Top Tips To Getting Pregnant For The First Time

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:13 pm

Getting pregnant for the first time is something that can be extremely exciting. It may be something that has only recently been decided on and for others, something that has been in the pipeline for a while.

Regardless of how long it’s been discussed, it’s now time to start trying. With that being said, sometimes it’s not as easy as people may think, to get pregnant. Here are some top tips for helping speed up the process and better the chances of getting pregnant for the first time.

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Know what the fertility window of opportunity is

Everyone has a fertile window of opportunity. This is typically found in the days after a period and a certain amount of days before the next period is due.

Knowing the ovulation cycle can be helpful in understanding when a couple should be trying. There are going to be certain days that are going to be more effective in getting the woman pregnant than other days will be. Of course, there’s still a chance to get pregnant outside of these days but it’s more likely if you have intercourse during this window.

An ovulation calculator is a useful tool to use when it comes to tracking when you’re most likely to fall pregnant as a result of unprotected sex.

Eat the right foods

It’s important to eat the right foods when trying to get pregnant. This can be the case for both individuals looking to have a baby. For the woman, eating foods like avocados who are high in healthy fats, and fish, in particular, is going to be helpful.

Try to make a list of foods that are going to be beneficial for falling pregnant and eat these foods as often as possible to be in a good place for the body’s health.

Be wary of weight

Weight is an important one as it can affect pregnancy. Being too overweight or being underweight can equally impact the chances of getting pregnant. It’s good to get weighed and to understand what needs to be done to make improvements. By doing so, it’s not only improving chances of pregnancy but making you healthier too.

Keep track of your weight so that it can remain healthy during the pregnancy too.

Cut out alcohol

Alcohol is something that should be cut out when trying to get pregnant. It’s something that can affect the chances of getting pregnant. Not only that but it’s something to quit during pregnancy too. While there are those who drink while pregnant, drinking could pose dangers to the baby’s health.

Try to get more sleep and stress less

In order to help with getting pregnant, the body needs to be energized and ready to go. Getting several hours of sleep a night is going to be a great help. Not only that but stressing less can help with relaxing the body and getting pregnant. Stress doesn’t do any good for the body.


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