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It’s no secret that I hate messy play and I haven’t done much arts and crafts with my two toddlers so far. I have been saying that I need to up my game and really start doing more with them to further their sensory skills. It’s so important for them to be able to use their creativity and imagination and I don’t ever want to be the reason it’s not fully developing or holding them back because I don’t like to clean up the mess it leaves. For the longest time, I had used the excuses that Missy Moo was still too young and I was worried she would be eating and choking on the supplies rather than joining in but at the age of almost two years old, it’s not an excuse anymore.

With Easter just passed us it made me start thinking of little projects I could do with them. Easter’s a great time for arts & crafts and I just let this holiday slip passed us this year dealing with other things since the kids were still small. But then I felt guilty afterwards for not making more of an effort. There are amazing sales on Easter crafts right now, since it just passed us I thought why not stock up for next year. I have been saying I wanted to make up for this year’s Easter, next year. One can never been too prepared right? The Works arts & crafts for kids and Easter

I got excited looking over the arts & crafts I could do with my toddlers from The Works website; many of these I could do with my toddlers now. The prices were so amazing you really couldn’t go wrong stocking up. I can use this amazing ribbon for so many different projects now with them. It’s springtime so it really wouldn’t be out of norm to do any of these activities with the kids now.

I really want to support their creative and imagination more and get them thinking outside the box and making more things. I feel I haven’t tried hard enough lately in the arts & crafts department. Not that I let them sit in front of the tv all day but we read a lot more books and play with toys in their mini toy kitchen or are out and about, which are all great things too. As Buba just got a place in school it has me thinking more and more about the writing, drawing and the creative side of him. Have I hindered him by waiting so long to jump on the messy and crafting wagon?

I am very excited that we get to go to the states for two months to stay with my parents as our last big summer in the states before school starts. My mother is the ultimate crafter and has every arts & crafts supply you can think of and I am recruiting her in this summer to help me get the kids writing, drawing, cutting and glueing all things arts & crafts. Then the messy play is at Grandma’s house with a crafting coach on site! Win-win!

The Works arts & crafts for kids and Easter

I want to be the best parent I can be and give my children the best upbringing I can. We all want that. I want to send them off to school knowing I gave them the best foundation of their education as I possibly could. Obviously, there is still plenty of time to up my game and this is my new challenge to myself as a parent for their sensory learning experience. Roll on hot summer days so we can get outside and get messy! 🙂 Ok, dining room table will work too!

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  1. Hey Jennie,
    It’s never too late to start crafting with the kiddos. I am sure they will enjoy it greatly. My quick tip for an easier clean-up after messy crafts is to cover your table with butcher paper. Can you tell I’m from Bonners;-) Anyways I just roll out a few large pieces of butcher paper and tape them to the table. Makes clean-up quick and easy and it keeps the paint, glue or whatever mess we may be making off my table. Sometimes the girls just like to draw on the paper. Then they have a huge “canvas” to draw and color to their hearts content:-) Good luck and I look forward to seeing your crafts! Maybe I will see you in Bonners this summer!


  2. Hi Jenny! I’m so thrilled you are wanting to do more crafts with the kiddos. Paint has always been my children’s favorite! My tip would be to use a drop cloth like painters use…’s a great idea if you want to preserve your dining rooms table! Of course I forgot to use it the last time my toddler painted…..

    • Oh no poor table. Yes I think I need to get a few supplies and a few drop cloths to start the process. It’s so great for them to get creative and I don’t want to hold them back.


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