How Families Are Fighting Inflation in 2022/23

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:21 pm

It’s no secret that the current inflation rate is inching its way toward the double-digit mark, something that hasn’t happened in a long time. How are today’s families engaged in the financial battle against rising prices? As a recession looms and the new year doesn’t yet show any promise of a better economy, parents are using their imaginations to develop effective methods for combating inflation. 

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In addition to strategizing about food buying and making detailed meal plans for each day of the week, they’re exploring scholarship opportunities to help cover the cost of their sons’ and daughters’ college expenses. Working parents are not only purchasing freezers for long-term food storage, but they’re also joining food co-ops to cut down on grocery bills. Another weapon in the war on the rising cost of living is public transportation. Moms and dads are minimizing fuel expenses by driving less and taking the bus whenever they can. Here are more details about how to whip inflation before it saps your family’s financial resources.

Covering College Expenses with Scholarships

Youngsters who are heading off to college to earn a degree need more than emotional support. Getting a degree and paying for it are two of the biggest hurdles in a person’s life, but parents can offer valuable advice, guidance, and assistance. Maybe that’s why scholarship searches are so popular among moms and dads who want the best for their children in challenging economic times. Getting scholarships for college students is not as challenging as people assume. If you connect with one of the search sites, it’s possible to scout multiple opportunities and apply for them at the same time. No matter how much funding you get with this method, the money can go a long way toward offsetting the full cost of a college diploma for your kids. The first step is to search for scholarships online and apply for the ones you qualify for.

Purchasing Stand-Alone Freezers

Freezers are one of the hottest major appliances these days, thanks to super-high food prices. Families are discovering the wisdom of learning how to use and store leftover food by investing in long-term food storage, but it’s important to compare prices and features of popular freezer models. Some consume much more electricity than others, while a few models are energy efficient yet large enough to suit a family of three or more.

Joining Food Co-Ops

Food co-ops have been around for decades, and they offer consumers an excellent way to save on things like produce, canned goods, bread, spices, meats, and other family staples. Some charge a nominal membership fee, but most are well-organized, efficient organizations that deliver a high level of value for buyers who like to purchase many of the same items every time they shop.

Minimizing Fuel Costs

There are several ways to reduce fuel bills, but using public transportation is probably the easiest one for people who reside in medium-sized and large cities. Other tactics that work iscombining errands in order to put fewer miles on the family car each week, joining a wholesale club that offers discounts on auto fuel, and buying a hybrid-electric vehicle with a high MPG rating.


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