My Family of Five in July

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:50 pm

Phew… it’s a week late. I know! It’s not like me at all to be late with my FAMILY OF FIVE snaps, adventures, monthly update. Here is our family photo…stolen from my brother’s wedding because we simply haven’t all been in the same place at the same time this month.

I have an excuse we haven’t really been in one spot for very long this month. July saw us say goodbye to another school year for each of the kids. Those that have school kid age kids will know this takes up SO much time from preparing for summer fair, finally assembly, sport day, some trial days if they are moving up to juniors or bigger high school. It’s never ending social events that last few weeks of school.

It also mark Mr P and my very first holiday (first cruise) ever without the kids. My mom flew over from America to babysit with Mr P mom. We figured the two of them is better tag teaming our three hyper kiddos rather than one.

Drum roll, when we landed back from our cruise, we all hopped on three other flights to get to west coast America for our summer back home. Yup, so many flights, too many time zones, not much time to stop, snap and share which is totally not like us at all.

family of five family photos

Here we are my family of five…

We landed in my hometown and the next day packed up and moved the rest of our stuff out of the family home and said goodbye to it for good. It is now sold and welcoming a new family to make memories and adventures where we once did. We are settling in lovely in my mom’s new house and in the town I grew up in. It’s brought so many memories walking and playing with friends in the very same streets she lives on again.

We have been yard selling, painting, unpacking, cleaning and in between making some new memories in the new house with the kids.

Did I say we have been super busy? Nothing out of the normal though, is it?family of five family photos

Daddy is loving…

Time in the house alone without three screaming children.

A trip to Ireland for golf with friends.

A cruise with his wife despite the hurricane that had us fearing our lives and a lot of seasick too.

Mommy is loving…

A cruise where she didn’t get seasick as usual. No kids to care for just Mr P! lol Danced the night away every night!

Being back in America where I feel at home.

House renovations nearly completely on the loft.

family of five family photos

Buba is loving…

Time with both Grandmas.

Being in America for the summer as it’s hot, hot!

Playing with his friends and cousins in America.

Missy Moo is loving…

Playing with her friend who is born on the same day as her.

Swimming every day in America.

Having both Grandma’s attention for so long.

Baby Owie is loving…

Getting spoiled.

Being held.

And having everyone wrapped around his cute little finger.

family of five family photos

family of five family photos

The older two kids are loving being in town now. It’s closer to shopping, the city pool, the beach, friends, and so much more. They love not having to be in the car for an hour just to get milk too. I love it as well. We love the slower pace of life here and look forward to the next three weeks to settle in and just enjoy each other all together.

Baby O is changing every single second. He is walking faster, talking more, feeding himself, getting a personality, and learning how to throw the best tantrums a baby could. It’s hilarious and slightly worrying at the same time.

With visiting home we have numerous first, second and even third cousins all around us to visit. We see brothers, uncles and aunts too. The kids have so much family to bond with here. I love watching them get to know their america roots.

So don’t forget to pop over and watch our ig stories. I will try to keep the eight hour time difference in mind when I am posting. I think a few of my instagrams went out midnight, ooops. Be grateful if you could turn on notifications for me, I fear I am being hidden to all our lovely supporters.

family of five family photos

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