Three Siblings in June

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:00 pm

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Having three children definitely keeps you busy and on your toes. For the most part, I love the dynamic of three! It’s not a crowd and it’s not the monkey in the middle either. Watching my three kids bonding and grow up together, I don’t see it ever becoming these stereotypes that three get labeled. I think having the two older ones very close in age and having a huge gap does help. Baby O is spoiled for having his parents on hand, and two older siblings at his every beck and call. Spoiled isn’t even close to how much this baby gets in attention and his own way already. His siblings obsess over him, completely. It’s hard not to as my last baby, myself.

Lately there has been a slight shift in their relationships among each other though. Baby O is now walking and getting very determined. He is now fully voicing his disapprovals, wants, needs or loves with the most ear piercing squeal. It’s like stepping on a tiny dogs tail, one octave too high. This causes a slight stand off between my daughter and Baby O when he wants to take all her cuddly toys off her bed thus messing her room up and then chew on her favorite cuddly toys. I try to explain this is how he shows his love for her favorite stuffed dog but she doesn’t see it that way. Instead of mothering him, in these moments she herself reverts to her young ways with tears, snatching it back, and telling him off.

It also means you have big brother to come to his baby brother’s defence. So you can see where this is going, boys against girl and the triangle that is now a daily occurrence because Baby O can walk room to room, and shout and demand at his leisure. Something they need to adjust to from the little baby that smiled at them and stayed put on the floor.

I find it rather entertaining watching them together.

siblings in june portrait sibingsproject

I know it won’t be the last new thing Baby O will learn that annoys his older siblings but it’s one of my favorite ages. It’s a time where everything is new, mesmerizing, and adventurous. Where the simple things are what counts? These are the moments I always try to soak up, remember, and document. From the smell of their hair, to the touch of their hands and the sound of their squeals of delight even if it’s harmful to the eardrums.

I try to explain this to Baby O’s brother and sister. Beg them to remember these moments too. Remember when they taught their baby brother to walk and talk. Remember when he first says their names or runs to them for comfort. They are old enough it will be apart of their childhood memories too.

I think having another siblings is such a great experience for each of them. Someone always to run to when they are growing up or adults. Someone to always bounce ideas on or ask for help if they don’t want to or can’t come to Mommy and Daddy. I am forever grateful having my three little amigos.

Three Siblings in June has been busy.

We have been so busy this last month from sunny beaches in Italy to skiing lessons and baby in the snow. We haven’t had time to sit and just captures us at home like we normally do so this month is our random siblings snaps on the go.

I think the baby was very confused when one day it was 85 degrees and we were dipping him in the pool to the next day ski lessons near our house. I know it definitely made for good conversation between the kids.

Speaking of conversations…anyone else love listening to kids chat??? I am constantly blown away with what kids talk about in the car especially. We always have a few extra friends in our car now that we drive a seven seater and it’s comical what they will discuss. I must start writing them down and sharing them with you. I am sure it’s not just mine that chat all things about the world that they don’t really know much about yet.

Buba is loving…

His new Xplora Watch because he needs to know how many steps a day he takes!

Obsessed with Unspeakable “Merch” because it’s no longer cool to say merchandise. Did you?

The water slides in Italy and having one of his best friends on holiday with him.

Missy Moo is loving…

Having her friends on holiday to play in the pool with.

Helping Mommy design her new big girl bedroom when brother moves into the loft.

Starting horseback riding lessons.

Baby O is loving…

Walking everywhere.

Talking all the time.

Eating everything in sight.


siblings in june portrait sibingsproject



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