Cybex Balios S 3-in-1 Travel System Review

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The main parts of a Cybex Balios S 3-in-1 Travel System laid on the grass. There is a car seat, a chassis and seat unit and the carrycot.

If there is one baby item I love to get giddy about it’s a new travel system. I think with each child, I had numerous styles, brands, and accessories. They are there to make your life more convenient for you and your baby while looking chic and stylish at the same time. I fell in love with this denim style travel system from Cybex. It’s a 3-in-1 travel system including a Balios S pushchair with a spacious Cot S Carry Cot and Cybex car seat. Everything you need to go for a walk in the park, shopping in the city, or traveling with your baby. The seat unit is appropriate from birth up to 17 kg (approx. 4 years). Car Seat and Carrycot Birth to 9 kg (approx. 6 months).

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My first impressions of the Cybex Balios S…

The denim design gives it the chic look. Who doesn’t want a beautiful pushchair to go around town with?

The pushchair and carry cot are user friendly and high quality. The easy one-hand folding mechanism into a compact self-stand is brilliant and handy when you have your hands full. Right away you can see the big all-terrain wheels have a smooth suspension for cobblestones, pavements, or out on a country path. The pushchair has a one-hand reclining mechanism for lying back which is a must for days out and nap times or if you prefer the spacious carry cot is a bed on wheels for baby’s comfort.

The Aton M-iSize Car Seat has soft, easy to use straps for infants. I always worried about newborns in car seats not getting them strapped in right or they don’t look like they support the baby in the right spots being so small. The Cybex car seat has ample padding for great support and the straps are snuggly and comfortable for baby.

Let’s dive deeper into what each has to offer after using the Cybex Balios S to it’s full capabilities.

A Cybex Balios S 3-in-1 Travel System with the carrycot in place on the chassis

Cybex Balios S Review: CARRY COT

It’s far easier to use a carry cot for smaller babies on long days out and strolling about. It allows them to either kick about and watch the birds fly overhead or take those longer snuggled naps on the go. We have been using the carry cot a lot with our new baby boy. He loves it. Whether we are taking the older two for bike rides around the park, going for family walks, popping into a cafe for a treat, or sitting pool side snoozing while the older two swim in the pool. It is easy to attach and un-attach to the chassis by pressing the memory buttons and gently lifting up. The top handle makes it easy to do so. We even use the carry cot without the frame for his naps during the day at home in our living room. It saves us from having to bring his cot from upstairs down stairs and back up again every day like we used to do with the other two kids when they were newborns. Baby boy seems to find it just as cozy and snoozes the day away in it.

The top carry cot pad easily buttons to the hood to keep it from coming away, blocking off the wind or sun from little legs and creating a dark haven for baby to rest in. I love peaking over at him and watching him sleep while we are out and about as do others walking by. It’s hard to resist a newborn, don’t you think?

We also use this in our garden a lot for baby boy to stay in the shade as we have no shade what’s so ever and it’s south facing so it gets hot. The kids love the carry cot as it’s the perfect height for them to have baby boy right at their level. They love pushing him around the park and watching over him, protectively.

As you can see, baby boy loves his carry cot too, just look at his face… that’s one peaceful baby.

A Cybex Balios S 3-in-1 Travel System with the carrycot in place on the chassis
A Cybex Balios S 3-in-1 Travel System with the carrycot in place on the chassis. A newborn baby is asleep in the carrycot
A sleeping newborn wearing a navy and white striped sleepsuit
A newborn baby asleep in a pram
A woman pushing a Cybex pram around a park. She has 2 older children with her, a boy and a girl. All 3 of them are looking into the stroller.
A woman pushing a Cybex pram. She is leaning forward to look in to the carrycot
A woman pushing a Cybex pram around a park. She has 2 older children with her, a boy and a girl.
A Cybex Balios S pram with a newborn baby asleep in it.
A young boy looking at his baby brother in a Cybex pram
A little girl holding on to a Cybex Balios S pram, smiling at her baby brother asleep in it.

A Cybex Balios S pram with the seat unit in place on the chassis

Cybex Balios S: PUSHCHAIR

What age is the Cybex Balios S pushchair for?

I tend to use the Cybex Balios S pushchair when my babies get to the stage where they can hold their head up a little and just a bit more sturdy but this gorgeous denim Balios S pushchair is from birth to 4 years old (17 kg). With three backrest positions to ensure your child is always comfortable. The smart one-hand recline function offers a full lie-flat position. This is always a must for my pushchairs. With one click of a white button it reclines smoothly with one hand.

Does the cybex Balios S have UV Protection?

The XXL, UPF 50+ sun canopy has additional visor and mesh insert making it amazing coverage for those sunny days or whilst on holiday. Since you can change the seat from forward to outward facing it is very easy to adjust so that you keep your baby’s delicate skin away from the sun.

How hard is the Cybex Balios S to adjust?

This seat unit can be parent-facing or forward-facing set-up. Reversing the seat unit is quick and easy thanks to memory buttons. It really is so user friendly with all the buttons marked white for each unit.

The foot rest can be adjusted to suit baby’s comfort while sitting or laying down. The bumper bar can be removed if you wish. The adjustable height handle with four height variations suits everyone’s needs.

Once again I love the denim style to the pushchair, matching the carry cot and car seat. The chair unit seems to be padded out for comfort, if only someone would push me around in it all day too. I promise I would give them a great Cybex Balios S review!

A Cybex Balios S pram with the seat unit in place on the chassis. The hood is pulled right down to show how much shade it provides.
A Cybex Balios S pram with the seat unit in place on the chassis
The basket on a Cybex Balios S pram


I mentioned in the beginning about these big all-terrain wheels. They really do make a difference when you are pushing over off road walks or rough terrain than just a pavement. I have had other pushchair chassis in the past just not stand up to where I want to take my pushchair and baby. We love traveling and days out. We also love exploring the great outdoors and need a travel system that can keep up with us. The all wheel suspension allows for a smooth ride. It’s even got front wheels that lock for stability on uneven surfaces.

The shopping basket underneath can store up to 5kg and I love that it’s spacious enough for my big diaper bag and still have room for other items that I may need to carry for the older two kids like helmets from their scooter when they decide they are tired of scooting at the park and we have to walk home.

Cybex Balios S Chassis Folded

It really is a pushchair build for durability. Let’s add the frames capability of folding flat. I call that a BONUS! It has a lock secure to ensure it doesn’t pop open unexpectedly when you pick it up to put into the car. It can be done as a one handed fold, which is so good when you’re usually holding a baby in the other hand. It will stand upright by itself, making it easier to grab and go and taking up less storage space.

The Cybex Balios S pram chassis folded
Cybex Balios S pram chassis clip
A newborn baby in a Cybex infant carrier car seat

Cybex Balios S Review: CAR SEAT

The snuggly Aton M i-Size car seat is padded out for support, comfortable and easy to get baby in and out of. The straps are straight forward five point harness style that easily clip together and snap shut. The headrest pads ensure even newborns are supported with their tiny, wobbly heads. It seems the perfect angle and seat position for comfort. Not too deep where newborns get lost in other seats.  This is for newborn to 9 kg.

It has a full UPF 50+ open hood to keep sun out of baby’s face. I love the top hard panel to keep it lasting long after the millionth and one time opening the hood and shutting it again. It’s light weight before baby is put in it which is a must as baby’s weight over the weeks gets heavier and heavier, very quickly.

It’s got more stats that stack up for you to be impressed with…

– Height adjustable headrest.

– Removable newborn in lay for near flat laying.

– Lunear side impact protection.

– Energy absorbing shell.

Which Car Seats Are Compatible With the Balios S?

We are using the Aton M i-Size car seat, but you can use other Cybex infant carrier carseats. If you have a different brand of car seat then it is possible to buy adaptors so your seat can just clip on and go.

A newborn baby in a Cybex infant carrier car seat
A newborn baby in a Cybex infant carrier car seat
A newborn baby in a Cybex infant carrier car seat

A man pushing a Cybex pushchair along with an older boy and girl.

We had a whole weekend this past weekend of family fun and baby was in tow for the first time with us on our family adventures. We enjoyed our weekend taking out the Cybex Balios S Travel System and putting each piece to the test. The kids were on hand to help out with baby brother as always.

We had a full morning walk around the park, fed the ducks, while baby brother took his morning nap in the fresh air and sunshine. It’s been so nice lately so we wanted to make the most of the good weather together. It was baby boy’s first time in a carry cot and he must of loved it as he snoozed the entire walk in the park.

Then we met some friends for an afternoon of swimming outside since it was warming up. We took our carry cot pool side and parked it next to our loungers in the shade. It was the perfect setup for the older kids to play with friends in the pool, baby boy to kick about with the fresh air swirling around him in the shade. Win-win for Mommy to sit on the sun lounger too.

That wasn’t all we had family fun day for the royal wedding at the kids school. It was a big carnival with bouncy castles and bbq food. Baby boy cooed and smiled peaking out his new carry cot at all his new admirers at the school. Everyone loves a tiny, newborn to coo over.

A boy and girl holding the handle of a pram next to a lake

A boy and girl holding the handle of a pram next to a lake

Overall impressions, it’s a great 3-in-1 travel system. Each piece, has been designed with parent & child in mind. Safety and comfort were all priority and the style is chic. We have been using ours non stop since baby boy was born. If there was anything I would change would be that the car seat hood matches the denim on the rest of the travel system but that has nothing to do with its amazing user ability. It’s flawless…

I daresay we will be racking up the miles on these wheels.

*We were gifted this travel system for testing and sharing our Cybex Balios S Review UK here. All photos and opinions are our own. 

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