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Do you or your partner get involved in Movember? The month of the furry men as some people refer to it as or a reason not to shave for those that want a reason to go un-groomed. But in reality it stands for something much bigger than those silly reasons. 

Movember The Prostate Cancer Story

Movember has quickly become one of the most recognized charities associated with prostate cancer. The fun of growing a moustache throughout the month of November came from thirty Australian men in 2004. Of course, the concept quickly went global and is now the Movember Foundation. The charity succeeded in raising £20.4 million in 2013, with £15 million going to Prostate Cancer UK’s research and community support. That’s one supportive moustache. 

Movember The Prostate Cancer Story

Benenden Healthcare has created a quick and easy reference to give you the real reasons behind the effects of Prostate Cancer on men in the UK. Men don’t often want to learn or know about something that can affect them so badly. I don’t think it’s talked about or information shared enough about prostate cancer.

The Prostate Cancer Story really does walk you through it and use visual and easy information to process to understand more about prostate cancer. That creepy, aggressive, sometimes symptomless disease can strike at any time in a man’s life. What if that’s your husband, father, brother, uncle, or even your son? Wouldn’t you want to know enough about it to make them more aware too? 

Movember The Prostate Cancer Story

Why not grow a moustache this month and join in the thousands to support Prostate Cancer UK and the Movember Foundation. I am all about support great charities and foundations especially if it means having fun and bring more awareness to the cause at the same time.




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