6 Cheap Home Interior Additions You Can Do

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There are always things going on in the home interior world. Sometimes there are lulls in the normal sway and change of things, but usually, there are lots of exciting occurrences that shift the center of power. Interior design trends are incredibly fun to follow. Not only do you get a sense of accomplishment when you get the latest trends just right. But you also learn what each style depends on and the basics of interior design as they flow from one decade to the next.

But, as we all know 2020 has gotten off to a rather shaky start and that means, the interior design trends that are currently battling for position, aren’t as well known to the general public as they usually are. So, let’s focus on cheap and cheerful home interior additions that you can make, and not have to burst your purse.

Home Interiors Since 1759

Display cabinets were all the rage during the Georgian and Victorian eras of interior design. Nowadays, they are rare to find but luckily, they still have tremendous charm. Using these Net Voucher Codes you can get 20% your display china from Royal Albert China. They have been making exquisite pieces since 1759, well over 250 years. However you can also get other display pieces such as bowls and flower pots. These have been handcrafted, made with care and the designs have been chosen for their timeless value.

But why are china cabinets so alluring? For one, they are dainty, delicate and it takes fine craftsmanship to make such items. They are displayable because the patterns are unique and often handpainted. But the shimmer of the glass, the wood of the cabinet frame and the light bouncing off the smooth surface of the china, makes them a piece which would bring a touch of class to any home. Since you get 20%, you’re paying through the nose, but getting quite a bargain.

Inviting the cottage

There’s a new fad on the horizon, called cottagecore. This is when your home or one room is turned into a cosy warm cottage-like area. Consider the following. You have wooden rocking chairs, with wool or duck feather cushions, and a shaggy wool throw. Now this is a fun home interior additions to try. I would love a room like this in my house.

Reclaimed wood drawers and cabinets are dotted around the walls, giving you a compass of finely crafted yet humble pieces for storage. The cottagecore trend has relied upon modern homes, seeing the value of wood, natural material such as wool, cotton and linen. Consequently, contemporary homes have gotten away from glass, leather and steel, and instead chosen fancy area rugs made from wool, wooden bowls and wooden candle holders, etc. 

home interior additions cottage style cottagecore

However, pastel colors are also very popular because most cottages have bright but not too overpowering shades of pink, purple, blue and yellow. The quaint cottage interior is also complimented by candles for light. So now you have interior items that are usable and do get used a lot of the time.

Blue is the leader

If you would like to know which item on its own is pushing the new trends of the interior world to the fore, don’t look any further than the blue fabric sofa. Fabric is cheaper than leather, almost by half. That is of course if we’re comparing quality for quality. The top quality leather will be more expensive than the top quality fabric. Already cheaper, now you can venture into more classic styles rather than the straight-edge contemporary styles. Winged classic or Georgian style in velvet or cotton sofas are incredibly popular right now.

Funnily enough, they are taking off in New York, of all places! This is because the city is going through a harsh economic period but also because people are more concerned with the environment. So, fabric that is naturally grown, is more welcome than leather which is taken from an animal. 

But what kind of blue? Regal blue is the most popular. It’s a cross between navy and Royal blue. It’s chic, not bright but not dull. However you can also go for midnight blue for a more darkroom. But you can play around with chairs, and go for baby blue or bubblegum blue, for you individual seating.

The magic of pink

The last time you saw pink at home was probably when you were growing up and your mother had a chic pink rug in the 80s. Well, since then, pink has found it difficult to stay in the home, longer than a year. Why is this so? Most people believe that it’s too girly, even for most women. However, millennial pink has made the color more tolerable since it is not as powerful as powder or barbie pink. 

Pink belongs in the bedroom, where it’s magic is most powerful. Consider pink linen sheets, the type that are slightly coarse and have an obvious bare pattern of the threads. Pink pillows are also something you can choose, especially if you are going with ghost pink. It’s a very faint and faded pink, which lends itself to be more unisex than feminine. You can also go with blushed-tone pink dressers as they would give your wardrobe an immediate pop of color and off-the-cuff rebellion.

If the pink is too strong for your bedroom, going with a grey area rug would do nicely to insert a bit of balance. Grey usually brings depth and balance to a room that is heavily favoring one type of color or shade.

Master Bedroom Room Tour featuring Cox & Cox tables and mirrors

Home Interior Additions with Textures

Having different kinds of texture in the same room, is kind of like building a city’s skyline. You want different shapes, styles and designs for such high-rise buildings, but for the home, you want lots of different looks, feels and materials. Consider your living room for this task.

You can buy linen sofa pillows as well as shaggy wool, smooth Egyptian cotton and also, velvet or suede. They should be in different patterns and or designs to make it clear that each pillow offers something different. However they must adhere to a similar scheme in color and shade.

You can have a starry pillow, made from cotton. Another pillow made out of wool, in a solid hue. Another pillow could be made from linen, is softer and yet coarser than the others, and thus, has a more complex design.

home interior additions Think Pink with Dutch Decor Cushions Wayfair home inspiration

Geometrics and Curves

As we are now seeing the end of the era of contemporary attitudes to interior design, we are seeing a hark back to geometric styles such as French and American art-deco. However, we are also seeing more curves in the home, harking back to the English late 1800s and early 1900s. 

You can have more curves in your home, with a grandfather clock standing tall in the corner of your foyer. Although these are also geometric, their base, clock, and arches are inherently designed to accentuate curves. 

Another way to add more geometry and curves is to have a lampshade in the classic design. It can have a straight line around the rim, but the shape of the lampshade is curvy and has many smaller designs in the crown. You should also consider pendant ceiling lights. The straight stems followed by the teardrop blown glass is a great marriage of the two design philosophies.

If you are searching for cheap and cheerful home interior additions to your style, these are some great options to try! Be bold, be imaginative, and always aim high with your home accessories; after all you can’t go wrong in your own home because it’s yours!

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