Siblings {April}

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This month has already been a big month for us, Buba finding out what school he is going to and Missy Moo talking more solid words and sentences and a few holidays all packed into one month. We even battled a horrible virus between the entire family, pushing us to our breaking point in the middle of the night. Phew, it’s only half way through the month too! 
Everything seems to be so busy lately in our lives or maybe as the kids get older our lives will continue to get busier. It’s been harder to sit back and watch my children play together and notice the little things or even catch them both together when I had my camera out. It’s been Buba running errands with Daddy while MM and I are tackling other to do lists lately.  I won’t thank the virus that plagued us last week but it was nice to be forced to stay in with our pjs and have family date night and movie and just being together. I think the kids were better for it the next day. These were taken the next day with the sun shining and the kids taking in some much needed fresh air. Siblings April a monthly portrait project
I love the way they look at each other. They are so similar in so many ways and you only really notice it when they are together. They have similar little corks and funny things they both do and love. They think taking selfies against any wall or door is amazing. Can you tell they are blogger children? I love that when I take a photo of them they don’t care about me or the camera, they only care about what the other one is doing. Lately, as soon as I say smile or look at mommy, they just giggle and look at each other like they have a secret code they are sharing that I don’t get to be apart of. It really tickles me that they are each other’s shadows, equally. If Buba sticks his tongue out at the camera so does MM, if he smiles, hides his face, or just stares at her, she will do the same. It goes both ways, if MM runs off Buba will be sure to follow. I love that they unite as a team for things and always have each other’s backs for everything.
Buba asked me the other day if he could bring his sister to his new school to show all his new friends. I love that he loves her so much that he wants to share his new adventures with her. I am a bit nervous how this will change the dynamic between them and if it will be hard for MM to wait each day, all day for him to come home so they can once again be a team. Siblings April a monthly portrait project
They are cheeky together, they fight together and against each other, they mess the house up together and it’s not more one side as I used to think it was. There relationship will continue to grow and change and I am so grateful to be able to watch it and I only hope that it is always a close one. 
There is still a very jealous little MM when Buba crawls up in Mommy’s lap. Since there were so many fevers and illnesses last week it was a battle for who gets Mommy’s lap the most while Mommy tried to be fair and stay clear of kissing both of them too much for fear of the plague herself; it wasn’t an easy task. Of course, as a parent you just want to cuddle them both us as much as you can and kiss them all over. I hope we are done with the illnesses coming home from nursery but I also know school will be just the same. It’s tough when they are both sick at the same time but typical that they would want to be ill together. If one has medicine the other has to have it so I guess that makes it a little easier!
Siblings April a monthly portrait project
I hope the rest of April goes smoothly and we can start to prepare for the things ahead and enjoy some nice summer days with the kids outside. They really do blossom more when the sun is shining and they are not locked inside all day. This summer in America we can all make the most of being outdoors together as a family and we really can’t wait to share that with all of you soon too.
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  1. Lovely photos Jenny, looking at each other with so much love! glad you’re all on the mend now, enjoy your holidays xx

    • Thanks Natalie. Oh we enjoyed France but buba got a throat infection didn’t eat once the whole time and had to go to French docs. So typical for our little bubble boy.


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