment we call him Grizzle or Grizzy but it’s still early days. So he will be baby boy or baby T on here for now. I like to use their real nicknames on my blog instead of random made up ones because its documenting our real life. It’s all part of the memories. And let’s be honest it’s easier in videos when the kids call each other by their nicknames instead of real names for me so I don’t have to edit so much.


one week old ginger ray baby blanket


two week old ginger ray baby blanket


three week old ginger ray baby blanket


four week old ginger ray baby blanket

At four weeks and two days he officially turned ONE MONTH OLD! Hooray! I will be documented them now by months. I love that I was able to document my whole pregnancy, birth and now on a monthly basis for my last baby. Something I didn’t get to do with my first two as I wasn’t blogging back then. It’s made this last experience all the more special.

So how is my one month old baby getting on?

Feeding is going well, a little hiccup with thrush/mastitis/engorgement problems. The usual things that can go wrong but I think we are on the right medicine and getting past that, fingers crossed. He feeds fast which is a bonus for me especially in the night. We are only getting up once in the night now so I am getting a little more sleep finally. It was needed.

Nap times are established and I have worked his feeding/sleeping routine around our family routine already from school runs, sports and after school activities too. This week, I shared How to get a New Baby into a Routine. It’s worked for all three of my kids and it really works for me as a person that needs routine too. If you want any tips or tricks that I use, do pop over for a read.

Why not check out Planning for a Baby on a Budget too? It’s full of advise before you even get pregnant! Don’t wait until baby is here to start saving or budgeting your money. Plan ahead and use these tips. This site is full of parent resources too. I love having a stockpile of resources at my finger tips every step of the way.

But most importantly watch the video below is Baby T’s first appearance on my youtube channel. Come see him cooing and grizzling as he does best. He is a little wiggle worm and can hold his head up so much. Sometimes he about jumps out of my arms kicking his legs against my stomach wanting to escape.

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5 thoughts on “Baby Boy is One Month Old”

  1. I love that you can document him growing over the weeks/months – he’s really changed so much and very alert in that last shot! He’s gorgeous. I hope you’re savouring every moment with him. xx

  2. Oh Jenny that blanket is genius!!! What a brilliant idea and your beautiful baby boy is an absolute joy. Time sure does fly when you have children and I know full well how fast it all goes with your third baby. Iris is now two and I still call her ‘baby Iris’ because in my mind she’s around six months old. Enjoy every second you have with him and keep up these weekly updates, they’re lovely xx


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