Baby Boy’s Water Birth Story

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When I first fell pregnant, I had planned a water birth experience. Like with all things in life, it didn’t go to plan. My first baby barrelled out of me far too quick for anything to go as planned. Buba’s birth story was magical in it’s own way, his way. Then came his sister and she was just as eager to see the world and once again my water birth plans went out the window. Missy Moo’s birth was even quicker than her brother’s, if that’s even possible. They have always been competitive so it seams natural they were competing from the start.

We had decided we weren’t having anymore children at one point. My days of envisioning this amazing, relaxing water birth ended. I had to accept my babies arrived the way they wanted to arrive and no matter it was such a beautiful experience.

So when a little surprise happened and we found out we were having a third, I didn’t make any birth plans at all. What’s the point in trying to plan something out that can have so many different outcomes and possibilities. It was more exciting not knowing what will happen and when it will happen. It gave me a spontaneous feeling.

But it must have been in my stars to experience a water birth with my last. At long last when you least expect something it happens. When I got to the hospital they were already filling the birth pool up for me. Without a second thought I jumped right in it ready to experience the difference between water births and not.

Here is my baby boy’s water birth story.

The morning started out like any other morning filled with gymnastics class for my daughter, lunch outside in the yard as we were having unusual hot weather, and getting the hose out and spraying it in the air for the kids to run through. I started feeling like I had an upset stomach. It was two weeks before my official due date but having had my daughter early, it was at the forefront of my mind he might be coming. The aching kept coming and going a bit like braxon hicks which I had for weeks so I ignored it. The kids were getting bored of the hose and it was still so hot out so we decided to go to our local David Lloyd gym to the outdoor pool for a swim. We often do this when the weather is warm on a Sunday afternoon.

The kids were swimming, I was sun bathing with my feet dangling in the pool, Daddy had a pint of beer. The kids would take breaks and play on the play area next to the pool and we sat talking about when will baby boy arrive. Will he arrive as fast as his siblings and will Daddy miss it if it’s working.

A friend walked over to say hello and just as she said, “Hi”, I felt a gush down below. My waters never break until the baby is coming so I didn’t know what to expect but it turns out it wasn’t my waters but my mucus plug that comes before that. I know probably too much information but this is a birth story. With blood rushing down my legs in my dress I know I needed to get the kids out of the pool and dressed and get on my way to the hospital. Contractions started immediately about five minutes apart at this point.

I told Mr P get the kids out as quick as he could and we dressed them right there, pool side. They were a bit confused why we weren’t staying for dinner like we normally do and leaving so early but as soon as I told them I think baby brother is coming, they were excited.

It felt like eternity getting us all in the car as you have to walk through the locker rooms, up the spiral staircase, in the cafe, and through the lobby. I think we ran into about five people we knew who attempted to stop us for a chat about when baby was arriving (umm, now) and we had to eventually blank one couple as we started running to the car by the time I got to the lobby. I just didn’t want this baby to arrive in the gym and having had two fast labors before I didn’t know how much time I had.

We called the hospital which was only five minutes away that we were coming in and had two kids with us. They were so lovely from the moment we arrived. They made a fuss of the kids and a nurse was telling them all about the baby coming. I got into the birthing pool which was exciting for them as much as it was for me, seeing me in such a large bathtub. They stood on both sides of me asking why I was taking a bath. It made me laugh through my contractions until they got too painful to smile through and a lovely nurse took them to the lobby until Granny arrived shortly after to take them home to bed.

For me, it was such a different experience having a water birth. I can’t say it actually helps with the labor pains like they tell you. I thought it felt just the same as my previous two births. One I had on my back (never again) and the other I was standing than kneeling for most of it until she arrived. It was more of a good distraction being in the water and having them stroke and pour it on your back. Baby boy’s labor turned out to be longer than his siblings and so we attempted gas and air but the midwife said, “you are just biting the plastic mouth piece not sucking in so let’s stop that” I was grateful as it was hurting my mouth. I have never been good at inhalers so it’s a good thing I don’t have asthma.

I ended up on my knees in the pool, holding the side of the bath as I felt this was more comfortable and helped when I needed to push. Gravity is a beautiful thing. Once the midwife said, “Jenny push now,”  I gave one hard push and he was out which was such a relief. I feared since the labor was one hour forty minutes which was longer than both my first two put together that the pushing was going to be long as well. Baby boy gave me relief by shooting right out for me. Thank you son.

He was born May 6th 2018 at 5:46pm.

water birth a baby boy's birth story

water birth a baby boy's birth story

water birth a baby boy's birth story

a baby boy's birth story

The best moment of it all was the midwife saying, “grab him,” as baby boy floated in the water below me. I scooped him up and sat back to take in this miracle little baby that was just born in water. I snuggled him right up to my chest and held him tight. I was shocked how blue he still was before they got him breathing. This moment stood still for me. It’s froze in my mind. I can close my eyes and see him looking up at me from beneath the water as I reach for him. Something I didn’t get with my first two birth experiences.

Then I clamped and cut the umbilical cord myself. Mr P is squeamish so I have done all three of my babies’ umbilical cords. His first cry out is always a relief that he is ok and breathing. I think I always hold my breath for this moment.

For the first time ever, I told Mr P to take a photo. I just remember not having any photos of my first two births and didn’t want to make that mistake. While he has a really old phone so excuse all of these grainy photos but they are memories I want to document and always remember. Definitely ones to look back on and cherish.

a baby boy's birth story

It was highly emotional just baby boy joining us two weeks early in such a rushed fashion but also emotional having only said my goodbyes and losing my father that week too. I hope they passed each other in the spiritual world. I hope my dad was looking over me that day and all of us everyday since.

I always feel so powerful just giving birth. It’s amazing what your body can do. With all my health issues this year, I really didn’t want that to ruin my latest birth experience. Luckily, it stayed at bay until a few hours after birth giving me that blissful newborn bubble, dizzy free, for a bit.

The heat was unbearable that day and night. I will never forget how hot it was in that birthing room and in my hospital room that evening. I would have done anything for that birthing pool to be ice cold water but it had to be a certain temperature for baby to be born in. I sweated through it. I felt like I somewhere tropical. Hospitals don’t breathe when it’s that hot. I was nervous hot much to wrap up and dress baby boy.

I had to stay over because of ongoing health issues of passing out. Mr P went home quickly to grab some things for me and brought back a little surprise.

B refused to go to sleep until he saw that his mommy was ok, so Mr P brought him back to the hospital to drop off my stuff and get a sneak peak at his baby brother about 10pm. While I don’t think he has ever been up this late, it was worth it watching him chat to his baby brother and hold his hand. Immediately ready to be the big, loving, protective big brother.

a baby boy's birth story

The very next morning, bright and early Mr P came with his mom, and both kids to properly meet and cuddle the newest family member. He loved it up in his sleepy state, all swaddled and happy. MM took to her stroller duties right away as we left the hospital. I always knew she would be an amazing big sister. She is his second mom already.

a baby boy's birth story

Just like that we had a family of five. Baby boy has slotted in so perfectly. A baby I always wanted, the last remaining piece to our family puzzle. I feel our family is complete now. I love the dynamics of siblings when you get more than two. I come from a big family and always wanted to have a big family of my own. I love watching how each of them are bonding separately and together in their own way. Sister in the middle makes it extra special as she is the only girl and still gets fussed over. Eldest will always be my first born and the head of the crew. Baby boy I can see already will be the spoiled one. Spoiled of love and attention for sure.

a baby boy's birth story

Here is a look back at my third pregnancy, bump watch… watch him grow!

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  1. I started reading that broody as anything and ended up with tears in my eyes seeing B sneak in with his daddy to see you that night. What a lovely calm (well towards the end anyway) birth you had. Glad you got your water birth at last too. Oh and David Lloyd need to give you lifelong membership for almost having a baby in their pool! x

  2. What a beautiful family. I’m so glad you got to experience your water birth! My first baby’s birth was so traumatic. Unnecessarily traumatic. But you’re right, there’s no point making a birth plan cause these babies come on their own. Lol thanks for sharing your story. It restores my faith in beautiful birth stories.

    • Oh thank you so much. I think more people that have great birth stories should tell them as you only hear the horrific ones and it scares half of us. I feel so blessed with a water birth at long last. I am so sorry to hear yours was traumatic. That’s not fair on you if it was unnecessary. Glad to restore your faith.

    • Yes so amazing having a family of five except our new car doesn’t fit us all in it and hotels don’t like five in them but that’s just a great excuse to get a bigger suite 🙂 always nicer too and bigger wheels which make me feel safer anyways WIN. lol Thanks Helen so much for popping by and commenting. The video was fun couldn’t get it to run on my instagram though sadly.


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