Think Pink with Dutch Decor Cushions

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 04:00 pm

If it’s one trend that is bursting in my house, it’s the pink infused interior decor. Each room, subconsciously has been leaking various hues of pink lately. It wasn’t a goal I set out to do when I started putting the finishing touches on a few room makeovers. It just happened. If you asked me if I thought I would have pink in my house a year ago I would have thought you probably hadn’t had your morning coffee yet. Here I am, having painted one whole room pink recently and it’s the room in my house I get the most compliments now, even from the male side of the family and friends. 

It looks like pink wasn’t just for the back room of our house either….it’s now moved into the front playroom slash my office room. The whole family shares this room as kind of a tv entertainment, playroom, office, and overall dumping ground. I wanted to bring some more color into it as it’s all grey and pale blue for the last four years. It’s definitely the room that gets the hardest wear and tear too. The carpet isn’t cream anymore, and the sofas are a dark gold color that have had years of babies, toddlers now little kids jumping, spilling, and etc that comes with kids and furniture abuse, on it. We don’t necessarily want to redecorate this room until the kids are slightly older and we can trust they have a few more house manners in tact. Sometimes it only takes a little rearranging of furniture and a change up of cushions to make it feel new again. 

Think Pink with Dutch Decor Cushions Wayfair home inspiration

I have a thing for cushions, I have noticed. In the past I would have gone for the safe, matching cushions for each sofa in each room, all the same. I never liked to venture out to the mix match that magazines and pinterest toss together and look stunning. This year, I thought matching is boring and so I am jumping on the bandwagon of the home trend of mix match cushions abide a little late. Since I already had blue curtains and a blue rug, I thought a big pink infusion of Dutch Decor cushions would do the trick I was looking for. 

Think Pink with Dutch Decor Cushions Wayfair home inspirationThink Pink with Dutch Decor Cushions Wayfair home inspirationThink Pink with Dutch Decor Cushions Wayfair home inspiration

Think Pink with Dutch Decor Cushions Wayfair home inspiration Think Pink with Dutch Decor Cushions Wayfair home inspiration

Think Pink with Dutch Decor Cushions Wayfair home inspiration

The best way to get that winning mix match cushion look, I think, is to keep with one or two colors but all different textures and patterns. So you can see here I kept with the same tones of pinks in my cushions with various patterns and designs, While my bright pink cushion isn’t the same as the pale pink cushion it’s the same tone. I didn’t get a coral pink, a red pink, a pale pink, a fuchsia pink, and a orange pink tone as these would all clash. Sticking with the same pink tones and the same blue tones but mixing the patterns and designs up helped make these cushions mix match perfectly together. It’s up to you on personal preference but I think these are great for our family playroom. The room looks brighter and happier already. 

Or if you think two colors are too much to start out with. Why not try just one color, in the same tone but a variety of patterns and sizes. This is still mix matching but you don’t have to worry about two colors not mixing well, and the same tones within both color spectrums. Either way, have fun with it. Honestly, can you really go wrong with mix matching cushions? The answer is, no!

As a Wayfair home expert, I love teaming up to showcase new trends, fun decor tips and tricks, and they have endless, amazing, home inspiration for all interior lovers tastes. What do you do to change up the look of a room? Have you gone for the mix match cushions in your house? If so, I would love to know how you went about choosing your patterns, designs, and colors you put together. 

Don’t forget to Think Pink this summer when you are decorating. You might just surprise yourself, like I did and paint the walls pink too! 




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