Missy Moo’s Birth Story {Flashback}

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When I found out that I was pregnant again only two months after I stopped breastfeeding Buba, I was quite in shock. It wasn’t planned but I knew I wanted my kids to be close in age so it worked in my favor. I was more worried about what it would do to me physically having two babies back to back as I couldn’t diet while breastfeeding and now couldn’t diet because I was pregnant again. Most people would have been worried about having a 1 year old and a newborn, but everyone knows I am far from normal in that department. I already want a third! lol

There is an old wives tale (or might be true) that your second baby comes faster than your first. I recently wrote about Buba’s birth story, and if he was anything to go by I might need to have this baby at home. My midwife kept asking me if a home birth was an option. For me, I said no because I was too worried about screaming loud enough to a.) scare my toddler b.) frightened the neighbors or c.) the cops be called thinking someone was being hurt. I had all these weird, random things in my head that could go wrong and not being in a hospital setting freaked me out. I have heard of lovely home births but I knew it wasn’t for me. In hindsight now, if I had a third, I would definitely do a home birth.  It’s funny how with each baby things get easier and less scary. This time I knew what to expect from the actual birth.

The birth of Missy Moo.

It was a Tuesday morning, when I got the text from my best friend’s husband in America that she had went into labor. Rachel and I grew up together, she was maid of honor at my wedding and I was her maid of honor at hers. Our father’s were even best friends. Growing up so close she was more like a sister to me. So when we both found out on the same day, only by coincidence, that we were both having girls. We couldn’t believe it. Our whole lives we talked about getting married, and having babies at the same time and they would be best friends like the generation of parents before them. It was fate. She was due five weeks before me, which meant her little girl would be not much older than mine. Throughout our pregnancy it was fun to compare bump pictures and what we were both going through. So on this special Tuesday after receiving the text she had finally gone into labor almost two weeks late, I was ecstatic.  I couldn’t wait to hear all about it and a few weeks later join in myself.

A few weeks never came. That Tuesday evening, while watching “Person of Interest” on the skybox with Mr P, I sat on the couch still waiting for that text message the baby is here from Rachel. It had been all day, and no word. I was getting nervous and hoping nothing had gone wrong. It was about 11 pm and I was exhausted by this time so I said to Mr P I will just keep my phone on tonight and hopefully my phone will wake me up when she text me.

My phone never woke me up, instead at 12:50 am, Missy Moo woke me up doing somersaults in my belly. She was always a quiet, calm bump so this woke me up right away. I had that same, “I ate something bad” feeling I had with Buba and this time I knew what was happening. Forgetting about my phone and the fact I still hadn’t got a message from Rachel, all I could think about is I am having this baby and I am only 37 weeks that day. I knew we couldn’t go to the hospital next to my house if I had been under 37 weeks so thank goodness for that 50 minutes. Or I really would have had to hold her in so we didn’t have to drive to the bigger hospital closer to the city.

I screamed right away for Mr P to call his mother to get here ASAP! I knew I had a baby fast the first time there was no time to hang around. It probably was less than a second after he hung up with his mother I knew I couldn’t wait for her to make it the 20 minute drive.

I called my best friend next door and through gritted teeth I begged her to get her butt over to my house, I needed her to sit with Buba until his Granny arrived. Even though she and Mr P both knew I had Buba fast I felt like no one was moving fast enough. I was so relieved to see her pretty face seconds later in my doorway. Knowing that Buba was taken care of made me instantly calm down.

I was relieved that my contractions started in the middle of the night I wouldn’t have wanted to scare him with my moaning and bending over on the floor. I can’t imagine how scary that might be for a toddler.

All this happened in minutes I remember Mr P saying it’s 1:05 in the car on the way to the hospital which made me look at the clock. I can close my eyes now and see the brightly lit clock on my dashboard glowing 1:05 through the darkness. I was relieved that I had made it to 37 weeks only by a short time but it counted and that the hospital I was going to was literally around the corner. It took no more than two minutes to drive there. It’s a natural birthing center so there is no epidurals or other drugs available. If it was my first I would have been nervous about that but since I didn’t have anything my first time I didn’t think I would the second.

We had called ahead and they said they were ready for us. So when we arrived at a very darken doorway and pressed the buzzer to let us in with no answer several times I was panicking. Mr P had gone to park the car, god knows where, I felt like I stood in that dark doorway leaning against the intercom forever. Finally a nurse was coming out for a smoke and saw the look of terror in my eyes and Mr P showed up right in the nick of time.

We were wheeled up to the birthing floor and into a room. The hospital was amazing. It had recently been remodelled and everything was new. It was designed to feel more like home so there was a lovely dresser and rocking chair and crib. Just like you would have in the nursery at home. A huge bean bag laid near the bathroom door and a huge bed. The only thing that made it even look like a hospital was the huge pool in the middle of the room and a few monitors on the side walls.

They did the usual interview of a hundred questions and I just remember saying I want to stand up. I grabbed the rocking chair but it still was too low so I went to lean on the dresser. I hear the loudest pop, I have ever hear and the weirdest sensation. My waters had broke. Even to this day, Mr P talks about how weird it was to hear and see someone’s waters fully burst. I never had that with Buba. Within seconds I wanted to push and they had me get on the bean bag. At first I was a little apprehensive not lying on my back but then I was pushing and I didn’t care. 

I found it a lot easier to give birth in a sort of kneeling and leaning forward position on a beanbag chair then flat on my back like I did with Buba. Less painful. If there is such a thing.

At 1:38 am, I heard the midwife say, “she is here”. I panicked because I didn’t hear that instant cry out. It was that moment of pure panic because I knew she was early and I didn’t know what effects that would have on her.They said they had to take her to check her lungs were fully developed and check something else I stopped listening when their looks seemed concerned. She really hadn’t made a good noise yet. Three ladies came back with her after awhile which felt like eternity when you take a newborn away from her mother.  They said she looked ok but they would monitor her. They put her against my chest for skin to skin and I fell so deeply in love. I always wondered how I would love anyone as much as I love my first baby but there it was my heart split in two for them both. She was perfect. A natural snuggler. 

I was in shock that I actually had her three weeks early curled up in my arms already. My hospital bag was not packed, and I had only just put the carseat in the car the day before. I just sat in awe of her beautiful features. Because she was early she didn’t have that dried up wrinkling skin that Buba had. She was pink, and her skin was flawless. The most surprising thing of all though was I thought she looked just like her brother in that moment.


While I cuddled up with my princess, excited to now be a mother of two, I longed to shout it all from the roof tops on my facebook, twitter, and to all my family and friends. But I had yet to hear from Rachel about her and her baby. The last thing I wanted was for me to splash my exciting news on my social media accounts and something bad had happened. So I waited only telling immediate family. Finally I got the message she had her baby girl in her arms and all was well. I cried for joy for all of us. I can’t believe we had our baby girls on the SAME DAY! Missy Moo is only three hours older to the exact minute than KJ! It really was fate. I called my mom which with an eight hour time difference, and for once this was handy to not wake her up. She was more shocked than we were and was excited to find out what we called her.

We didn’t do it with Buba but this time we kept the name a secret until the end. I found that it was a great added bonus to tell everyone what we called her. With Buba everyone had their opinions on his name long before he was born. No one is going to be too opinionated when the baby is already here and stuck with that name. They can no longer attempt to talk you out of it. I had teased my parents it started with an F because they really thought they could guess it, it was a fun family game along the way.
MMBirth2proudpapa* proud papa: already wrapped around his finger


 Since it was so early in the morning they brought us to our room. All the rooms at this hospital are private so no one has to share. It was peaceful. After feeding Missy Moo her very first feed, I put her down to sleep. Looking around the room, you would have thought we were in a hotel. There was an actual full queen size bed, two side tables with lamps, a dresser, a crib, and a rocking chair with a closet and a bathroom in my room.

Mr P crawled in bed with me, both too excited to sleep, we chatted about how surprised we were she was here. Then we heard this god awful noise that scared us half to death. It sounded like bulldog and it was even more terrifying when we realized in the dark it was coming from our new baby, our little princess. One that is supposed to be this new fragile life in the world not this strong snoring human being. So we recorded it for her 18th birthday. lol Click on the video below and enjoy! .

Missy Moo’s first night sleeping outside my tummy!


I hope you have enjoyed reading this journey as I have reliving it. Having babies is the most powerful and liberating thing I have ever done. To bring life into this world is amazing. I hope to someday give them both more siblings.

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  1. Oh I love that you recorded her snoring for her 18th – that’s definitely an impressive snore for so very new a person! And how wonderful that the babies were born on the same day – it’s obviously fate!!

    • Thanks Carie. I know we really couldn’t believe her snore. She was only a few hours old! It looks fake in the video but it’s hilarious. We couldn’t stop laughing. Then I panicked and has to ask a midwife to make sure she was ok. Surely no one should sound like this and not a new baby. lol

  2. What a lovely birth story! I love reading these stories. So weird that you and your friend had babies on the same day when they were due weeks apart! Definitely some kind of destiny thing going on there! What I really want to know though, is how you managed to look so blooming glamorous just after giving birth?! 😉 X

  3. Definitely meant to be with you and your friend and you were so quick! What gorgeous photos, you look quite incredible for post birth photos and a beautiful little baby girl. I’ve always been nervous of a home birth for myself but they do sound so relaxing, I guess a birthing centre is the next best thing! I love reading these, I really need to do mine for the twins before I forget.

    • Yes, do. Everyone loves a birth story!!! As they are all unique and different. I am jealous you had twins. I have wanted twins my whole life!!! lol Look forward to reading it. Even better write it and link up to Share With Me on wednesday with me so I can read, and then share it with everyone else too! lol

  4. awww jenny what a story! i am so pleased you both were ok. waiting in the doorway pressing the buzzer and no one coming most of been awful!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments


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