Why we are cruising around with the NEW Joolz Hub travel system

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A woman is sitting on a green bench in a park. She is wearing a patterned dress and sunglasses and has her hand on a Joolz hub pushchair

We have been cruising around in the NEW Joolz Hub travel system which launches in the UK on July 1st! I got a bit giddy getting to be a one of the selected few to have it early in the UK to test out and share with you.

It’s no secret here we like to get out and about with our kids. My kids prefer the outdoors rather than being stuck inside. With the glorious weather we have been having since baby boy was born, we have had plenty of outings. It’s also no secret I have tried and tested a few pram/stroller/pushchairs in my time. Having three children, you are bound to have a few and know what you love about them.

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First Impressions of the Joolz Hub Stroller

My first impression of the Joolz Hub was, “look how modern and sleek it is”. I love the “all black” sleek style. It’s an urban beauty. I have never had an all black stroller before. I just think it’s beautiful.

We have been putting it to the test for weeks now in this hot weather. I always get so nervous putting babies in carrycots, pushchairs, and car seats in this heat but Joolz was one step ahead of me with their design features for this very reason which I will go into later. But it’s been a blessing having summer weather to go to the parks, have picnics, go to the outdoor pool near us, and have baby boy cruising next to us all in style.

New Joolz Hub travel system in black. The seat unit is on the pram and the carry cot is on the floor. It is entirely in black

I will be sharing with you the amazing features from the carrycot to the pushchair including it’s amazing compact size, carry strap, transport lock, reversible and ergonomic seat positions, large rear wheels, one-hand steering and the most amazing XL UPF 50+ sun hood with a ventilation net. Oh yes, there is some creativity in this design.

Is it worth buying the Joolz Hub carrycot?

Some days I don’t know which one I want to use the Joolz carrycot or the pushchair when we go out. I do think baby boy has a preference of the pushchair though as he suffers from reflux and the various seat positions are perfect for him. He really struggles with reflux sometimes when he is flat on his back.

New Joolz Hub Stroller in black in a garden
The carry cot of the Joolz Hub travel system in black

The NEW Joolz Hub is one to not disappoint all you pram/stroller/pushchair lovers. The carrycot is spaces and the mattress pad that comes with it, soft and cozy. It’s easy to attach to the frame with wheels. For the first six months you have the perfect bed on the go for your baby. The carrycot has a ventilation net for those hot days which we have been having so much. It helps so your baby doesn’t over heat with the hood pulled up to protect him/her from the sun. The top pad to the carrycot zips on the inside of the carrycot with a detachable cross bar. I did find the zip a bit of a nuisance on the inside to get on and off and I have scraped my hand a few times on the zipper laying him down in it when the pad was off. But there are two zippers on each side of the pad and if you unzip them both a little bit on each side you can fold pad out towards yourself to make it easier to use. This is what I do and it works perfect. As with all new toys you have to learn to play with them and use them.

Joolz Hub Carrycot Dimensions

All pushchairs differ slightly and some babies outgrow the carrycot sooner than others. The Joolz Hub carry cot is 76 x 32 x 17 cm. It’s spacious for your growing baby with room to kick around and be happy too.

A newborn baby asleep in a black pram
A hand holding up the cover on a black carry cot on a pram
The back of a black pram, showing the breathable mesh for ventilation
A black pram with the back lifted allowing you to see your baby

Joolz Hub Ventilation

Let’s just look at this amazing peep hole that you can unzip at the back of the carrycot for a second. Not only does it have the ventilation net but you can actually open it all the way to see your baby, let more air in. Sometimes you can’t always¬† just leave the hood down especially with the sun blazing from above. This way you can have the best of both worlds.

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The crossbar is easily removable too just by pushing in the white buttons at the side. The carrycot is also easy to remove by pushing in the white buttons near the connectors to the frame and pulling up.

A black pram with the back lifted allowing you to see a newborn baby asleep in it
The black chassis of the Joolz Hub pushchair
A woman in white shorts and a striped top standing beside a lake pushing black stroller

I usually take the carrycot with me when I have dropped the kids off at school and it’s a nice morning to walk around the lake near us and watch the swans for baby boy’s morning nap. He sometimes looks at the sky and me and kicks about until he is soon snoozing away. The path is rocking and rough but the wheels are fab to create a smooth ride for baby. It’s just a special time for me and him, one on one. I am really cherishing these moments with our last baby.

The seat unit of a Joolz Hub travel system

Let’s talk stroller chair now.

What is the seat weight with and without the cot?

I was first impressed that I didn’t have to detach the seat from the frame and wheels. I can’t stand nor do I have time to pull out frames and open them and then seats and attached them with three children. It is easy to fold which is a must with a transport lock. I love the carry strap on it, making it easy to carry from the house to the car and everywhere in between. It is low weight so you can carry it comfortably. Weight with seat & basket is 11.5 kg. Weight with cot & basket is 11.9 kg.

What is the folding size of the Hub Stroller with the seat?

You can store it upright to save space. Another huge deal breaker for me if I have pieces of stroller chairs, frames, carrycots taking over my living room. Storage space is limited here. It is 66 x 53 x 34 cm talk about a city compact stroller for sure.

Joolz Hub Seat

Is the Joolz seat reversible. When your baby is little like mine you like to keep an eye on them as much as they do on you. As your baby grows, he/she will want to look around and explore as much as the rest of the family by facing forward. The foot rest is adjustable to fold down for those chubby kicking legs or flat when you have the seat in a laying flat position. My little man prefers the seat all the way back when we are cruising the parks with the XL large sun roof you don’t have to worry about little toes getting burnt. It covers the entire front of the stroller. I was shocked as I pulled the sun hood open and realized you can unbutton it and pull it even further and wait there was more. A zipper! I unzipped that too and the ventilation net appeared with even further sun hood. It really is the largest one I have seen on a stroller. In the past that was always my biggest complaint.

The seat features a crossbar and a shopping basket with capacity of up to 5Kg. The handle is height adjustable perfect for short me and tall hubby to push comfortably. The large rear wheels and swivelling front wheels give it it’s smooth ride. We have tested these wheels out to the max taking them around the lake near us on a gravel, dirt track to the sidewalks in our village and up some grass terrain too. You didn’t have to worry about them being too small or feeling like the stroller would break. It didn’t make the baby bounce around the carrycot too much either.

Joolz Hub Stroller in black
The seat unit of the Joolz Hub pushchair, all in black and with a 5 point harness and adjustable strap heights

Can A Newborn Use The Joolz Hub Seat?

The five point harness ensures baby’s safety and comfort at the same time. I was worried little man at 2 months old would be swallowed up with all this but actually he held him perfectly snuggled in and he loved it. He normally sits in it with a half recline. With 6 different positions I am sure you are bound to find one that your baby will love for awake times and others for sleep/nap times on the go.

A young girl pushing a baby in a black pram in the park
A young girl pushing a baby in a black pram in the park. The focus is on the baby in the pushchair
A young boy pushing a baby in a black pram in the park

It is so easy to push. You can lock the wheels or have them in swivel motion just by pressing the black buttons on top of the each wheel. The kids have a go at pushing baby boy around the park feeling so proud when they do it. I love watching them with him. They are still so in awe of having a new baby in the house. Daddy likes to be the main stroller pusher when we are out for days out, on holiday, and out and about. He is just as proud as the kids pushing baby boy in his new wheels. But lately I have found I want to push more too. So it’s a constantly battle who gets to push the baby for how long in our house. Really world problems right there, I know! haha

A hand on the black handle of a pram. Inscribed on the handle is the brand name "Joolz"

We are a busy family. We are constantly rushing off somewhere and going here, there and everywhere. The NEW Joolz Hub has been standing up to the test with this busy family cruising with us. We have enjoyed testing it out and seeing what it can do.

I think it just fits right in with our strolls to feed the ducks, walks around the rose garden, or to the cafe for some family weekend lunch time. Whether was are just out for some fresh air and exercise, the kids love scooting around the stroller and racing it back and forth as we walk around. MM likes to sing to her brother when he gets fussy through the ventilation net that she calls the baby spy hole. She really is so silly.

Daddy said he felt like he was abroad pushing the stroller, the hot weather, top off, kids running around laughing around him. Holidays are usually the time we use the stroller the most as we travel far and wide. We look forward to seeing how the Joolz Hub will fare across the ocean to America for the summer this year.

A woman wearing a patterned dress is walking in a park with 2 children walking beside her and pushing a black pram
A topless man walking in the park past some roses pushing the Joolz Hub pram
A woman bending down to give her daughter a kiss while pushing a black Joolz Hub travel system
A boy scoots towards the camera, in a park, while a topless man walks away from it pushing a stroller

I think the biggest thing for stroller companies to do is get parents all in a room and have them make lists of the things they need in a stroller to make their lives easier, efficient, with comfort and safety in mind. I need my stroller to be something that just slots in with us as a necessity when we go out and on holiday. I love for it to be sleek and beautiful as much as I want it to be easy for me to store, unfold/fold up, convenient and easy to use. Baby boy wants it comfortable and safe. I think the Joolz Hub travel system has checked all the boxes there. What do you think?


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*We were gifted this item for the purpose of testing and review. All opinions are our own.

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  1. Buggies really have become an accessory these days haven’t they? This one is so stylish and modern, I love it! They’ve really thought of everything. Gorgeous picture of you and your girl kissing, she looks so proud to be pushing her baby brother around too. xx

  2. Wow this looks amazing I love how versatile this is, I am going to pass this post to my friend who is looking for something to suit all situations, prams have come such a long way since our boys were little I feel quite envious x

  3. Wow buggies have certainly come a long way since my three were small! My eldest daughter had severe reflux and we nearly lost her a couple of times due to choking so I loved buggies that had different reclining positions – they were quite literally a life-saver for us. This one you’re trying out looks so lightweight and easy to use as well as stylish. It’s a bonus that B and MM can push it so easily too – they look so proud to be big brother and sister to Baby T.


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