Parents Survival Guide: Travelling to Spain with your Kids

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My first villa holiday in Northern Portugal with James Villa Holidays

Are you thinking of travelling to Spain with your kids? Are you thinking about all the good times you’ll have, taking your children to see the sights? Have you planned to stay in one of the many villas in spain as it’s so much easier than booking a hotel room when you have children?

I know each May half term we have been to Spain it’s always been such a great holiday. As a family of five now we definitely will need to stick with the villa options for our future family holidays. Villa holidays are so much more relaxing as you can take the time in between the busy parts of travel and holiday fun like you would at home.

If you have done all or a few of these things you’re probably looking forward to having a really good family holiday, however, travelling with children is not always that easy. This is because children tend to get tired, they don’t always want to sit in a car for hours on end while you drive across the country, and they can occasionally seem to get upset for absolutely no reason. This is where this survival guide can come in and help out! I have written a parents survival guide that should make your time in Spain so much easier. Take a look below:


Take Time Out From Travelling

As we all know, travelling to another country can take its toll. Jetting off somewhere can make us all really tired, as can driving across the country. Most children are not great travellers and many of them tend to get tired and grumpy after a while, which could make life a little difficult. A great way for you to tackle this is to take some time out from travelling so that you can all recuperate. This may mean that you have to stay overnight somewhere before you complete the rest of your journey, but at least it means your children will get all the sleep they need.

Kids just don’t want to be on the road or stuck on a plane for hours on end. They don’t want to get off a plane and jump onto a hot, busy bus for 4 hours. So, plan rest stops, tell your children that you’re having a break from travelling and that you can all have a good rest for now.


Give your Kids a Bit of Cash

A good way to help your little ones enjoy their time away is to give them a bit of cash so they can decide what they would like to spend it on. You may want to stress that once the cash is gone they won’t get any more, so they’ll need to spend it carefully. Not only will this help to reduce the number of times when your kids ask you to buy them something, but it will also help them to learn how to deal with their money.

If your little ones are getting short on cash you may want to encourage them to earn some by doing a few chores such as emptying the bins in your villa, or washing a few dishes if they’re old enough.


Plan Days that you know your Little Ones will Enjoy

If you want your little ones to enjoy their time away as much as you will, you may want to plan days that are full of activities they’ll enjoy. For example, if they love to go to the beach spend at least one day per week there. If there are a few tourist attractions that they want to see, ask them when they would like to see them.

Try not to see every child-friendly tourist attraction in one day, spread them out a little so your kids have something to look forward too.


Don’t Eat Out Every Night

While eating out every night can be a lot of fun, you may want to eat in too. Children need to be able to relax and enjoy themselves while they’re eating their meals, and they may find eating out a little stressful. Why not let them enjoy the familiar surroundings of the villa? Let them feel at ease, knowing that once they’ve eaten they can go and play with their favourite toy in their room.

As a parent, eating out can be a little stressful, especially if you have a tired child. So, when your little ones have had a busy day and they’re not feeling their best why not eat at ‘Home’? You’ll all feel better for it.


Ask your Kids What They Want to do

One of the most important things you can do while you’re on holiday with your little ones is to make them feel valued. If you ask your kids what they would like to do and where they would like to go they are guaranteed to have a much better time. As a kid, you would not have wanted to spend hour upon hour at the beach sunning yourself, and you wouldn’t have wanted to spend 3 hours in a restaurant followed by 2 hours in a bar. So, think about what your kids would like to do, give them a few options and try to compromise so you all end up having a great time.

Spain is an incredibly beautiful country and it’s full of many family-friendly activities that everyone will love. This means that there is a real potential that everyone in your family can enjoy the holiday, you just have to make sure that your kids feel included, they get the rest they need, and they have time to play, shout, jump, scream, and generally blow off steam. Trust me, if you use all of the above tips you’re more likely to have a better vacation and actually enjoy travelling with your little ones.

So where you off to this May half term holiday? Is it Spain? Is it somewhere warm and fun for the kids? I would love to know… leave a comment below.

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