Washable, squashable, highchair on the go: Totseat Review

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:21 pm

totseat mobile highchair

As an expat family we are big travellers. When I was asked to test out the Totseat, it couldn’t have come at more perfect time as it was right before I was heading to west coast America to see my family. This meant, I would have plenty of opportunity to test it out on the go. 

Totseat highchair

The Totseat is a washable, squashable highchair on the go. It is pocket size and can fit in any size baby bag. I love that it is so easy to pull over a chair,  just as easy to roll back up, put it back in it’s mini tote it comes in and back in your baby bag. As a travelling family we are always in need of a mobile, versatile highchair as we might be at Grandma’s house, in a restaurant or fast food place, or at a coffee shop meeting friends. We are always on the go! That’s one of my favorite things about the Totseat besides how easy it is to throw in the washer to wash it, is that it literally fits over any type of chair; round backs, square backs, oval backs you name it, it will secure your tot in place leaving them to feel like the rest of us sitting in our chairs, eating al-fresco style! travel highchair totseat

Missy Moo has never liked being fed. Right from the beginning she wanted the food we were eating and hated the baby purees I used to make. She wanted to feed herself, sit up in her highchair and join the rest of us at table as soon as she could sit up. Mrs. Independent! I love that the Totseat allows her to do this no matter where we travel to or when we go out. Most of the time she would end up fussing on my lap not wanting to be held while she ate and destroy my plate in the process. Now, I can seat her next to me, enjoy my own food as much as letting her enjoy her own food without pestering each other.  Win-win! 

So as we got through security at the airport on the start to our journey to west coast America, it was time to grab breakfast before boarding the plane. It was amazing to have our Totseat for Missy Moo as she would have had to sit on my lap as they didn’t have any highchair available. At 4:30 AM this wouldn’t have made me start my journey happily with a screaming, squirming tot on my lap, especially before I had my morning coffee. Missy Moo was impressed by her new found freedom and feeling like a big girl sat with Buba and Mommy at the table. I loved that I could eat my own breakfast hot and without sticky fingers snatching most of it. I could even enjoy a cup of coffee not having to worry if she would dump it on the both of us.

totseat washable highchair

With adjustable sides and back it can grow with your tot too! This will easily be our most used baby item while we are on holiday in America for two months. As I drag my kids from city to city visiting family and friends, I can check one less hassle off my list and that’s finding how to feed Missy Moo and eating on the go, peacefully! 

Of course for safety reasons never leave your tot unattended in any chair no matter how secure they look. The Totseat secures them to the chair but you can’t guarantee that the chair will be secure to the ground. totseat highchair pocket size highchair travel

We used our Totseat in the airport, in the restaurant when we landed, numerous restaurants during our holiday and was perfect for all our family and friend visits as many of them didn’t have kids in the house anymore so there was hardly ever a chance for us to use a highchair while travelling. I can honestly say this has made it a lot easier eating with Missy Moo while on holiday. A fight I never wanted to deal with and so glad we have a solution to it. My baby bag with never be without it now. 

It hasn’t just benefited Missy Moo in her new freedom to sit up like a big girl with the rest of us but it’s been such a great experience having her sit next to me and getting to eat in peace again. We even went to Subway with Grandma and it was like a ladies lucheon, all of us at the table together. It allowed us to make great memories together as a family. She looked so grown up sitting in her Totseat too, I almost got teary. They grow up so fast.

Thank you Totseat!

*I was sent this product for the purpose of this review but all opinions and photos are my own.

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    • Yes it’s amazing while travelling. I couldn’t believe how many places we went where there was no more high chairs left or didn’t have them. Also I really thought she would scream and want out of it but she loved it. Makes her feel like she is being like her big brother. So cute.


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