Why visit Kalyves Beach Hotel as a family?

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Kalyves Beach Hotel all-inclusive resort

We absolutely love Greece and it’s many islands to visit. Crete was our most recent adventure as a family this past October half term and it did not disappoint. We stayed at the lovely family owned Kalyves Beach Hotel and had such a good week away. The weather in the Autumn was still bikini warm and the hotel took such great care of us.

So here is why you should book Kalyves Beach Hotel

for your next family holiday!

Kalyves Beach Hotel all-inclusive

All-inclusive or upgrade to VIP status

You have two choices when you are booking or checking in to do all-inclusive or if you want that bit of every luxury and options to upgrade to VIP all-inclusive. You can see all the extra amenities and offers that you get with VIP v.s. regular all-inclusive here.

Kalyves Beach Hotel family resort


From the moment we arrived, we were greeted by friendly staff and welcomed like family. We had landed at lunch time and were starving so the receptionist offered to sort our bags and room while we went straight to the buffet to eat. I love that Kaylves Beach as the option of eating indoor or outdoor. The outdoor eating area is also along the river and looking onto the side of the beach too. It’s a gorgeous setup for eating. The food was delicious and had plenty of option for everyone.


Once we filled our bellies with food and wine (it’s holiday after all) we made our way to our bedrooms. We had interconnecting rooms which was perfect for Granny, three kids and myself to all have our own bed and space we needed with two bathrooms to share too. The rooms are so spacious and we both had balconies with a small view of the beach to our right.

The sun was out and we had come from cold, rainy England so we were itching to unpack our bags, quickly and get to the beach. The closets were large and had more hangers than most hotels which was a bonus when five of us are all sharing.


We love going to all-inclusive hotels because of the food. There is always so many options and everyone can have what they want and as much as they want for every meal. It makes for very happy kids therefore happy parents. I love trying all the different local cuisines when we are abroad especially on a buffet because if it turns out I don’t like it, I can go get something different without starving to the next restaurant because I didn’t like it. It gives you options to explore new foods and same with the kids, they can try something new each day too.

Kalyves Beach Hotel eating lunch outside looking on the river

This hotel has plenty of sitting options when you eat too. Each meal we made sure to sit either outside during lunch times for the sun, or near the sofas for dinner so we could watch entertainment or breakfast on the window side of the dining areas so it felt like you were in a different place each meal, each day. However, eating next to the river was my favourite place.

Kalyves Beach Hotel all-inclusive family holidays
Kalyves Beach Hotel beachfront resort

Beach Front

In terms of beach, the hotel is literally on the beach. You walk out and see the pool and keep walking and have a choice of the left side of the beach which you can see the river flowing right into the sea or the right side which is a larger beach with the kids playground on it.

The sand is super soft at this hotel which is great for my sandcastle building children. A lot of hotels say they are beach front and you get there and it’s rocky this is not that. It’s a beautiful, soft sand, wide open and very clean beach.

Kalyves Beach Hotel beach sun loungers

We wrapped up in the mornings and evenings during October to watch the sunrise and set while we walking along the beach together as a family. It’s so peaceful and quiet too at this time of year so you almost have it to yourself. There are lounge chairs available at first come, first serve on either side of the little walkway jutting out so no matter where the sun is you will be able to lie in it.

Kalyves Beach Hotel all-inclusive family resort
Kalyves Beach Hotel pools
Kalyves Beach Hotel outdoor pools

The Pools

Since we had spent our first day on the beach we thought we would check out what pools Kalyves Beach has to offer. There are three main pools, two outdoor pools and one heated, indoor pool near the spa and gym. Now you have to remember in October whilst it might be 80 during the day, temperatures do drop at night and therefore the outdoor pools are cold. My kids loved to play in the heat of the day in the outdoor pools and evenings go in the indoor pool.

Kalyves Beach Hotel indoor heated pool


The first night we were there, it happen to be magic night. As a family, we absolutely love magic shows. I loved how cozy the front sitting areas are so that all the families watching can feel like you have a private entertainment in your front room. It’s also next to part of the dining areas so if you are eating later in the evening you can still enjoy whatever that evenings entertainment is whilst finishing your dinner. But you can also sit on the other side to eat if you want a more quieter dinner experience. There are options. Each night, they have a different show on so the kids looked forward to the evenings and the parents relaxing whilst they are entertained.

Kalyves Beach Hotel kids game room

Kids Games Room

There is a large games room for younger and older kids to hang out and play in. It had pool tables and air hockey and other fab games like pingpong they can entertain themselves with. My kids loved going in there after swimming and before dinner and let off energy.

Kalyves Beach Hotel  Pool Bar

The beach bar

There is a lovely outdoor beach bar between the pool and the beach. This is where your more VIP drinks can be ordered. It’s open all day. We got our daily ice creams here too. YUM! And our evening cocktails for the entertainment is right outside the door. If you are a coffee drinker, try the Coffee Freddos – Obsessed! Take one to your beach loungechair and enjoy whilst listening to the waves hit the shore. It was a moment for me.


We booked with the reception go and visit the town Chania. It’s only a short taxi ride away. They sorted us with what streets to walk down and what sights to see whilst we were out for the day. The staff are all so helpful and they have a full excursion office at their sister hotel Kiani Beach Hotel, down the road so if you are looking to go on bigger day trips like to Elafonisi Island, Gramvousa Island, or perhaps boating and snorkelling the receptionists will sort everything for you.

Kalyves Beach Hotel visiting Chania Crete

We got dropped off in Chania, had a beautiful lunch on the waterfront, looking onto the lagoon and light tower. We even braved the skinny path all the way out to the light and the views were worth the sweaty walk with kids. Chania is a lovely little town and lots of shopping to be had too. It was a great day out and the kids loved it. You can even pay to ride a horse and carriage through the town to sight see without all the walking. It’s a a lot of walking so bring your tennis shoes.

Chania Crete Greece Kalyves Beach Hotel

Spa & Gym

We didn’t get to use the spa but we had a peak. It’s a lovely small spa that you can get lovely treatments and pampering sessions whilst you stay. Check the spa out here to see what is on offer.

There is also a decent size gym with everything you need for a good holiday workout and open anytime so you aren’t tied to time frames.

Kalyves Beach Hotel walking on the beach

Exciting news

They have announced that this facility is getting a whole new makeover too. Even without it we would still come again as it was such a lovely, quiet and relaxing holiday with the kids there. But keep watch because there will be a lot of new changes that will make this quaint little family owned holiday even better and more updated very soon! Squeal!!!!

Kalyves Beach Hotel river s

Overall our thoughts…

Really what else do you need for a fabulous kids holiday that I didn’t mention above. It was great to get away for some much needed sunshine in October half term with the kids. We couldn’t fault it from the amazing staff, being pampered and the hotel having everything we needed to just relax and enjoy the sun together. The beach was by far our favorite place with the pools at this time of year being cold but other than that everything was perfect.

We would definitely stay again soon and they have 20% off if you book direct and 10 day free cancellation offer on now so click here and get booking your next family adventure in Crete with Sea Crete Hotels.

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Kalyves Beach Hotel play area

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