How to Style Posters in your Home

Last updated on September 23rd, 2020 at 02:22 pm

I am talking about posters, like the ones we used to tape on our bedroom walls when we were teenagers. Ok, maybe not posters of band groups the size of our beds but posters have come a long way. It’s the easiest way to bring color, humor, style to any room whether you choose to frame them or tape them up with washi tape. It’s also a cheaper way to constantly change the look of a room, season to season or as the family evolves and grows. There are so many ways you can style posters in your home. I have teamed up with Posterlounge and thought I would show you how I have styled various posters around our home and give you some fresh ideas. 

how to style posters in your home posters online

Typography posters are so popular at the moment. You can find them in flatlays on instagram and flooding interior posts. The best thing about typography is there is every phrase you can think of in a variety of font, shape, sizes and backgrounds. For example, this floral, green, “Smile is the Best Makeup” fits right in my adult only, pink room that I recently decorated. It brings in more of that greenery matching my plants with a hint of pink to match.  The typography is not at bold as white and black text it’s a softer typography poster. I added succulents and glass to style this poster for a chic look. Framing this poster made this poster easy to lean against the wall instead of hanging on the wall.

how to style posters in your home posters online

Or perhaps you prefer the more modern typography like this “Make it Happen” poster. It’s gold sparkle dot details suited our front room with it’s modern ikea bookcases and my office desk. It coordinated with the gold that I already have popping in my room accents like this gold pineapple too. It makes it more fun too. I like to think it encourages me just as much while I work at my desk too. I am after all trying to make it happen. Placing a family photo and candles next to it seems a sure fit next to a large vase of flowers. I placed this poster in a white wooden frame for a more formal look.

how to style posters in your home posters online

For a less formal look, I adore these character posters for my daughter’s bedroom. It’s no secret she loves the bright pink and yellow together, she was actually my inspiration for my blog theme colors when I switched from pastel to vibrant pink and yellow. These two posters I hung above her dresser with pink and yellow washi tape. It gave it a fun cartoon feel about her room. She absolutely loves hanging things on her wall. Posters make it a great way to constantly add and change these around with washi tape without too much cost or effort. I think these are just darling for any kid’s bedroom whether they are taped or framed above a dresser, changing table or bed even. They are easy to add to your current kid’s bedrooms and style. 

We are actually in the process of swapping our pretty, pink adult only room and the front office / playroom. Have you ever done a room swap. Even though we only just finished both rooms having the new deck in the garden was making everyone walk through our very fragile, glass, white furniture room. We need new carpet in the front room and the sofas need burned from when the kids were babies. An idea to swap the rooms so that we can just shut the door the front room and no kids can go in there was brilliant. This allows us to make the back room that walks onto the deck a proper playroom with chairs, tv, bookcase, and storage for toys. The kids no longer will have to drag their toys through the house, through the no kid zone just to get to the back deck. It’s a sure win. In the process of all of this, it’s not necessarily in need of any redecorating as the rooms are quite similar. But I thought these bright fun posters would bring color to the new back playroom. I have a white room divider to create a little reading corner and I thought these looked lovely with blue washi tape popped in between each panel. I think I will get some vibrant cushions to go with it to draw out those bright colors. Sometimes a room doesn’t need redecorated a little rearranging or a room swap and updated posters is all it needs. 


  • hang with washi tape for informal playrooms on the wall or a room divider or the side of the bookcase
  • frame and hang on the wall side by side for a formal setting
  • frame and leaning on a shelf against the wall among clocks, succulents, and home accessories 
  • hang above your child’s bed, dresser or baby changing table
  • add to a family gallery wall among family photos 
  • hang a few going up the stairs for pop of color and decor in tight places frame or washi tapes for a more casual look

Do you use posters in your home? How do you go about styling them in your home? Or do you prefer family photos and canvas? I used to be a canvas girl but it doesn’t leave room for change. As you can see, I love change. Why not pin this to your home interiors boards! 

how to style posters in your home posters online

*collaboration with Poster Lounge



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  1. I love all the typography posters. It’s all great to see such bright and cheery words now that the days are getting gloomier and colder. However the last time I had posters was when I was a teenager. I love the look of the ones in your girls room. My daughter’s walls are blank so I will have to try styling some posters that will suit her bright pink sparkly wall. Thank you for all the tips!

    • Yes of course happy to share. I am always switching up the styles in my house. Posters makes it a lot more cost effective to do so too. Happy decorating.


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