Baby Stocking Stuffers

When it comes to babies and Christmas there is a fine line between needing to buy something for the sake of buying it and buying things that are a useful present. It’s easier if it’s your baby you are buying for as you know what he/she really needs as to what they could play with or need in the near future. But maybe you want to buy someone else’s baby something or you want to think of some fab stocking stuffer ideas for your own baby that isn’t a waste of money for the sake of it.

I think Nappies/diapers, wipes, baby food pouches, baby snacks are a far better stocking stuffer than little tat toys that just break and end up in the bin or another chew toy to add to the overflowing Lamaze toys you already have in the toy box just to fill the stocking full for Christmas Day. Why not spend the money where it’s needed and still have fun filling the baby’s stocking with these items. Let’s be totally honest baby’s just want the wrapping paper anyway!

We have been teaming up with Aldi to test their amazing Mamia range as baby boy started weaning and so far we haven’t been disappointed with each stage of pouches from 4 months smooth purees to more chunky 7+ months pouches. Aldi have such a great variety for babies. Adding in some fab snack options like the Carrot Snacks for those little teethers which we just started this month with baby boy cutting two teeth, he is tearing into everything and loves chopping on these. I love their extra sensitive wipes to clean up baby boy after he has had his meals too, for that added extra protection on his delicate face.

I know I am set for baby boy’s stocking stuffers come Christmas morning with all his favorite snacks, fruit and vegetable pouches, and wipes. At great prices from Aldi not only was it a cheap to fill his huge stocking to bursting point but I know it’s things he needs and we will use right away.

Don’t break the bank on useless stocking stuffers especially when it comes to babies. Think what will they use and need? What is reasonable? And save those pennies shopping smart!

I can’t wait only a few more days and I get to watch for the last time it be one of my children’s very first Christmas. I wonder if baby boy will sit and need help opening presents or will he tear in like his older siblings did right away to his presents. No doubt, he will want to attack the piles of wrapping paper from everyone’s presents afterwards. It’s going to be such a fun, festive day with the family at home.

There is nothing more special than baby’s first Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

*Sponsored by Aldi

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