Home Decor: Bringing nature indoors

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:25 am

Many people have one home style. They decorate each room according to this style and it’s pretty much what their pinterest boards look like and what they are first drawn to in home decor. I am the polar opposite. I love all styles. My home is a combination of styles as you walk in each room. I live in a new build so I find it hard sometimes to make all my styles flow smoothly together but so far I think I have done ok after recently removing one room home decor, in particular, that I hated. If you haven’t seen my living room revamp, it shows more of my personality and mixed styles together than the previous living room did.

One style that I have really started leaning more towards is nature indoors. I already have curtains with leaves and wallpaper adorned with twig trees but I have yet to really bring in nature as a home accessory. However, every time I see it on pinterest and see it in the  magazines I think, I absolutely love that! So, in the new year I will be trying to incorporate more nature indoors.

To incorporate nature indoors there are many options: you can do it yourself for those diy fans and nowadays you can find items to purchase that are nature replicas in just about every home decor store. I will share some of the things I am thinking about for my own home in the new year.


For DIY fans, it’s super easy to come up with a few quick nature indoor ideas right from your very backyard. Grab some long and shorter branches and let them dry out in your garage or a safe place then throw them in any vase you want. Tall, short, a bowl with pebbles in it, your choices are endless here. They look amazing on fireplaces, sideboards, console tables, and even on window seals. Don’t have kids, use it as a centerpiece on your dining room table.

home decor twig branches for inside

Iko Design

Take your branch gathering skills one step further and create this twig ball below like Rita has done using a hot glue gun and a beach ball as her mold. I might even try this, this weekend. I love it. Don’t have branches falling down in your backyard, me neither, take a stroll in your local park. Kids love gathering sticks. Just make sure you aren’t breaking them off trees, that’s a park no, no! But you can turn it into a craft project for you and the kids together.

twigballTwig Ball


There is also the buying replicas or even buying real things made from nature that is appealing, especially for those that are too busy to be gathering sticks and burning fingers in the process of a twig ball.  Like these grey tall twig branches, they would look amazing in a taller vase on the floor in the corner of a room or side of your fireplace. They have the grey tone which is a more wintery style.  You can add twinkling lights on them during Christmas that make them look really nice too. I love just how they are in a white tall vase for my back room.

home decor twig branches for inside

Grey Natural Twigs

Here is a replica of a large tree branch below. I envision something like this in a short bulky vase or bowl that can hold its weight and placing it in the center of a sideboard or console table against a plain wall so that it pops. I would hang little mementos off it’s branches for a modern vibe. I am really looking forward to my kids being old enough that I can have more breakables in the house again. This will be amazing in my hallway on a console table but Missy Moo is a climber at the moment so I am too afraid to take that plunge yet and her pulled it down on top of herself.

home decor twig branches for inside

Natural Brown Twigs

Twig bowls have been really popular for a while now. You could even use the twig ball idea above and just do half a beach ball to create something like this below. I love this one that’s painted metallic from Wayfair. Still gives it that nature feel to it but the metallic really enhances it. It’s a statement piece for sure.


Twig Bowl

I saved my favorite for last. I love reclaimed wood, distressed wood and even a lover of the replicas here as shelves. I went into a garden center the other day and saw along one wall reclaimed wood shelving similar to the one below and I just loved how it made such a great focal point on one wall. I have so many little vases and glass bottles that I would love to display on shelves like these. I just love the twig replica brackets holding these up too! Although for me, the actual shelving I would love to be distressed grey color as I am spying out the corner of the dining room for them at the moment and I would spray paint these twig brackets white to keep in line with my home decor in the dining room now. It’s on my must list for 2015.


Distressed Twig Shelves

Do you have a love for bringing nature indoors? I would love to hear what your favorite nature home decor items are below. Or if you know a great place to find reclaimed and distress wood please share your secrets. I am always on the look out.

11 thoughts on “Home Decor: Bringing nature indoors”

  1. oh the twig ball is gorgeous – I want to make a really little one as a Christmas tree bauble now- and I love the tree brackets too, though possibly with more delicate shelves – they’d look pretty in a bathroom too.

  2. We love bringing nature inside! We collected twigs, leaves and conkers for our Autumn mantelpiece a few months ago, it was so much fun x

    • Oh yes i remember now. I missed the whole collecting conkers this year. Boo. Love bringing nature in. I am making a big twig vase for my fireplace cant wait to see how it turns out.

  3. Hi Jenny, really enjoyed this post! I love twigs indoors and am going to spray some silver for Christmas. Love the shelves too. I haven’t been blogging much of late, hence why I haven’t been linking up on Wednesdays, but will be back in the New Year! I hope you have a super Christmas! Love Jess xx

    • Oh thanks Jess. Thats so sweet of you. I am still deciding whether to paint some branches i got for my dining room. Guess if i mess up at least i can just go collect more hahaha look forward to your blog posts. Its that time of year to sit back and relax. Look forward to more from you in the new year.


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