Baby Boy is Two Months Old

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:59 pm

baby boy is two months old

Two months has gone by for this little baba. He has been apart of our family now for 9 weeks and I can’t believe how easy he has just slotted in with the other two kids. It’s like they were made to have a baby brother. I always felt like there was something missing and now it’s just a blessing to have our little family of five together. I have been enjoying all the slower pace moments and the simple things in life again. Newborns are good at making us reevaluate what is important and force us to be in the here and now too, aren’t they? He really is my little buddy during the week while the older two kids are at school. We go to Sweaty Mama classes together, hit the cafes just to get out of the hot house, and maybe even a few laps around Asda when it’s really hot too.

The last two weeks in particular he has really got onto his routine we have set and settles himself for his three naps and his bedtime which used to be a bit hectic with three has now calmed down and we found what works for us all. I am getting longer periods at night up to six hours of sleep in a row which feels SO good so I can pretty much take on anything during the day with that. Thanks dude. Or maybe I should be thanking the heat that’s making my baby so sleeping.

Since he has been born we have had solid hot weather the entire time. I haven’t ever seen the UK like this, it’s been amazing for the older two being able to play and swim after school every day and play in the sprinkler, basically living outdoors until bedtime. We are off to America next week for the whole summer again and it’s going to be even hotter there. It definitely got us climatized and ready for our trip. Come September when we return baby boy will be four months old, he won’t know what to do when the cold and rain return too. It will be climate shock to his little system.

I have SO many baby clothes that he will never wear because it’s been so hot he hasn’t really needed to wear anything but a vest or romper. Layers are not an option in this heat for him. So many bought me baby cardigans that are so cute that have sat there taunting us. I had picked out special outfits I really liked that he will now be too big for if it cools down anytime soon. Ebay selling here I come! I guess it makes it easy to pack for him for summer time, diapers and vests.

baby boy is two months old

At two months old his little personality is coming through. We are getting numerous facial expressions, giggling and smiling on command instead of those gas smirks that we all secretly count as smiles in the beginning because it’s still so cute on a baby even if it’s passing gas. He is starting to follow my voice and look around for me. He is very fond of his binky but I try to limit his use of it. Mostly because I don’t want him so attached that I have to keep putting it in his mouth when it falls out. Call me lazy. Can’t he suck his thumb yet? hahaha

He makes us belly laugh and overall is the family entertainment on the weekends. I can’t wait for him to meet my family back home soon.

He has grown longer and bigger lately too. No longer looking like a newborn with those chubby cheeks and arms filling out. I love a bit of baby chub. Feeding is still up and down battling the challenges that breastfeeding throw my way. I am sure the heat isn’t helping them calm down but I am giving it ago and hopefully by the end of summer they will have stabilized and stop causing so much pain and problems for me. But he is thriving on my milk and happy so we will keep going for now.

I am really enjoying my last baby. With each milestone it’s a bit emotional as this is it for us. Hubby is making sure of that now. Snip, snip! But it makes you appreciate all the very little things when you know it’s your very last baby. I am glad that I can soak it up and document it here for me to recall over and over and one day for him to read all about how much he blessed our lives and made us feel complete.

Here’s to watch this baba grow up before our very eyes.

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