10 Autumn London Walks Perfect for a Weekend Wander

Last updated on July 6th, 2024 at 02:23 pm

It’s that time of the year when the leaves are trading their green hue for stunning reds, oranges and yellows. If you’re looking for something wholesome to do this weekend, why not take an autumnal stroll in the city? London is home to dozens of fantastic walking trails that allow you to enjoy the spectacular scenery. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a novice stroller, don’t forget to bring your seat walking stickalong with you so you can take a perch whenever you need it! Let’s explore 10 of London’s most magical autumnal walking routes.

1. Hampton Court to Radnor Gardens

If you’re a seasoned hiker, this one is for you! The Thames Path follows the North Bank, providing you with everything from serene views of the river to breathtaking landscapes marked by architectural marvels like Hampton Court Palace. This route spans just under 10km and will take you approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes, depending on your walking speed.

2. Abney Park to Hackney Marshes

If you’d prefer a shorter jaunt, the Abney Park to Hackney Marshes walk is ideal. This walk starts at Abney Park Cemetry in Stoke Newington (we recommend exploring the cemetery whilst you’re there!) before moving on to Springfield Park, a walk down the River Lea and Middlesex Filter Beds before arriving at the Hackney Marshes. This 3-mile walk should take you around an hour and a half—perfect if you just need to stretch your legs.

3. Jubilee Greenway

The Jubilee Greenway is a 67km trail that was built to mark both the 2012 Olympic Games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. This lengthy trial connects many of the Capital’s key attractions, such as Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace, as well as several Olympic sites. But don’t worry—we’re not suggesting you walk the entire trail! The Little Venice to Camden stretch, which will take you along Regent’s Canal, is perfect if you’re looking for leafy views.

4. Epping Forest Walk

If you’re in the market for a long walk, we recommend the Epping Forest Centenary Walk, which takes you from Manor Park Station in Newham along the southern border of Epping Forest through Wanstead Flats. You’ll catch a glimpse of several historical sites, including Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge, as well as stunning wild woodland. This walk spans 15 miles and will take you between 7 and 8 hours to complete.

5. Dollis Valley Walk

If you’re in North London, you must try the Dollis Valley Greenwalk. The walk begins at Moat Mount and takes you through Hampstead Heath Extension in Barnet before you pass into Totteridge Fields Nature Reserve. Not only is this walk excellent for autumnal views, but also for deer spotting! This 10-mile walk should take you between 5 and 6 hours to complete, depending on your walking speed.

6. Cox’s Walk

If you’re down for a spot of woodland exploring, Cox’s Walk in Sydenham Hill Wood is perfect. While the trail is only half a mile long, there’s plenty to see in the many hectares of Sydenham Hill Wood. Make sure to snap some photos of the walk’s stunning oak tree-lined path!

7. Tamsin Trail

The Tamsin Trail spans just over 7 miles and takes you through Richmond Park, where you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of the park’s main residents: red and fallow deer. The 2,500-acre park is the perfect place to get lost if you’re seeking out autumn scenery. The trail is clearly signposted and should take you between 3.5 to 4 hours, or perhaps longer if you’d prefer to take your time!

8. Richmond to Ham House

This 4.5-mile National Trust trail is one you’ll remember for years to come. We’d argue it’s one of the best walks in London if you’re seeking breathtaking autumnal views, as you’ll ascend Richmond Hill and be greeted with views of the Thames and even all the way to Ham House on a clear day. The walk starts at Richmond Station and ends at Ham House and should take between 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.

9. Golder’s Hill Park

The Golder’s Hill Park walk is excellent if you’re craving leafy scenes. This 3.4km walk takes just under an hour to finish, taking you around the edge of the park, where you can enjoy the wonders of nature. Whilst you’re there, if you’ve got some spare time, why not visit the zoo, cafe or the stunning walled garden?

10. Hampstead Heath Circular Walk

If you’re seeking a relatively easy walk, the Hampstead Heath Short Circular Walk is ideal. The walk starts and finishes at Hampstead Underground Station, and you’ll explore some of London’s most loved open spaces, including Parliament Hill and Hampstead and Highgate Ponds. 

We hope you enjoy your autumnal walk in London, whichever trail you choose! Just don’t forget to bring your seat walking stick with you so you can take a breather whenever you need to.

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