Britax Multi-Tech II Car Seat Review

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:31 am

Britax Multi-Tech II Car Seat Review

As parents we get a lot of things wrong. One of the most common things we get wrong and we don’t even realize it, half the time, is what car seat to put our child in. It may seem a silly thing to think about but I am one of those parents that saw her daughter growing out of her current car seat and assumed because she was tall for her age she could move into a booster type seat. Not knowing that even if her height and age matched all the seating charts online that her bones weren’t mature enough to survive the impact of a normal seatbelt without injury, if we were ever in an accident. I have recently been educated on how wrong I really was about choosing a car seat and how important it is to get it right.  

This year I have teamed up with Britax to help share my thoughts and opinions on their products and what goes behind keep our beautiful children safe. Today, I am sharing my experience with MM’s new car seat the Britax Multi-Tech II which is a Group 1/2 Forward or Rear facing Car Seat for ages 9 months – 6 years (9kg -25kg). 

Britax Multi-Tech II Car Seat Review


Right away, I loved the red and black color combination. It also comes in four other colors in this design. It has a great feature for forward or rear facing which means it can grow with your child. MM is now old enough, weight and height to be forward facing but still use a five point harness. Later, I can remove this harness and use the seat belt across her. It has an easy adjustable headrest with soft padding. I have made sure her chin is level with the bottom of the headrest. Something I didn’t know had to be adjust just right. In the manual, they show you a great red and green zone for placing the headrest just right. I thought it was very helpful. It had a feature on the bottom to be able to install it in a tilted position for long trips and nap times. It really does seem versatile for each stage between 9 months and 6 years old. No one wants to have to keep buying a variety of different car seats if they don’t have to. The harness is softly padded for extra protection and easily clicks together. 

What I wasn’t keen on was this car seat is quite bulky so when installed forward facing it doesn’t sit nicely into my seat in my Qashqai. The bottom reclining piece makes it stick out from the back of the seat. I would have preferred it to have an isofix connector to make it extra sturdy in any car. Even with seat belt as tight as possible it has a little give way. Also, the seat belt is very close to not reaching around it, to install it, as you have to weave it in one side and around the back and out the other side. It took two people to install it, one holding seat belt slack and other clicking it in. It’s impossible to reach both sides of this large car seat to do both. Qashqai cars are known for their short seat belts and bucket type seats make installing most car seats flush against the back almost impossible. Just double check your vehicle seat and seat belt before purchasing so you know it will fit. 

Britax Multi-Tech II Car Seat Review


Check out how to install it here… it’s the same as the Evolva installation for forward facing and still using the harness. If you want to install it rear facing click here or forward facing without harness click here.


It is a good car seat with so many options for age, height, and ways to install it. It can grow with your child which is a real money saver. It’s easy to use once installed. The harness is easy to open and close. My daughter can easily climb up into it and I buckle her in. Headrest is easily adjustable with soft pads if she falls asleep in the car to support her. The only thing I struggle with is taking the car seat in and out as we swap cars a lot in our house. If your child isn’t too tall you can have them rear facing for added safety. 


This car seat is a great stepping stone from those infant seats to older kid booster seats. Let’s all double check that our children are safe in our cars by making sure we have them in the right car seat for their height, weight and AGE. 

Britax Multi-Tech II Car Seat Review


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