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Last updated on June 7th, 2024 at 07:36 am

Christmas Gift ideas for kids

Christmas time is the busy time of year not just for the shops but for people as well. There is so much to organize, prepare for, and think about when the holidays arrive. It can be a very stressful time of year if you aren’t good at time management and organization. I know since I have had kids, my “to do” list for the holidays has doubled in size every year as has my shopping list.

I am one of those people who like to buy the perfect thoughtful gift but also stay to a good budget. I don’t think the holidays should be solely focused on presents but giving some really special to the one’s you love is such a great feeling. I find it hard sometimes to find the perfect gift for every single family member and child. I try to find unique presents that they will appreciate or personalized items they will use and not just collect dust on their dresser. It’s hard to remember what I buy everyone year after year too. Sometimes you just need a Gift Guide to do it for you.

Oh yes, such things do exist. This advent style gift guide below not only has a box for each budget (£5-10 or £10-15 etc) but further breaks them down into categories, gift ideas for him, for her and for the kids too. It makes shopping for Christmas for anyone just about the easiest task ever and a fun festive way to make your shopping list. After all that’s what Christmas should feel like, fun and festive.

Cargiant's Christmas Gift Ideas Gift Guide for him, for her, for kids

Just to show you how great this little gift guide really is, I will share with you the box for a budget of £10-20 for each category. I love this because I have never heard of some of the gifts on here like this indoor Hover ball for kids. What a great idea and something different for those rainy days. I love it and I know my kids would too. They get so bored on a rainy day.


For my husband who is a huge golf fanatic, he would love this gift idea for him, in this budget. Each gift, in each category, for each budget, is really well thought out. I was nodding along with each one thinking, oh, yes, my kids or hubby would love this or that and even the “for her” category had items on my own wishlist.

Gift ideas for him, for her, for kids £10-20 budget


There are boxes for those wanting to buy just one large present for their loved ones instead of a few smaller items which is what we tend to do in this house. Each year, we buy the kids one big present each and the same for Mr P and I.  In fact, we bought B a bike from Santa this year and I daresay I would be over the moon if Mr P bought me a Mulberry wallet. Hint, hint, if you are reading darling.Gift ideas for him, for her, for kids £240-250 budget

Have you made your shopping list already? Don’t know what to buy your partner this year instead of those socks he needs but isn’t ever fun to buy. Or how about for your kids, do you have them all sorted for the big day? Whatever your budget is small or large, who ever you are buying for why not make this Christmas a holiday to remember without all the stress of shopping.


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