Siblings {September 2016}

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Siblings September 2016 a monthly portrait project

Summer is behind us and we are moving into Fall. That time of year where the leaves change to beautiful colors and start to fall to the ground. The temperatures go cooler so we all pull on those cozy layers we love so much. And yet, this country never can make up it’s mind what season it should be. Since we got back two weeks ago from America, it’s been a stream of warm and cold days or a mixture of both.

The kids and I have had our six weeks of intense sunshine so we don’t mind the cooler days now. I like Autumn where I can still get away with not wearing a coat or wearing my jeans with flip flops. I think the kids are the same. They much prefer wearing their sandals than their regular shoes or boots. But I won’t deny they love wearing sweatpants funny enough, too. At the moment, it’s not a trendy look but with days starting out cold and getting hot or vice versa sweatpants and sandals seem appropriate.

This month, this duo has been settling back into their own bedrooms. Their toys have all become brand new to them again. They have been excited over each old toy, all over again until they get bored and cast them aside once more. Jetlag is long behind us now, thankfully. They are getting back into the swing of classes and homework. MM still had a week where she didn’t want B to start back at school and crying at the school gates for him at the school drop off. After having him everyday by her side again, all summer long, she had to readjust to not having him constantly with her. It must be hard to understand at her age. I keep telling her, next September, exactly a year from now, she will be running along side B to the school gates. Even though, I am not yet ready to have an empty house. Siblings September 2016 a monthly portrait project

I noticed with B in Year One now, he is getting cheekier. Learning how to push his boundaries with me, with his dad, and even his grandparents. He seems so grown up at this age and yet so small still. It’s funny how one moment they can appear to be growing up on us at lightening speed and the next they still seem so small, so young, and still our babies. The latter mostly comes when they are asleep at this age but I will take it. I cherish watching them dream sweetly with their eyes fluttering. With B’s new found confidence and wit comes teaching his sister to push her boundaries too. Sometimes they use this new found wittiness and cheekiness to gang up on me too. I have to laugh underneath pretending to be disciplining them because they are sticking together so firmly. I love that they like to stick together as a team more than be divided and picking on each other even if that means I am usually the one they team up on. 

I see it on the playground when I watch them play together. They can tease each other and bicker like the rest of the world of siblings but mostly they stand together as a team against other kids trying to tease and bicker at them. It’s not always B that protects his little sister either. MM has really changed this summer and gained some confidence. She is more likely to stand in between a kid being mean to her brother or even push back if someone is bullying her first than her brother would. I was shocked but proud the first few times I saw her standing up for her brother and herself. In the past, she was always the shy one that stayed in her brother’s shadows. I think a year of her brother being in school and having to learn who she is on her own and what she likes and dislikes has really made a big difference. She has become independent now too. She no longer hides behind my legs and no long refuses to talk to people. Siblings September 2016 a monthly portrait project


Racing their new scooters. 

Building mini lego castles, cities, cars, airplanes, villages.

Swimming at Mommy’s gym (always a firm favorite).


Going to the park again. (they missed it this summer).

Having their own bedroom’s back with all their toys.

Siblings September 2016 a monthly portrait projectSiblings September 2016 a monthly portrait project

Whether these two are scooting down the driveway, swimming in the pool, playing at the park, or building lego’s next greatest city, they are side by side as a team. I feel so blessed that I was able to have them so close in age and that they remain the best of friends.  On days, when they aren’t getting along, I always remind them not everyone is lucky enough to always have a playmate at home. I hope it really sinks in that they are so very lucky to have each other, day after day, to play with. Life is so much more fun when you can share it with a sibling. Even as a parent, I never realized how much I would get from watching them bond and love each other so much. It’s an added bonus of having children. While I will miss summer with them, I do love watching them get back to gymnastics and soccer and being their biggest cheerleader in the stands. 

Happy September!

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  1. Lovely photos! They sounds like a great little team. My two are like that at school and it isn’t always the oldest sticking up for the youngest either. They also have such a close group of friends that even their friends will stick up for them. But, of course, at home alone, they bicker like cat and dog.

    • Oh yes that’s normal siblings I did that with my siblings all the time. We called it a love/hate relationship growing up. My two aren’t too bad they usually get into trouble more together and gang up on someone else. hahaha There are a few pushes and kicks between them don’t get me wrong. But overall I feel lucky about it.

  2. Definitely know what you mean about how it’s such a joy to watch the kids together, it’s one of the things I’m looking forward to most as my two grow up. So lovely that your two are the best of friends – hope they stay that way, I’m sure they will!

    • I really hope so too. I am super close to all my siblings and I would be devastated to ever be anything different between the two of them. It’s a pleasure to watch them change and grow together.

    • Oh wow eight years bet you are still close. I have a sister ten years older than me but we are still so close. I think the sunshine is about to leave us for the winter for sure.

    • It’s nice it’s like they got all new stuff again and are so excited. A little like Christmas before Christmas. I love it. They are in heaven in their own rooms too as they share with me while we are away.


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